Metroid: Other M Walkthrough

TIME :2022-07-03

Metroid: Other M Walkthrough

Out 8/31 for the Wii, Metroid: Other M is the latest in a wildly popular series of action-adventure titles from Nintendo. Samus Aran’s shapely form has been poured back into her armored suit, and she’s ready to zap all manner of alien scum with her distinctive arm cannon.

The plot is calibrated to take players deeper into Aran’s back-story, and the events of the game take place between the events of the classic Super Metroid and those of the Game Boy Advance title Metroid: Fusion. The game environment will mostly be confined to the mysterious “Federation Bottle Ship,” a huge starcruiser that contains a multiplicity of different, dangerous environments.

Gameplay will feature a grittier edge than normal, and shows off innovative transitions between first-person and third-person perspectives (when the situation calls for them), with the help of the Wii remote’s motion-sensitive technology. Know which mode to be in when, and, in general, what to do, with the help of our step by step walkthrough.

Metroid: Other M marks the return of Samus Aran in one of her most action-oriented outings yet. Even though you’ll spend a lot of time hopping about and tangling with fierce enemies, this is still a classic Metroid game at heart, complete with weapon upgrades, backtracking, and plenty of exploration. We’re combing through the game’s rich environments to help you grab every energy tank and ace every battle from beginning to end!

Chapter 1


  1. The first interactive part of the game is a quick tutorial. Follow the scientist’s instructions to learn Samus’ new moves.
  2. After picking up the distress call and landing on the outpost, run through the first hallway until you reach a locked door. Enter first person mode (point the Wii remote at the screen) and scan the emblem on the ship.
  3. Meet up with some of your old Galactic Federation soldier pals. When instructed, enter first person mode, aim at the door and fire a missile.
  4. Follow the troops through the hallway. An enemy appears and knocks you off the bridge into a pit filled with more enemies. Take them out with your blaster.
  5. Switch to first person view and lock on to the symbol in front of the door. Scan it, roll into a morph ball (press A), and slide underneath.
  6. Work your way up and to the right. In the last room, take a small detour to the left to see what a bathroom looks like in Samus’ world, then head up the stairs to the north.
  7. Touch the terminal to activate the door, then wall jump to work your way upwards.
  8. Take out the enemies, and note the energy tank above. You can’t collect it now, but we’ll be back soon!
  9. Run past the inactive terminal and go to the vertical shaft with U-shaped platforms. Climb upwards, then take the door to the northwest to reach your first save point.

Boss Fight: Purple Beetle Monster

  1. Your first boss battle is pretty straightforward. The beast has two tentacle-like arms it uses to sweep the ground and pound at Samus. Keep your distance and stay airborne as much as possible.
  2. Your blaster won’t damage the monster, but missiles will. When Adam authorizes it, enter first person mode, lock on the creature’s eye, and fire a missile. When the soldiers freeze part of the boss’ body, lock on and fire another missile.
  3. Soon, both tentacles will be gone and the enemy will flop around trying to hit you with its torso. Stand back, wait for it to face you, then fire another missile to cut it down to size.
  4. When its energy is drained, a big bug pops out of the monster and squirms around. Fire your blaster to get rid of it.

Turning the power on

  1. Retrace your steps and head to the yellow waypoint marked on your map. Pick up a missile expansion in the room directly south of the boss room.
  2. Return to the room with the energy tank you couldn’t collect. Roll into a ball and climb the small duct facing the south side of the room. Bomb the gate, grab the tank, and drop into the room to the east.
  3. Some zebbos will attack when you try to activate the terminal. Back up against the locked door and enter first person mode. Shoot the bugs, and between waves, fire missiles at the hives in the background. Four hits per hive will destroy them.
  4. Activate the terminal and work your way towards the new waypoint.
  5. The bridge northwest of the terminal will retract when you cross it. Take out the hoppers below by using Samus’ Overblast ability, then move to the south side of the room. Kick jump up the wall for another missile expansion.
  6. Scan the ceiling in the north end of the room and use a missile to open the door. Kick jump to get out, then activate the terminal to seal the bridge.
  7. Enter the vertical shaft and ride the elevator to the top. Activate the terminal. Use the new platforms to roll into a morph ball and collect the missile expansion on the left side of the room.
  8. Exit to the northwest, save your game, and head north for a new mission briefing.
  9. Go up the elevator and head through the door to the north. Run through the long corridor, take the elevator down, then head through the left-hand door.
  10. Take out the hoppers and note the power bomb door to the right. Go north to the main elevator and enter the door marked Sector 1.

