Alice: Madness Returns Walkthrough

Alice: Madness Returns Walkthrough

American McGee is back after a long absence, and new title Alice: Madness Returns looks to be as dangerous and twisted as his initial offering. Given the potential for merciless death when you give the keys to Lewis Caroll’s imagination to an unhinged game designer, a walkthrough is definitely in order.

That’s not all, however. Fans of Madness Returns are advised to take a look at our achievements list, our trophies list, and our cheats page, which will act as a compendium for all the information about the game that can possibly found out.

The Walkthrough

Chapter 1

  1. All you’re technically doing right now is leaving the orphanage, but feel free to have a look around. In the children’s bedrooms, you’ll get  a quick tutorial on using the first-person camera (click in the Right Analog Stick) and see some drawings on the wall that you can investigate when prompted.
  2. Head down the stairs when you’re done up there. At the bottom, check under the stairs for something else you can investigate, as well as the newspaper on the table down the hall. Duck into Alice’s room on the left for a bit more about her background before pushing on into the corridor.
  3. You can check the painting in the sitting room before you head outside, where the street cuts to the left and right. The right is a dead end where a subway tunnel is being dug; head left, where you’ll pass a violinist. You can check down the alley behind him, but there’s nothing there but more ambient dialog from children.
  4. Enter the Whitechapel Market and continue left. You’ll see a white cat — follow it.
  5. There’s not much else to do. Keep up with the cat to trigger a cutscene when you get to the end of the alley. You can see a few things along the way, but they have little or no bearing on what’s going on.
  6. You’ll find yourself on a rooftop next. Cross to the far side for another cutscene, and you’ll finally be whisked off to Alice’s Wonderland.
  7. ACHIEVEMENT/TROPHY: The “No Happy Returns” Achievement or Trophy is unlocked after your arrival.
  8. MEMORY: Head up the ramp and you’ll find your first memory, which looks like a floating building. Recover it and it’ll go toward completing the game’s story, as well as an Achievement or Trophy.
  9. Keep moving up. You’ll eventually come to a place where you’ll need to jump across a gap, where the game will prompt you on just how to handle jumping. Press the Jump button again to twirl, which gives Alice an extra aerial boost up to three times.
  10. Follow the path to where the dominoes form a series of platforms out over the water below. You’ll see a laughing child ahead — follow her as you drop down when you reach the far side of the gap.
  11. MEMORY: Just below the dominoes is another memory you can snag, right on the path.
  12. Drop down ahead, where you’ll see pink toadstools functioning as platforms. Climb up to the nearby ledge and a toadstool in the ground will launch you up to the next level.
  13. MEMORY: Bypass the next toadstool to grab the memory behind it.
  14. Shoot up another level, then cross the ledge and drop down near the big purple pool. A cutscene will give you Alice’s shrinking ability, which you can use to move through the small keyhole doors scattered throughout the level.
  15. MEMORY: Standing at the pool, do a 180 and look for a glass syringe floating near the wall.
  16. Past the memory is a keyhole door in the wall. Use shrink to enter it — you’ll also see invisible drawings on the wall directing you toward it. That’s Shrink Sense, so use it when you’re struggling to find a way forward.
  17. Through the keyhole, you’ll find yourself at one of the toadstool launchers you just cleared a moment before. Hop up to the next level and turn left for another keyhole. Shrink down and slip through.
  18. On the other side of the keyhole, you’ll come on a huge snail. Grab the three teeth from right in front of it (it isn’t dangerous), then drop down. Continue around to another keyhole and shrink to get through. You’ll find a little cave room inside with three more teeth, and a door leading into another chamber. Avoid the blue toadstool for a second.
  19. MEMORY: Check to the left of the blue toadstool before you leave this room. The memory is behind a rock.
  20. Hit the toadstool and you’ll be rocketed out of the room and to the top of a slide. Jump on and grab the teeth along the way; further on, you’ll see shells that you should crash through for even more teeth. At the bottom of the slide, follow the red river to the skeleton and you’ll receive your first weapon: the Vorpal Blade.
  21. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Snicker-snack!” Achievement unlocks when you get the blade.

