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Dragons Dogma Guide - Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Achievements / Trophies, and Easter Eggs

TIME : 2015-12-14 17:07:24

As our writer Chris Rogel mentioned in his review of Dragon's Dogma, the game is "a grand, open world RPG with awesome gameplay," and that's probably why you haven't stopped playing since you got your hands on it. Why else would you be looking for cheats and advice to get the achievements in the game and such? Get the most out of Dragon's Dogma with our guide!

Dragon's Dogma Guide - Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Achievements / Trophies, and Easter Eggs


There are 28 standard achievements in Dragon's Dogma, coupled with 22 secret achievements. They will be listed separately.

Standard Achievements

A Queen's Regalia (20G / Bronze): This one's incredibly simple to get. All you need to do is equip a male member of your party with a full set of women's clothing.

Affinity and Beyond (10 G / Bronze):  In order to get this trophy, you're going to need to raise an NPC's affinity (basically, their opinion of you) to maximum by completing sidequests / tasks for them and giving them gifts. The easiest way to do this is probably by completing all of Madeleine's quests - you'll need to help her out for one of the achievements on the list anyway. Alternatively, you can just forge the Arisen's Bond. In order to do this, you'll need to complete the Act II side - quest Witch Hunt. Once you've completed that quest, The Dragon Tongue will become available. Go through the motions of finishing the quest, and you'll get the Arisen's Bond as a reward.

Foreign Recruit (5 G / Bronze): This one's easy. Just recruit a pawn through XBL or the PSN.

Human Resources (20 G / Bronze): Go to the inn in Gran Soren and talk to the innkeeper to change your vocation.

In the Ancient Quarry (10 G / Bronze): Another one that you'd have to be a fool to miss. Head due west of Gran Soren, and you'll eventually come to the Quarry's entrance - it connects southern and central Gransys.

It'll be littered with monsters at first, but once you've cleared it out (talk to the fellow near the entrance for the quest to do so) it'll become a safe zone where you'll have access to a selection of excellent low - level gear - including a rather amusing Easter egg.

Inhuman Resources (20 G / Bronze): Self - explanatory. Change your main pawn's vocation.

Into Dripstone Cave (10 G / Bronze):  First things first, complete Call of the Arisen in the Pawn Camp. When you return to Cassardis, you'll find a cowardly guard named Poll standing near the gate. Talk to him for a quest to investigate the well. Careful - the Saurians found within are dangerous.

Into Soulflayer Canyon (10 G / Bronze): Soulflayer Canyon is related to both The Conspirators Sidequest (Acquired from a castle knight in Act II) or Parcel Service  (an Act II Notice Board Quest). Be sure to grab both before venturing into the canyon.

Into the Frontier Caverns (10 G / Bronze):  The caverns you need to enter for this achievement are only accessible after clearing The Shadow Fort of goblins. You'll enter it for the main quest A Fortress Besieged. Once you've completed that there'll be a hole in the ground within that you can enter.

Into the Manse (20 G / Bronze):  This one is probably the trickiest of the location - based achievements / trophies to get, depending on your equipment. If you've got the Royal Guard set, all you need to do is equip it, and you can walk right in. Otherwise, you're going to need to wait until you've completed the Greatwall quest, you'll find the Duchess' handmaiden, Mirabelle, outside the castle. She'll give you a Knight's uniform and request that you rescue the Duchess. Note that this latter bit only occurs if you don't have max affinity with The Duchess.

Local Recruit (5 G / Bronze):  Just recruit a pawn from the streets without using the Guidestone, and you'll pick up this one.

The Artisan (10 G / Bronze): There's a very cheesy way to get this achievement - use oil to refill a lantern. Since that counts as combining two items, there's your achievement.

The Captain (10 G / Bronze): You'll need to enlist around 50 - 70 pawns to get this one. Have fun.

The Coin Collector (30 G / Silver):  Just keep hoarding gold like Scrooge Mcduck, and you'll eventually accrue enough to gain this achievement - 10,000,000. If you're feeling rather cheesy, you can use the Moldy Carrots Trick (See our Tips / Tricks section for more information).

The Escort (10 G / Bronze): Knowing how much everybody who games loves escort quests, Capcom decided to make an achievement out of it. Thankfully, you only need to complete one escort mission - might as well make it the mission to escort Madeleine, as you need to help her open up her shop for an achievement, anyway.

The Ever - Turning Wheel (50 G / Gold): Beat the game a second time with the same character you cleared it with the first time. Just load the cleared game data, and it'll give you the option to start a New Game +. Note that the Seneschal in a New Game + will be a random player, rather than the standard Seneschal.   

The Explorer (35 G / Silver): Just explore as much as possible, and you'll eventually nab this trophy for your cabinet.

The Hero (40 G / Silver): You need to complete every. Single. Sidequest. That includes escort quests, by the way. The only advice I can give here is to scour every single corner of every settlement and location in the world a few times over. Seek out everyone who might possibly be a quest - giver. Alternatively, there's a pretty decent side - quest guide on GamesRadar that you can refer to.

The Knave (15 G / Bronze): Short of finding a forged item in a chest, you'll need to seek out The Black Cat in Gran Soren to forge for you a copy of a unique item such as The Golden Idol or a Wakestone.

The Laborer (20 G / Bronze): Basically, do every single notice board quest you come across. That's pretty much it.

The Patron (15 G / Bronze): At some point, Madeleine will ask you for some gold to help her start up her shop. Give it to her, and then complete the quest Chasing Shadows. When you return to Gran Soren, you'll notice that she's now opened her shop next to The Black Cat. Go to the inn, rest, then go and talk to her for the dialogue that triggers the achievement.  

The Philanthropist (15 G / Bronze): You basically need to go on a gift - giving spree. The only advice I can offer here is give cheap gifts to everyone you see.

The Savior (15 G / Bronze):  You can either work to track down wakestone shards on your own, or wait until The Everfall post - game. Or you could forge one. Either way, use one to revive someone who's died, and you'll net yourself this achievement.

The Specialist (40 G / Silver): Nothing to say here. This one is self - explanatory.

The Tourist (10 G / Bronze): Exploration. That is all.

The Vagabond (20 G / Bronze): Just like with The Tourist and The Explorer, wander around the world as much as possible, and you'll eventually pick this one up.

The Veteran (35 G / Bronze):  Basically…go on a killing spree. If you like, you could focus on just slaughtering weaker enemies like goblins en masse. The game's not really that picky about what sort of monsters make up the three thousand you slaughter, after all.

Well - Equipped (30 G / Bronze): Pick up everything. Be a kleptomaniac. Don't worry if you need to sell equipment in order to avoid becoming over - encumbered. The game keeps track of the fact that you acquired it, not whether or not you kept it. That aside…you're in it for the long haul, with this trophy.

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