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Batman: Arkham Origins - Easter Eggs and Exploits Guide

Batman: Arkham Origins has finally arrived, and gamers have been enjoying playing as a younger Batman. In addition to details that are new to the series, there are plenty of hidden Easter eggs in the game, relating to Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, and other comics and movies related to the Caped Crusader. For gamers who are looking to get it all, Batman: Arkham Origins also has some interesting exploits and glitches to explore. Check out our list to find them all! (Possible minor spoilers.)

Batman: Arkham Origins (PS3, X360, WiiU, PC) Guide Screenshots

Easter Eggs

Arkham Asylum Characters

You can find Dr. Penelope Young’s apartment before you go to the Black Mask crime scene. You can also find Aaron Cash’s locker in the G.C.P.D.

Batman’s Corkboard

In the Batcave, Batman has a corkboard filled with newspaper clippings and other information about villains. Fans will enjoy the nod to the Red Hood, Calendar Man, and the Falcone family.

Batman’s Parents

As always, Batman’s parents factor into his experiences. In Origins, you can find the place where they were murdered – in an alleyway by church on Park Row. It’s the same place as in Arkham City.

The Batmobile

Since Batman is younger and just on his way to becoming a powerful superhero, there’s no Batmobile in the game. However, in the Batcave, you can find a Batmobile prototype and blueprints.

Blaze Comics

You can find a Blaze Comics shop in Gotham. This is a reference to the comics that both Batman and Superman were said to read when they were children.

Calendar Man

You can find Calendar Man’s cell during your last trip to Blackgate. Before you open the doors to find the Joker and Bane, go right down a side hall with an air vent. Go through the vent to drop into the cell.


Around town, you can find a poster for an event promoted by Thomas Blake, who becomes Catman in the Batman universe.


In the Gotham City Police Department, there’s a chalkboard with a family tree on it, relating to the Falcone family. One slot says Selina ???, which is a reference to one of the story arcs for Catwoman.

Chuck Dixon

There is homage to one of the comic writers for Batman back in the 90s, Chuck Dixon. You can actually see it in the trailer – there are some docks on the water with a big Dixon Docks sign.

Clay Face

You can find a neat reference to an act by Basil Karlo (Clay Face) around Gotham.

The Final Offer

Before you find the Penguin on the Final Offer ship, you’ll see a model of it in a bottle. The Penguin will tell you that it was originally named the Olivia B. Meredith. This is a reference to the man who played the Penguin in the 1960s – Oliver Burgess Meredith.

Green Arrow

There’s a subtle reference to Green Arrow after you battle the Executioner. If you go to the top floor and look out, you can see a shipping container that says “Queen Industries”, which is the company that Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) owns.

Green Lantern

In the southwest area of Park Row, you can find a billboard that advertises Ferris Aircraft, where Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) was previously employed. 

Hugo Strange

You can find the building Strange Minds on Park Row, just like in Arkham City. This building belongs to Hugo Strange.

The Joker

During the last Blackgate encounter, the Joker will sing the popular ‘Batman’ version of Jingle Bells. Also during the last battle, you can avoid hitting Joker for a bit. He’ll start to dance!

Location, Location

Around Gotham, there are billboards that are advertising visits to other cities, including Superman’s Metropolis, Flash’s Central City, and Green Lantern’s Coast City.

The Mob

There are many references to mobsters in the G.C.P.D. On chalkboard and corkboards inside, you’ll find info about Sal Maroni, Carla Viti, Lew Moxon, Rupert Thorne and Tony Zucco. You can also find Jefferson Skeevers’ name tag and mug shot in the SWAT wing.


A character from the animated Batman: Mask of the Phantasm movie, Andrea Beaumont (Phantasm) sends Batman some postcards, one from Paris and one from Rome. They detail her search for her father, and you can find them on the workbench in the Batcave.


In the Sionis Steel Mill, you can find a desk in the loading bay area. It has all kinds of papers on it, and you can see files labeled Cheshire, David Caine, and Black Spider all with big red REJECTED stamps on them. 


Around town, you can find a poster for The Flying Graysons, an acrobatic group which included a young Dick Grayson (Robin). 


You can find a Scarecrow reference at the beginning of the game, at the reception area in Blackgate Prison. There’s a visitor’s log here, and you’ll see that Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow) has been checked in for processing.


In the trailer and throughout the game you’ll see various references to AmerTek, a large corporation that employed John Henry Irons, or Steel.

Suicide Squad

This Easter egg is found after the credits. A file is thrown into Deathstroke’s cell by Dr. Amanda Waller, which many people are speculating is leading to the formation of Suicide Squad, a group of supervillains who perform special government missions.


After you go back to the Batcave after beating the game, the corkboard will be replaced with a magazine on the ground. This tabloid mag headlines “Top Meteorologists Predict Snowstorm Will Dump 400 Inches of Snow! City-Wide Evacuation Expected!” and features articles such as “Bruce Wayne in Financial Trouble?” and “Monster-sized Crocodile in Gotham Sewers!”.


During the stage with the hotel, as you are flying on the helicopter you can see two statues of Talon on the building.


In the interrogation room at G.C.P.D., you can find a newspaper that proclaims “Harvey Dent Elected Gotham D.A.!”. 

Veronica Cale

You can find a billboard for Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals around town. Part owner of the company, Veronica Cale is a villain in the Wonder Woman comics. 


Find all kinds of Zatanna memorabilia in My Alibi strip club, including posters, her hat, and her gloves.

Batman: Arkham Origins (PS3, X360, WiiU, PC) Guide Screenshots

Exploits & Glitches

Flawless Display Achievement & Trophy Exploit

The Flawless Display achievement is granted if you take no damage in the special fight with Shiva. You can only fight Shiva after you get through the story and complete some side quests. During the difficult battle, hit an enemy once, then jump away. This is going to make the battle pretty long, but it works! You can also use the Shock Gloves in this fight to disable some of the other enemies that appear.

Point Counter-Point Achievement & Trophy Exploit

There’s a difficult achievement to get called “Point Counter-Point”. To grab this, you’ll need to avoid being hit by Deathstroke during his fight. Doing this is tricky, but an exploit can make it a bit easier to complete. Patiently wait for Deathstroke to attack, and use the counter button to dodge an attack. Then immediately use a normal attack against him. A GTE event will come up where you need to counter again. Keep doing this until Batman does a massive attack. Do this until Deathstroke is defeated!

Infinite Space Glitch

WARNING! If you want to see this weird glitch, create a different save file and back it up. This is because if you check out this glitch, you’ll lose your entire save! So, after saving before you go in, just to be safe, go into the Mad Hatter’s Wonderland and save and quit (on another file!) when you are in the Clock Tower room. When you reload the game, there’s a chance you’ll fall through the map and into an abyss. There’s no way out!