Chapter 2

Sector 1: Biosphere

  1. Follow the hallway through the greenhouse-like area. Destroy the hives by firing missiles at them.
  2. Lock on to the door and fire at a missile at it to clear the vines.
  3. Two enemies appear in the round room to the north. They can cloak and aren’t really phased by blaster shots. Get some distance, then enter first person mode to fire missiles at them. Keep it up until they both bite the dust.
  4. Take out both hives in the next hallway, then continue north to the large circular room.
  5. Walk up the spiral plant platform until you reach the top. Take out the bug hive to the west, then fire a missile to open the door.
  6. Save your game and continue forward.
  7. Avoid spiky plants while you slide. Take out the armadillo enemies with charged blasts. Stay on the move, try to stay airborne, and watch for their rolling attack.
  8. The next room is locked by a super missile door. Hop up to the vent above the glass and you’ll roll into a ball. Grab the missile expansion and continue through the ducts.
  9. When you exit, leap down the stairs and run to the right to find the breeding room.
  10. Head back to the room you dropped out of, then go north. Destroy the enemy in the tank, roll into a ball, and drop down the hole. You’ll arrive back at the room with a crack in the glass.
  11. Backtrack to the area with the armadillo enemies. Samus automatically enters first person mode. Scan the fern on the bottom left.
  12. The north door will unlock. Proceed, taking out both hives as you go.
  13. Hop and grab on to the log in the left wall, then roll through the passage. Activate the terminal to reveal a door.
  14. Charge up and blast the switch above the next door. It will freeze the enemies, allowing you to wipe them out and unlock the door to the next area.


  1. Scan the room and blast the bit of rock to the west side. Next, stand in the small pond and face the waterfall in first person view. Take out the hive behind the falls, then roll into a ball and follow the passage way to the terminal.
  2. Activate the terminal, which in turn activates some hoppers and a dinosaur-like enemy. Circle him as he walks and hit his underbelly with blaster fire.
  3. Hop up the shaft in the northeast corner, then step through the door. Turn around and fire at the switch to freeze the enemies in the room. Halfway up the hall to the left, roll into a morph ball, take out the flailing enemy with a bomb, and grab a missile expansion.
  4. Make it to the yellow waypoint and save your game. Bomb open the tunnel to the left and hop right in.
  5. Run down the hallway and take the door to the left. Another bathroom! Open the stall on the far side to grab an Accel Charge. Now your beam weapon charges faster.
  6. Climb to the top of the shaft and blast the door with a missile. When the elevator starts to fall, leap to the nearest platform and fire at the electrical cords on the other side. The elevator will fall and take care of that pesky enemy below.
  7. Run forward and check out the view of the waterfall zone below. Hit the panel to the right with a missile, then roll into a ball and drop down.
  8. Midway through the shaft, bomb open the side passage and roll through. Here, you’ll find a grapple area. You can’t use it yet, but remember the location!
  9. After you roll down the incline, bomb back up to grab the missile expansion.
  10. Roll into the next room, ignore the enemies, and head north. Blast open the door and roll through.
  11. Take out the carnivorous plants before hitting the barrier with a missile.
  12. Two more cloaking enemies are here in the subterranean control room. Eliminate them, then head into the next room to save.
  13. Continue to the right and you’ll encounter a room of mechanized enemies. Avoid their swooping attacks and hit them with your blaster when they open their front panels to fire. Eventually you’ll win the diffusion beam, a blast that scatters after impact.
  14. A set of doors will open to reveal two bug hives. Use the diffusion beam to clear the insects, then blast the hives with missiles.
  15. Activate the terminal and start to backtrack. You’ll be rudely interrupted by a couple of worms. Stand in the corner and enter first person mode. When a worm emerges, hit it with a missile. A direct hit will cause it to fly from its tunnel. Now you can pelt it with charged shots until it goes down. Hit it with a Lethal Strike to finish the job. Repeat for second worm.
  16. Go back through the morph ball tunnel and stop at the launcher. It will fire you through a tunnel that leads back to the waterfall room.
  17. Defeat the dinosaur the same way as before.
  18. Head south through the tunnel. Stop and grab the missile expansion to the left, then return to the waterfall room.
  19. Climb back up the shaft in the northeast corner of the area. Go to the save point, then head north through the now-unlocked door.
  20. Scan and shoot the rock on the left wall. Backtrack a few steps, roll into a ball, and move up the path to activate the terminal.
  21. Bomb the north wall where the hologram is distorted.
  22. Clear each web with a missile blast. If the digging plants capture you, roll into a ball and set a bomb to get free.
  23. Enter the Biologic Experiment Floor. Climb the spiral in the center, timing your jumps to avoid the plants, and enter the gap at the top.
  24. Scan the small larvae on the ground. This will activate the plant boss.

Wasp hive

  1. Circle around the room hitting the wasps with a charged diffusion beam. When the coast is clear, stop to fire a missile at the opened flower buds.
  2. Once the flowers are gone, the plant collapses to reveal the queen. Clear out her guards with a few charge shots.
  3. Switch to first person view and fire missiles at the queen. Five or so will send her packing.
  4. A new waypoint is set. Go through the hallway and head north to save.

Raising the water

  1. Keep moving north. Skip the door to the left and head right for now.
  2. Take a dive in the water and move towards the end of the area. Charge blast the switch, then go back to dry land. Be sure to blast open the hatch against the wall to grab the missile expansion.
  3. Hop on the platform and enter first person view. When the plant tentacles pop out, hit them with a missile.
  4. The glowing switches in the following rooms raise and lower the water. Work your way towards them, hit them with a charge blast, then move back, climb up, and make your way across dry land.
  5. The final switch causes the water to rise and fall automatically. Wait at the end of the last island until the water starts to rise. Hop to the opposite wall, then kick jump to make it to the exit.
  6. Head to the tree in the northwest corner of the room. Climb up and roll into a ball to gain access to the terminal. Careful of the critters in the duct!

