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SWTOR Bounty Contact Week event Overview

A guide to the SWTOR Bounty Contact Week, a monthly recurring event that will start off on Aug 13, 2013 with Patch 2.3. This event will run one week of every month.

Quick Links to other pages

  • Henchman bounty guide
  • Kingpin bounty guide
  • BBA reputation rewards
  • Google docs to keep track of bounty target

Getting Started

Once the event is live, players can find Captured Bounties at many key intersections between different sub-areas of the fleet. Clicking on them will start a short cutscene that will guide you to the Cartel Bazaar area of the Fleet (south/north most end of the Imperial and Republic fleet respectively) where players can find mission terminals that grant missions to this event.

  • You will want to be at least Level 45 with a character on the opposite faction that is at least level 15 if you want to get all the achievements. If you don’t care about achievements, be at least level 15. While the Henchman and Crime Lord targets do scale to your level, they may not downscale to your level if you are below the mission level for that particular planet.
  • This event runs for a week every month so be sure to take advantage of it when it appears or you will need to wait for a month.


Henchman and Kingpin Missions

  • Henchman missions guide
  • Kingpin missions guide

Players will only be able to do Henchman Bounties at the start of the event. You can only do one Henchman Bounty per day per character but you get to choose from six planets. The Henchman Bounties are all fairly similar between the planets but if you want to complete some of the Henchman achievements you will want to switch between a couple of the planets. Completed Henchman Bounties grant one Completed Bounty Contract, which is tradeable so you can transfer between your characters or sell them to other players.

Once you have five Completed Bounty Contracts on a character, you will be able to unlock Kingpin missions on the same six planets. You will need to talk to the vendor next to the bounty mission terminal to purchase unlocks for these Kingpin missions. The Kingpin missions are weeklies and only one can be done on a character per day. What this means is that you can only do the Kingpin mission for a specific planet once every month the event returns since the event only lasts for one week. It costs 5 Completed Bounty Contracts to unlock a Kingpin mission but they reward purple reputation items in addition to a Completed Bounty Contract.

Since the Kingpin missions are weeklies and the unlock is character based, you can do more Kingpin missions by unlocking them on other characters.

Keep in mind that Kingpin bounty unlocks are character specific and does not extend to your entire legacy! 

Reputation, credits, and comms

Each Henchman Bounty will reward you with

  • 1 green rep item (BBA Official Mark of Service ) and 1 blue rep item (BBA Official Certificate of Achievement) (270+630 = 900 rep/day or 990 rep/day if you have 10% reputation bonus)
  • 1 Completed Bounty Contract
  • 5240 + 13620 = 18860 guaranteed credits per mission. You also get a random 1-3k additional credits from a lockbox.
  • 2 Basic Commendations (if you are Level 55).

For each Kingpin Bounty, you will get 1 blue rep item (630 rep) on every character that unlocks it. In addition, completing each Kingpin Bounty will reward you with

  • 1 purple rep item (BBA Official Token of Exemplary Achievement)
  • 1 Completed Bounty Contract
  • 19642 credits as guaranteed mission rewards. You also get a random 1-3k additional credits from a lockbox.
  • 3 Basic Commendations (if you are Level 55).

If you do not have any guild reputation bonus, you max reputation/week before using the purple reputation item to boost it over the limit is 11970 (+1440 = 13410). If you have 10% guild reputation bonus, your max reputation/week is 11979 (+1584= 13563). Calculations provided by this reddit thread.



  • Items you can purchase at each reputation level
Rank Rep Cumulative Rep Weeks to Reach
(12000/week) Weeks to Reach
(12600/week) Weeks to Reach (12672/week) Legacy Title Outsider 2500 2500 0 0 0   Newcomer 5000 7500 0 0 0   Friend 7500 15000 1 1 1 For Hire Hero 10000 25000 2 1 1   Champion 15000 40000 3 3 3   Legend 30000 70000 5 5 5 The Professional


  • Google document checklist for the Henchman/Crime Lord achievements


  • One achievement for completing the bounty
  • One achievement for capturing the Henchman alive
  • One achievement for killing the Henchman

Eight Henchman targets are available and you can usually find them on 3-4 planets. You do not need characters on both factions to complete all of the Henchman achievements. The Henchman bounty guide has a list of Henchman sorted by location.

Crime Lord

  • One achievement for completing the bounty
  • One achievement for capturing the Crime Lord alive
  • One achievement for killing the Crime Lord

Eight Crime Lords are available on 8 different planets. You will need characters on both factions to get all achievements. Luckily the character on the opposite faction has to be only Level 15.

Fully Authorized

  • Unlocked all Kingpin Contacts (legacy-wide)
  • Reward: Legacy Title – Death Mark in Seven systems and 20 Cartel Coins

Crime Lord Contracts

  • Completed a bounty on every Crime Lord (legacy-wide)
  • Reward: 20 cartel coins

Bring’em All in

  • Captured all bounties alive (legacy wide)
  • Reward: 20 cartel coins

Take’em All down

  • Killed all available bounties (legacy wide)
  • Reward: 20 cartel coins

Wanted: Dead or Alive

  • Complete Bring’em All in and Take’em All down
  • Reward: Legacy title – Wanted: Dead or Alive and 20 cartel coins

Greet the Overwatch

  • Reach the sniper that is at the top of the cartel bazaar cantina (see video)
  • Reward: Legacy Title – Cartel Security