Dark Souls 2 Merchant Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

Continuing your way through the open world of Dark Souls 2 could seem somewhat daunting, but knowing where to buy valuable items and stock can help a lot. The following Dark Souls 2 merchant locations guide will reveal who can exchange your boss souls for boss weapons and exactly where to find them. The merchants’ become pickier and their stock even more tempting. Read through our merchants list to pick up the best buys along your way.

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Lonesome Gavlan

Initially you will discover this merchant at the top of a house in No Man’s Wharf, but after going through the dialogue options Gavlan will relocate to Harvest Valley. Here, you can find him in a cave near the sizeable pool of poison and once you speak to Gavlan again he moves to the circular anti-chamber in Doors of Pharros and remains there permanently. By spending 15000 souls and talking to Gavlan, you will receive the Gyrm Greataxe. This can also be obtained by killing the merchant, but be warned, Gavlan is the only merchant who will buy your items. Think carefully before drawing your weapon!

Blue Sentinel

Members of the Blue Sentinels will be able to purchase items from this Blue Sentinel merchant in The Cathedral of Blue.

Rosabeth of Melfia

In order to trade with this Dark Souls 2 merchant, you first need to unpetrify her, which can be done with a Fragrant Branch of Yore. Rosabeth is found in the Shaded Woods but will relocate to Majula if you give her clothing or a piece of an Armor item. Killing Rosabeth will get you Fire Seed and 4000 souls.

Magerold of Lanafir

The following merchant resides in the Iron Keep and also controls the Dragon Remnants Covenant’s access. He is a useful person to know. If you spend 16000 souls on Magerold’s stock he will give you a +1 variant of the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring once you go through the dialogue options.

Laddersmith Gilligan

Ascend the castle in Earthen Peak until you can see a large windmill attached to the axle and you will find Laddersmith Gilligan. Once you access the balcony and continue left, you can then approach the merchant. Although you will have to buy the ladder, Gilligan helps you access items on the ledge below. This purchase also sends Gilligan to Majula, where you can buy more ladders.

Straid of Olaphis

Similar to Rosabeth, you will need to cure Straid’s petrification to be able to talk to him. Take a Fragrant Branch of Yore with you to the cell in front of a bonfire in The Lost Bastille to engage with this merchant. As the only magic trainer who can teach all kinds of magic in Dark Souls 2, it is recommended that you visit Straid. He is also one of two characters who will trade boss souls for boss weapons. To fully utilise Straid and his stock, you need to have at least level 3 intelligence and once you have bought 4 boss weapons, Strais will give you his armor set. If you find yourself finished with this merchant, you could kill him for a Black Hood and 14000 souls.

Titchy Gren

You will meet Titchy Gren in the Undead Purgatory, but he will only sell you items if you are part of the Brotherhood of Blood covenant.

Rat King

To purchase stock from the Rat King in the Grave of Saints or the Doors of Pharros, you will have to give him a Rat Tail.

Felkin the outcast
Encountering this Dark Souls 2 merchant with level 7 Intelligence and Faith will leave you with nothing, level 8s and above however will be able to deal with him. These stats provide further bonus if you are of level 20 or above, as Felkin gives you the Hexer Set and Sunset Staff. You can obtain the Sunset Staff, and 9000 souls, by killing the merchant.

Ornifex the weaponsmith

First, you will need to release Ornifex from her cell in the Shaded Ruins. Do this by getting the key from the petrified Lion Guard near the bonfire, who you will have to cure with a Fragrant Branch of Yore. Ornifex also exchanges boss souls for equipment, like Straid, but will offer different items. In time this merchant moves to Brightstone Cove and once there she will infuse weapons with fire and lightening, amongst other things. By killing Ornifex you will gain 11000 souls.

Chancellor Wellager

Found in the Drangleic Castle, Wellager will trade with you once you talk to him. Extend the Chancellor’s inventory by defeating the Glass Knight.

Cromwell the pardoner

Approach this Dark Souls 2 merchant in the attic of the Brightstone Cover chapel, which is accessed by a ladder near the Prowling Magus Boss room. Cromwell earns his name with his service of absolving sins and earns money from it too. Once you have level 35 Faith talk to Cromwell to receive the Ring of Resistance.

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan

Engage with Navlaan as a hollow and you will be set assassination quests. Although you will be invaded during these tasks, completing them earns you the Chaos armor set and allows you to access his expanded menu. Alternatively speak to Navlaan as a human and avoid the assassinations. The royal sorcerer is located on the ground floor of Aldia’s Keep and released by pulling the lever on the opposing side of the manor.

Vengarl of Forossa

After the Duke’s Dear Freja boss fight you can find Vengarl of Forossa’s body atop a hill in the Shaded Woods, prior to that he is a head in the Shaded Woods. By going through Vengarl’s dialogue you will obtain his helm, but you will need to kill his body for Vengarl’s armor set. Once you have done this you will be able to simply buy his sword and shield.

The Grave Warden Agdayne

When you encounter the Warden in the antechamber of the Undead Crypt, do so without any light. Making this mistake causes the wardens to become hostile. Receive a full set of equipment by talking to Agdayne and obtaining the King Ring. If you choose to kill the warden you can obtain Agdayne’s Kilt and 3000 souls.

In Dark Souls 2, you will come across this merchant three times as you venture through Drangleic. After speaking to him in the Shaded Ruins, Black Gulch and Drangleic Castle, you have the option to join the Pilgrims of Dark Covenant and Grandahl’s array of spells and items becomes available.

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