Tree monster

  1. Activate the terminal. The center tree morphs into an enemy.
  2. Move around the room firing at the orange orb beneath the boss’ belly. Charged shots and regular blasts work fine, just time your attacks to bypass his many legs.
  3. When he flips the orb upright, climb one of the towers to get a better vantage point. Enter first person mode and fire at the purple orbs to keep them at bay, then pelt the orb with missiles.
  4. After the battle, head to the northwest corner of the room to find a save point.

Exam Center

  1. Head north from the save point and hop down the box stairs. Go through the door, enter first person mode, and take out the crawlers up the shaft. Jump back and forth to the top.
  2. Enter first person mode and activate the switch. Drop the floor, roll into a ball, enter the launcher, and drop a bomb to fire through the ceiling.
  3. South a few rooms, you’ll encounter some new armadillo creatures. Charge your beam and hop on their head to perform the overkill move, then head over to their fallen bodies to do a lethal strike, if necessary.
  4. You’ll encounter another tree monster in the next big room. Ignore him and grab the platform midway up the left side. Ride it to the end, leap to the opposing platform, and roll into a morph ball. Follow the path to the terminal, dropping down at one point to grab an energy part.
  5. Continue towards the Biosphere Test Area.
  6. Save your game, leave to the north, and take the right hallway. Blast the sealed door with a missile.
  7. Roll into a ball and go through the opening. Activate the terminal, roll back out, and enter the door facing north.
  8. Forward and up the stairs you’ll encounter your soldier pals. After the cutscene, leave through the marked door and save your game.
  9. Press onward. The large circular room has five green doors. Open the third on the right, then scan the soldier’s chest to cue a cutscene.
  10. Head back through the save room and return to the room with all the doors. Head left to enter the corridor, then scan one of the enemies on the ceiling to start a battle.
  11. The mantis-like enemies are easy. Use lethal strikes to make short work of them.
  12. Head back to the main room to cue another cut scene.
  13. When the creature pins Samus, aim for the tail and fire a missile. It’ll take half a dozen or so to break free.
  14. Scan the green sludge behind you to continue.
  15. Move to the northwest door and watch the next cutscene.

Chapter 3

Sector 3: Pyrosphere

  1. Run to the right, save, and receive a new waypoint.
  2. Keep running through the lava area below, as you’re taking damage from the heat. When the lava creature attacks, hit the d-pad at the last second to dodge.
  3. Adam authorizes use of the ice beam. Use it to extinguish the fire foes in the next room, then take out the hive with a few missiles.
  4. Avoid the flame jets in the next corridor, and take out the hoppers with a combination of lethal strikes and beam blasts.
  5. NOTE: This area of the game has a bug in it, as noted on Nintendo’s website. If you do not proceed through the door that opens after defeating these enemies, and instead backtrack into the room in which you activated the ice beam, the door will lock, preventing you from progressing. So don’t do that!
  6. When you reach the elevator shaft, switch to first person view and take out the enemies before kick jumping up.
  7. Hit the switch with a first person charge blast, and head through the opening to the right to find a save point.
  8. Move quickly through the next tunnel. Hit the lava men with a charged ice blast to freeze their faces, then fire a missile or two to take them out. You can also just freeze and run past them. Go back to the save point if you’re low on energy.

Floor Observation Room

  1. A mechanical trilobyte attacks when you walk in the center of the room. Hit it with a fully-charged blast when it shows its weak spot, then finish it off with a lethal strike.
  2. Sprint through the next room, dodging lava blast as best you can. You’ll find a save point at the end.
  3. Use lethal strikes to dispose of the enemies in the next room, then activate the terminal to drain the lava. Roll into the duct on the left to gain access.
  4. Drop a bomb in the launcher to blast upwards and break the glass, allowing you to drop below in normal form.
  5. Head to the right in the crater interior, running without stopping to make it out alive. Don’t use the charge shot here, as it will stall or knock you back. When you reach the top, you’ll activate the Varia Suit.

Mini-boss: Lava Creature

  1. Stay mobile during this fight, jumping to avoid his sweeping arm attacks.
  2. Charge and fire your ice beam at the glowing spot on his neck. When he freezes, quickly fire a missile at it.
  3. After a few missile hits, he gets mad. Avoid his slapping hands and stay clear of the small eruptions that form below your feet.
  4. When his hand stays on the ground, hit it with a charged freeze blast. Then, jump on his arm while charging and Samus will deal some serious damage.
  5. Three of these overblast hits and he’s finished. Work your way back and head to the next waypoint.

