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Deadpool Walkthrough Part 16 – Landed In Prison (Solitary, Part 2)

Deadpool Walkthrough Part 16 – Landed In Prison (Solitary, Part 2)

At the top of the wall jump drop down to the floor below. Head over to the right and get into position to teleport up to the top of the silver platformed chamber From there go over to the left using the teleporter. After a few you will see some rebar sticking out from the far side. Double-Jump over to it and mantle on up. Head on over to the left to get on upwards and onwards.

At the top of the slope jump across the gap. From there jump over to the right-hand platform you can see. It is small but that is your target. After that Double-jump over to the grab point and have Deadpool climb up. From there you can see 2 more small platforms in front of you. Jump to the one on the right then the left. Jump from there to far one.. Mr. Shuggums will show up and clear away the grate on the far side of the room. Look over to the left and find the next teleporter point. Jump and teleport over to it. From there turn to the door The dog opened and Double-Jump Teleport into it. Head to the end of the passage and drop on down. Head on through the steam vents and climb up the middle portion. Drop down on the far side and press on after that. After the drop go forward, collect the DP Points then teleport to the ledge above. Head on through the passage that it gives you access to then drop through the hole in the floor.

Go over to the left and climb the small bit of rubble you see ahead of you. Jump up to the floor above and go forward. Go under Deadpool takes off without you. Follow him over to the right and at the end of the platform. He is planting bombs to help her escape. Go over to the right and teleport to the beams you see there. Grab the DP Points then head over to the right. Jump over to the next set of beams and then to the platform beyond it. Turn to the right and jump up onto the machine on the right. From there move in for a “stealth” kill then deal with the second soldier who comes charging at you. Head to the end of the hall and wall jump upwards to get to a higher level. Head on outside again to the right and to the end of the platform

Once there jump through the hole in the fencing ahead of you. Move forward and get another “stealth” kill and move on to deal with the 2 remaining soldiers. Go over to the far left and right for DP Points. After that look for the hole in the middle to drop into. At the bottom go out and over to the left to find the place to plant the second package of C4. Turn to the right and move out onto the platform. Use the prompted button to learn where you need to teleport next::the Y-shaped platform ahead of you. Collect the DP Points then go over to the right-hand side of it and jump then distance teleport to the beams above you. Grab the DP points and jump over to the final C4 target.

Turn to the left after you plant the C4 and head into the walkway. Turn to the right, sweep the room for DP and then interact with the red highlighted door. Pry it open and head on through forward. After the cutscene with Sinister go over to the far side and over the left. Drop down and then it is time for some true stealth killing. This means no guns, focus on sword kills.