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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land Guide & Tips: How to Set Up Your Team

Scopely’s The Walking Dead: Road to Survival was a big success for Android and iOS devices, and some of you may think that The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is a sequel. It’s actually a separate game from Next Games, and it claims to be the official mobile game of The Walking Dead, meaning the TV series itself. Though, the game says you’ll be taught “to kill and survive” by the series’ Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus’ character in the series), you’ll essentially be on your own in this game, as you train your group of survivors, fight the zombies (walkers, to be specific), and explore some of TWD’s most familiar locations.

We’ve already given you a list of The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land tips and tricks in the past, but those were general ones that ran the gamut. This time, we’re zeroing in on team setup, so read on if you need some assistance in assembling the perfect team in the The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land.

1. Use One Bruiser And Two Hunters

You can always experiment with different configurations when it comes to assembling your team of survivors. But in most cases you’ll do fine with one Bruiser and two Hunters. Your Bruiser should ideally be kept on Overwatch and next to your other survivors, and should be used to stun walkers that come in close contact. The Hunters can move around freely, however, and kill multiple zombies, especially if these zombies are stunned. Such a setup may be a magnet for zombies, but again, you get to kill more of them without having to worry much about getting in trouble.

2. What Kind Of Setup Could Get You In Trouble?

There is one particular setup we advise you against trying, and that’s an all-Bruiser lineup. Take note that the Bruisers are your tanks, in gaming parlance. They’re there to serve as the main line of defense and soak up hit points from zombie attacks, and their ability to stun the walkers is very useful. But in terms of actual offense apart from the stun, they’re close to useless. In other words, they’re stereotypical tanks through and through, and you should never, EVER deploy an all-Bruiser team.

3. You Can Also Keep The Hunters On Overwatch

In relation to the first tip, you can alternately use the Hunters on Overwatch. Once they fire, the zombie count for the next wave won’t go up. There is a drawback to doing this, though, and that’s the reduced chance of killing multiple walkers in one go.

4. One Hunter, One Bruiser, One Scout

This is another good team setup, as you get three survivors with different skill sets. Scouts are useful because they can kill zombies with one hit, though they can also be hard to work with due to their lack of resilience/hit points.

5. Keep On Experimenting With Setups

As The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is a new game, we’ve yet to encounter the other survivor types, but given the three types we mentioned above, you’re free to play around with things and see which setup suits your play style the best. And one more time, if the earlier tip wasn’t enough, avoid the three-Bruiser setup at all costs!