Chapter 4

Sector 2: Cryosphere

  1. Go right after the save point and note the grapple points. Return and Adam will send you to sector 2.
  2. Go back to the elevator and take it to the main sector. Run to the right and take the door marked sector 2.
  3. Head right when the elevator lands and save your game.
  4. Destroy the hive using missiles. When the mini-mastadons appear, hit them with a charged blast and finish the job with a missile.
  5. Hop into the water in the next room and circle around to grab a missile expansion. Hit the switch and climb back out.
  6. Destroy the ice blocks with missiles and continue to the crumbling ice bridge.
  7. Wait for the big hopping monster to attack, then blast him in the tail with a charged beam.
  8. Save your game. Grab the duct opening on the left and time your roll so the air vent doesn’t blast you out.
  9. Head through the hall. An alien bug leaps out at you. Avoid his attacks while pelting him with normal weapons fire. When he turns red and starts pounding the ground, hit him with a missile. Finish with a lethal blow.
  10. More mini-mastadons and a giant hopper attack in the next room. Deal with them, then hit the ice sheet with a missile, followed by a bomb.
  11. Head forward to a small room with a crack in the east side. Roll into a ball to get through it, then kick jump to the top of the shaft.
  12. Follow the plasma enemy’s lead and shoot stalagtites from the ceiling to create a path.
  13. Head north and east, freezing the fans as you go, just because you can. Continue to a room with another giant hopper.
  14. Take care of the hopper first (and fast), then freeze the fans and clear the ice bugs away. Head back down the passageway and fire missiles at the frozen places on the track. When they’re clear, unfreeze the lift and hop on. Enter first person mode and keep firing at the fan on the left, where the ice bugs spawn. One hit from their ice blasts starts your ride over, so don’t be afraid to lock on and use missiles. When the lift stops, hop over to the terminal and activate it.
  15. In the open ice room, head up the ledges in the background. Hit the ice pillar with a missile, then a bomb to continue.

Water Tank

  1. Drop in the water. Drain the tank by doing the ole missile-bomb combo on the tube to the left.
  2. Take out the two plasma monsters in the empty tank, then head up the other side.
  3. Run up to the wall and scan it. Adam will unlock the Speed Booster and Shinespark. Use the dash to pass the next hallway, and grab an upgrade to your concentration ability at the end.
  4. Leap to the left from the platform and roll under one of the logs to grab a missile expansion.
  5. Head east towards the waypoint. Leap over the ceiling creatures’ swiping tail and go north.
  6. Pick up speed in the long passageway and shinespark jump across the chasm just beyond the door. When you land, lightly jump and direct yourself north to grab the energy part below. Exit via morph ball tunnel, then go north and save.

Sector Generator Room

  1. Run to the back left side of the room and kick jump up the rotating turbine. Hang on the bottom ledge, switch to first person view, charge, and hit the switch on the opposite wall.
  2. Climb to the top ring and jump to the platform. Cling to the top ring (if you wall, kick jump back up from below the turbine) and leap towards the screen to find a missile expansion.
  3. To reach the door, ride the top ring again and hop on the left platform. It leads to the northeast corner of the room, where the door is.
  4. Get some speed and shinespark across the next chasm. Defeat the plasma creature here to unlock the door. If you fall, a passage in the southwest corner allows you to climb back up.
  5. Hit the next waypoint and save.
  6. Another tree monster. Take it out the same way as before, hiding near the steps if you need a breather.
  7. Move northward and scan between the left-most windows when Samus switches to first person view. Afterwards, move back and blast the pile of snow to receive an Accel Charge. Take the door to the north.

Mini-boss: Warehouse Robot

  1. Stay mobile and try not to get pinned in a corner. The robot likes to make sweeping attacks and fire a laser.
  2. Keep pelting the arm joints with ice beam fire. When one freezes, hit it with a missile to break the arm off.
  3. When both arms are gone, hit the machine’s wheels until they freeze. Then, back off and fire a missile at the blue tanks that rise from the top.
  4. Take the elevator after the battle and start your journey towards sector 3.

Sector 2: North End

  1. Head west out of the elevator.
  2. Get a running charge and use a vertical shinespark jump in the south end of the room (where you just destroyed the mini-mastadons). Hold up on the d-pad to grab a missile expansion.
  3. Shinespark jump again in the north end of the room to continue.
  4. Land on the hanging platform and roll into a morph ball. Activate the launcher, then work your way through the ducts, always heading northwest. Soon you’ll fall into a chamber containing an energy part.
  5. Slide down the snow hill and go back to the main area outside the elevator.
  6. Adam authorizes the wave beam, allowing you to hit the souped-up plasma bugs in the next room.
  7. Face south and hop on top of the crates on the right side. Run to the end, then fall to the right for a missile expansion.
  8. Wave beam in hand, go back to where you found the energy part and hit the switch.
  9. Return to the incline and climb up the platforms. Hit frozen ledges with a missile to unstick them. Hit unstable ledges with a charged beam to set them straight.
  10. Return to the incline and climb up the platforms. Hit frozen ledges with a missile to unstick them. Hit unstable ledges with a charged beam to set them straight.
  11. Trigger the freight elevator and use charged wave beam blasts to deal with the plasma enemies.
  12. A flying, millipede-like creature soon attacks. Use charged wave beam blasts to deal some damage. Stay moving to avoid his tentacles, and when his chest glows red, hit it with a missile.
  13. In the room with the tanks, roll into a ball and drop into the pipe venting steam. Bomb the two red buttons, then stand on the far end of the tanks. Switch to first person mode and use the wave beam to hit the switch. Roll into a ball and hop into the vent that opened above your head.
  14. You’ll emerge in the main elevator room. Take the elevator to the main sector.

Chapter 5

Sector 3: East

  1. Before hopping in the sector 3 elevator, take a quick detour through the main sector. Remember that U-shaped platform chamber from before? Head there and use your wave beam to shoot through the glass and hit the switch. Nab the accel charge, then head back to the sector 3 elevator.
  2. Head west when the elevator stops, retracing your steps up the volcano to the morph ball launcher.
  3. Head south and save.
  4. Shinespark jump across the sections of lava invading the bridge.
  5. Take out the armored trilobyte just as before. Activate the terminal, then return to the main elevator to use the eastern door.
  6. Adam authorizes the grapple beam, so use it to hop the wall.
  7. Defeat the armored bug as before, dodging its tentacles and firing with the wave beam. Hit it with a missile when its chest glows red.
  8. Neutralize the lava monster before swinging across the two chasms. Exit to the northeast.

Blast Furnace Observation

  1. Head down the shaft and grapple onto the beacon below. Swing to the duct and activate the morph ball launcher.
  2. Bomb through the barriers in the ducts.
  3. Activate the terminal in the room, then head down below once again.
  4. Enter the tunnel on the far side of the screen.

Mini-boss: Lava Whale

  1. Avoid the fireballs the whale drops as it moves about.
  2. Keep a charged wave beam blast ready to hit whenever it sticks its head out of the lava.
  3. When the whale’s mouth opens and starts firing rocks, avoid the first three, then move in and grapple the green crystal in its mouth. Be quick!
  4. When the crystal is destroyed, use charged wave blast beams and keep firing to do the whale in.
  5. The lava drains when the battle ends. Exit through the tube below.

Environmental Test Floor

  1. Latch on to the grapple point and swing across as soon as it turns green. You’ll avoid a worm hiding under the sand.
  2. Hit the worms in the sand pit with a few charged blasts to clear them away. That will make this area much easier.
  3. Fire a missile at the left side of the crane to spin it clockwise. Three hits will put it into place.
  4. Swing to the left platform and activate the terminal.
  5. Spin the crane two more times to gain access to the north door.

Desert Refinery

  1. Work your way up the ramps in the refinery.
  2. Grapple on top of the ledge. Clear out any enemies on the wall in front of you, then kick jump up and grab on to the lowest ledge.
  3. Hop to the platform to the right and make your way to the opposite turbine.
  4. Kick jump up, ride the turbine and activate the terminal.
  5. Work your way up the left turbine to reach the north exit.
  6. Get rid of the robots on the catwalk in the next room, then build up some speed and do a vertical shinespark jump at the end.
  7. Roll through the morph ball tunnel to the west.
  8. Our old millipede buddy returns. Deal with him as before, and when he starts to fly away, hit him with a missile to send him packing.
  9. Take out the lumbering dinosaur before it chomps you in its mouth. If it does, roll into a ball and set a bomb to escape.
  10. Cross the chasm by using the grapple points above.
  11. Drop down the shaft and grab the ledge on the right. Roll through to find a save point.
  12. After defeating a few lava men, move to the rock platforms in the background and follow the grapple path to the exit.
  13. Scan the carapace when Samus enters first person view.

Geothermal Power Plant

  1. Pick up the energy tank between the stairs, then swing across to grab an accel charge.
  2. Scan the exit door to the left when Samus enters first person mode.
  3. Try scanning above to find the source of the fire.
  4. Adam tells you to get the magma flowing. Scan the walls for the switch.
  5. Super missiles are authorized. Hit the button and watch what happens.

Mini-boss: Ridley

  1. Ridley’s attacks can do some serious damage. Keep your distance to avoid many of his most devastating moves.
  2. To avoid the flame ball attack, get some distance and jump at the last second.
  3. To avoid Ridley’s tail stabbing attacks use Samus’ dodge ability.
  4. Keep hitting Ridley with charged blasts while you move around the platform.
  5. When Ridley turns dark, lock on and fire a super missile immediately. Eventually you’ll do him in.

Sector 1: Reprise

  1. After leaving the battle room, fall to the bottom of the shaft and grab the ledge on the left. A missile expansion is your reward.
  2. Work back up the shaft and trigger the switch. Exit via morph ball gap on the right.
  3. Head to the elevator and go back to the main sector.
  4. Follow the deletor to sector 1.
  5. Follow the northeastern path to the room with a spiral ramp in the center. Follow it to the top and shinespark jump straight up to grab a missile tank. Continue through the lower door to the north.
  6. Grapple from the first point and stand on the bluff in the middle. Drop to the lower section and bomb through the morph ball hole to grab a missile expansion.
  7. Save to the north, then face south again. Get a running charge, and just when you exit the door to return to the lush green, shinespark jump straight up and veer north. You’ll find an energy part.
  8. Head north to the retracted bridge. Scan the broken terminal. Samus decides it’s time for two new toys: space jump and screw attack!
  9. Touch the terminal on the other side to extend the bridge.
  10. Head down the elevator, save, and continue north.
  11. Big cutscene time, then head south to your new waypoint.
  12. Your flying millipede friend returns. This time, when he’s defeated, he gives you the seeker missile.
  13. Get on the elevator and head to sector 2.

Sector 2: Reprise

  1. Head northeast out of the elevator. Take out the hopper, then blast open the panel to the right with a super missile. A missile expansion is yours.
  2. Move through the ice tunnel and take the upper path (where you originally burst through with the speed boost) south to the water tank.
  3. In the room with the two big, frozen fans, get a running start and shinespark jump straight up towards the north end of the room. You’ll grab two missile expansions here, one to the north and one to the south.
  4. Head west in the next room with the moving fans. Jump into the north hallway and use seeker missiles to open the door.
  5. Reverse gravity! Make liberal use of the spin jump to work your way through these tunnels.
  6. In the next hallways, where your footsteps are heavy, missiles are disabled. Keep moving and use the screw attack to stay safe.
  7. Use the grapple beam to get enough height to wall jump up the corridor.
  8. Use the space jump to cross the big gap in the upper hallway.

Mini-boss: Gravity beast

  1. Climb to the top of the chamber, and get ready for an interesting battle.
  2. The machine has three major attacks: lasers, energy balls, and a crawling attack. The former two can be avoided with jumps and quick dodges respectively, the latter by a well-timed leap or by descending to a lower level.
  3. Hit the machine with charged blasts as often as you can. Anytime you can see its round “face”, lock on and fire missiles.
  4. When the machine crashes, exit through the upper door and continue north after the cutscene.
  5. Proceed through the hallway. Look left when Samus switches to first person view.
  6. Head toward the new waypoint. When the ship starts peeling away, your new gravity suit will let you keep running.
  7. Return to the gravity beast’s room. It’s not quite dead, and now it looks like something Lovecraft would have dreamed up.
  8. Avoid the machine’s attacks as before, pelting away with charged or regular beam blasts as often as you can.
  9. This time, the ‘bot will unleash a gravity well that sucks in all attacks. Maneuver yourself on the opposite side, sandwiching the boss between you and the well, to deal damage. Make sure you take into account height as well.

Sector 2 cont.

  1. Start backtracking to the waypoint after the battle.
  2. In the room where gravity was once reversed (you’re now unaffected by it), swing on the first grapple point and hop up the left wall for a missile expansion.
  3. Don’t miss the e-recovery tank in the north wall mid-way through the anti-gravity halls.
  4. In the center of the east-west hallway, move to the west side of the big room with the platforms and start space jumping. There’s a morph ball tunnel on the far side of the screen. Grab onto it for a missile expansion.
  5. Take a small detour on the way to the waypoint to nab an item. After dropping out of the hallway you first opened with the seeker missiles, head towards the screen (north on the map) towards the save point.
  6. Hop in the water in the ice room and grab on to the morph ball opening to get a missile expansion.
  7. Retrace your steps and head for the waypoint.
  8. In the water tank room, space jump across the empty part and grab on to the morph ball opening in the upper right wall. You’ll get a missile expansion.
  9. Take the elevator back to the main sector.

Chapter 6

Sector Zero

  1. Head toward the waypoint. In the small circular room, grapple through the crack in the glass to grab a missile tank.
  2. It’s worth taking the long route to the waypoint to grab some additional items. Head west on the map, exiting via the door at the top of the plant spiral.
  3. The first item is in the room with the long slide. Head to the bottom and clear out all the enemies. Get a running start and charge back up the incline, clearing the thorns in the process. Notice the door on the ceiling? Nudge yourself down the slope, switch to first person view, lock on and fire a super missile as you slide by. It isn’t easy, so be prepared to try several times. This will give you access to a missile tank.
  4. In the room with the waterfall, use shinespark jumps to reach the energy part in the northwest corner.
  5. After grabbing the tank, grapple to the other ledge and roll through the morph ball tunnel. Head left and follow the hallways south. To the left you’ll find a super missile door that hides a missile tank.
  6. In the empty elevator shaft, fall to the bottom and head south through a hallway filled with puffers. Move south a bit more, then charge north, destroying puffers before they hurt you, until you’re ready for a shinespark jump. Leap straight up to find a new room with a morph ball tunnel on the right side that leads to the missile tank.
  7. Head back to the waterfall room and take the right side passageway leading north on the map.
  8. In the room with the holographic foliage, turn it off via the terminal and use a super missile to unlock the door. Space jump to the room for a missile tank.
  9. In the oval room with a dark plant spiral, get some speed and do a vertical shinespark jump to reach the missile tank on the south side of the room. You can also drop down from one of the spiral platforms to nab it.
  10. With the waypoint directly north, go ahead and move to the right and enter the water room. Speed dash through the wall on the right for a missile tank.
  11. Move through the room with the raising/lowering water, then face the north door. Get up some speed, run through the next room and shinespark jump straight up next to the wall. Hold right and you’ll land on a platform with an energy part.
  12. Head back to the waypoint.

Bioweapon Research Center

  1. Use screw attacks to take care of the robotic enemies in the hallway.
  2. Scan the body on the floor when Samus switches to first person view. Then head through the door.
  3. When you exit the elevator, head through the right side door to the north.
  4. Head through the only unlocked door. Charge and hit the switch to unlock the next door.
  5. Screw attacks are a great defense against the glowing donut things. Take several out, then fire a super missile at the locked door.
  6. Press onward to the waypoint.
  7. Peek through the windows in first person mode of each of the doors. Scan the woman to continue.

Boss Battle: Metroid Queen

  1. The Metroid Queen fight takes place over several stages.
  2. First, the queen spawns baby metroids that try to attack you. Use your sensemove dodging ability when they get close, making them vulnerable to a charged attack. Freeze them with a blast.
  3. Make sure all seven metroids are frozen, then lock on and fire missiles at their bodies. It’ll take several missiles to destroy each metroid, but keep plugging away and you’ll get things done.
  4. If you need to get clear of things, jump with the screw attack to repel the metroids
  5. Stay away from the queen during this first phase. She’s invulnerable to all of your attacks.
  6. The queen gets angry when her babies are gone! Fire charged blasts at the crystals on top of her neck to deal damage. When she starts to spray fire, move to the side and lock on for a super missile blast.
  7. After the station emergency, the queen is laying on her side. Hit her belly with charged blasts as quickly as you can. When she stands and charges to shoot you, latch on to her mouth with the grapple beam and you’ll roll into her stomach. As soon as you hit, hold the 1 button to charge and release an unauthorized power bomb.

Room MZ

  1. Follow the woman through the unlocked doors.
  2. After a few cutscenes and a lot of story, Samus will enter first person mode for the final battle.
  3. Keep attacking the bugs as they leap towards you. Charged blasts and missiles work well. Your goal is to knock them back so you can get a clean shot of MB in the background. Avoid using seeker missiles and super missiles.
  4. You did it! Watch the ending credits and hang on for the epilogue, a chance for you to grab the rest of the items and go for 100%!

Chapter 7

Epilogue: Main Sector

  1. Samus decides to return to the Bottle Ship before the Federation destroys it. Time to go item hunting!
  2. In the first hallway, stand at the top of the stairs and space jump towards the screen. Land on the platforms to the left and bomb through the grate to find a missile tank.
  3. The next item on the map can be nabbed by falling to the lowest level and bombing open a morph ball hatch on the floor.
  4. In the room with a bathroom attached, head to the glass area and look for a morph ball grate to the left. Bomb through for a missile tank.
  5. Return to the previous room, then get a running start as you enter the tall room with a place to kick jump. Shinespark jump straight up this corridor to receive a missile tank.
  6. To the east of the waypoint room, use a power bomb on the pod to the right. A bug will come to life. Use sensemove to dodge its attacks and blast it with charged plasma beam hits. After four or five hits, it will be stunned. Use a lethal strike to take it out, otherwise it will recharge its energy.
  7. Continue east into the passageway. In the circular room, build up boost speed and shinespark jump to the ceiling. Grab the energy part in the center of the room.
  8. Follow the north passageway and take the elevator to sector 2.

Epilogue: Sector 2

  1. Take out the power bomb bug in this room, then head north.
  2. Work your way to the room with the long cart path against the wall. A power bomb point on the left leads to an energy part.
  3. Freeze the middle fan in the room with three fans and hop through the gap for a missile tank.
  4. Keep moving northwest. In the room with a steep slope, boost run to the top, turn around, and space jump to a platform to grab a missile tank.
  5. Make your way northeast to the room with the two save points in the north. Take the upper left passage by space jumping across the gap.
  6. Head to the big room with the green tanks. Fall to the bottom and bomb through the grates for an energy tank.
  7. To get the other item in this room, lay a power bomb between the green lights just in front of the north exit.
  8. Go northeast to the next item. In the hallway, use a super missile to open the door on the floor for a missile tank.
  9. In the room where you fought the mechanical warehouse robot, break open the containers atop the crates for two energy parts.
  10. In the same room, space jump from atop the crates on the left side of the room to reach a platform with a missile tank tucked into a morph ball slot.
  11. In the 7-shaped room near the center of the map (northeast of the two adjacent save points), roll into a ball just outside and enter the gap where a stream pours into the wall. You’ll find a missile tank at the end of the tunnel.
  12. Follow the path south to the next item. Cross to the end of the room, but before you exit, hop into the morph ball duct positioned above the door. A missile tank waits for you at the end.
  13. Head towards the main sector, then take the western exit to the final item. Hop in to the morph ball path on the left side, take it to the end, and defeat another power bomb monster. Enter the room for an energy part.
  14. Congratulations, sector 2 is now at 100%! Head through the elevator in the main sector and go to sector 3.

Epilogue: Sector 3

  1. Head east off the elevator. Grapple to the top and enter the super missile door to the left to open a hatch. Enter the hatch for an energy tank.
  2. Wake the power bomb monster across from the super missile door, enter the room and nab a missile tank.
  3. Continue north. Just beyond the next save point, move to the right side of the room and hop down by the lava to find an energy part.
  4. Keep going north. After the shinespark jump in the generator room, roll through the duct and take the right hand path for a missile tank.
  5. Take the elevator down and press on. In the room with the three grapple points across the lava, drop straight below to find the missile tank.
  6. In the room with the fire jets, lock on and blast one on the left to get a missile tank.
  7. Take the lower path just east of the big room that leads to the save point. Hit the ceiling with a super missile at the top of the shaft in the next room to get a missile tank, then fall to the bottom of the next shaft and space jump across the lava to grab a second.
  8. Return to the north path that leads to the large room.
  9. Just before you hit the big room, blast open the leftmost panel on the floor. You’ll grab an accel charge.
  10. Hop across the small stones to the right. Drop a power bomb by the pillar in the middle of the lava for a missile tank.
  11. Run through the door towards the next save point. Hit the floor of the upward incline with a super missile to grab a missile tank, then climb out and hop into the green area (with the fireflies) just above to get an energy part.
  12. Continue up the stairs to the broken bridge that crosses the lava. Enter first person mode and search for the switch on the rocks below. Hit it, then roll into the morph ball spot that opens up. You’ll get a missile tank.
  13. Cross the bridge and continue forward. Take out the power bomb monster at the end for an accel charge.
  14. Backtrack a bit and return to the floor of the lava room. Take the rear grapple path and work your way to the southwest corner of the big room, where the item is. Where the path forks, stand on the bluff and look for a morph ball slot below. You’ll get an energy part.
  15. Take the rear grapple path to leave via the northwest exit. Just south of the save point, head up the ramp a bit, turn, and speed boost back into the room with the alien corpse. Shinespark jump to the ledge on the right for a missile tank.
  16. Reverse course and take the southwest exit from the large lava room. In the area with all the monitors and a terminal in the center, roll under the stairs for a missile tank.
  17. Just outside the control room, hop up the duct on the right for another missile tank.
  18. Proceed south via the long corridor. Before dropping down the shaft with the broken glass, roll into a morph ball tunnel on the right to grab an energy part.
  19. Sector 3 is now 100%! Head back to the main sector.

Epilogue: Sector 1

  1. Head north and then west out of the elevator, passing the long slope from before. Go north again and clear the room with the terrarium of enemies. Open the super missile door. Get boost speed and shinespark jump in the next room for a missile tank.
  2. Northwest of the previous tank, enter the hole in the wall and wall jump up the shaft to get another missile tank.
  3. Use shinespark jumps to make it to the northwest exit in the waterfall room. In the next room above, roll into a ball and enter the tunnel on the right for a missile part.
  4. North of the previous room, fall down the shaft and hug the left wall. When you reach a ledge, flip up and roll through for another missile part.
  5. Head toward the waterfall room again, but don’t exit the morph ball tunnel, just keep rolling. In the east-west corridor below, clear some of the garbage from the wall to find a morph ball tunnel leading north to a missile tank.
  6. Before you reach the save point, shinespark jump where you roll into a ball to pass through the tunnel. A missile container awaits you.
  7. Roll south and pass the launcher in the duct. Power bomb the block to the right and destroy another power bomb monster. You’ll get an energy part.
  8. Head back to the waterfall room via launcher. Exit via the northeast passage and work your way to the spiral room. Drop down below, go north, bomb the grate facing south, and roll down the hill for an energy part.
  9. From here, you continue north to the Bioweapon Research Center and grab all three items there. They’re easy to nab, just walk in the room for two, and leap up the hologram shaft for the third.
  10. Head for the room with the retractable bridge. Lower it, fall to the ground, and find the opening in the south end of the room for a missile tank.
  11. Go east and make your way to the end of the room with the rising/falling water. The southeast corner, on the bottom, holds a missile tank.
  12. Space jump to reach the next missile tank, hidden in a platform by the ceiling.
  13. Fire a missile at the box hanging from the platform to score the next missile tank.
  14. Continue up the launcher and south. In the terrarium room, hit the switch behind the glass for a missile tank.
  15. Before the next save point, run along the paved road on the left side of the big room. Speed boost through the wall for a missile tank.
  16. Power bomb the shell enemy in the room with a locked door to get an e-recovery tank.
  17. 100% for sector 1!

Epilogue: Control Bridge

  1. Enter the power bomb spot just south of the main elevator on the right side.
  2. You’ll fight a series of battles in the curved tunnel. Use the screw attack to take out most of the baddies.
  3. You’ll encounter a squid-like boss in the last room. Keep hitting it with charged plasma beam blasts while avoiding the blue energy balls. Use sensemove often. Don’t bother with missiles, you’re more likely to get hit in first person mode.
  4. After the battle, follow the path to the elevator. When it stalls, use a power bomb.
  5. At the bottom of the elevator shaft, hop into the morph ball tunnel to the left of the elevator for a missile tank.
  6. The next item is hidden in a shaft. In the long hallway south of the elevator, look up and take out the lava hive. Wall jump to the top for a missile tank.
  7. Main sector (and all sectors) are 100%!
  8. Continue on to see some more of the Other M story. It’s worth it.
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