Exploring the Vale of Tears

  1. MEMORY: Once you have control back, turn left from where you’re standing to see a glass syringe memory near the wall, away from the snail shells.
  2. You can break the shells with the blade to collect more teeth. Keep moving forward through the shells until you pass into a clearing with black oil on the ground. You’ll be accosted by some enemies called Insidious Ruin, which you can kill pretty easily with the Vorpal Blade.
  3. The path forward opens up when you’re done fighting. Head through the tunnel but don’t bear left just yet, because…
  4. MEMORY: …You can grab a memory floating on the right side of the path. Just jump up a level to snag it.
  5. Now double back left, following the dominoes in the ground, to find a toadstool to get up to the next level. Moving forward, you’ll see long gaps you have to cross using Alice’s Float ability, triggered by holding the jump button. Cross the chasm, snagging the tooth along the way, and use the toadstool on the next ledge to get enough lift to cross to the far side.
  6. BOTTLE: On the left of the cliff right where you land is another collectible, a Bottle. Grab it as if it were a memory.
  7. You can grab a few teeth from this ledge, and drop down the next cliff to find some more teeth right up against the wall behind you. Then advance into the hut ahead to get the Pepper Grinder weapon.
  8. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Ground Pork” Achievement is your reward for snagging the Pepper Grinder.
  9. Head out the door and you’ll be attacked by a new enemy called the Bolter Fly. They come out of those weird round hives, but the Grinder will handle them easily. Just Focus on them with the Left Trigger, then fire it with the Right Trigger.
  10. ACHIEVEMENT: Kill five bolter flies in a row with the Grinder and you’ll unlock the “Grind ‘em All!” Achievement.
  11. Destroy the hives and you’ll stop more bolter flies from harassing you. Clear them all out, plus one insidious ruin oil monster, and you’ll get a cutscene explaining pig snouts. Zap the snout with pepper using the first-person view mode and it’ll fly back into the hut.
  12. Before you head back, climb up and get some teeth. Double-back to the house, smack the basket for some more teeth, then shrink down and head through the door. On the other side, you’ll face some bolter flies in the distance. The Grinder should take care of them.
  13. SNOUT: When the enemies are cleared out, look just in front of the first ledge where you started this room for a floating pig snout. Pepper it and a path will appear to the ledge to the right. Follow that and keep moving until it dead ends to find another snout. Pepper that, and you can jump to the third platform to the left.
  14. MEMORY: This third platform, accessible after you get both snouts peppered, has a memory sitting in the middle of it.
  15. From here, follow the domino path toward the moving platform. Jump across when it comes nearby, then ride it for a golden tooth behind the waterfall to the left. When it comes back, you’re free to continue forward.
  16. When you land on the next ledge, you’ll be accosted by some slithering oil worms. Kill them, grab some teeth, and jump to the next platform where you’ll kill an insidious ruin. From here, we can get to a hidden area.
  17. BOTTLE: Turn and face off the side of this ledge, toward the small platform hanging in the chasm beyond. Jump to it and a toadstool appears. Hit it to get rocketed up to another ledge, then use Shrink Sense to see a keyhole door you can pass through. Inside is a bottle and a bunch of gold teeth around a corner.
  18. Exit the way you came and head left to another ledge, which will allow you to jump down to the path again. Keep following it around until you see several platforms fall and geysers erupt ahead of you. Hug the left wall and hop down to the platform below you.
  19. From here, you’ll get a toadstool that will pop you up in the air. Land on the next ledge and hit a second toadstool to get some real height. From here, you can access a memory.
  20. MEMORY: When you hit the second toadstool, float to the right rather than over the geysers ahead. You’ll see a platform you should be able to reach. Another toadstool will let you clear the geyser beside you on the right when you land. The platform beyond has the memory in the middle. Jump back down to the path when you have it.
  21. Hop the last geyser and fight off a pair of insidious ruin monsters when you land. Take the next toadstool and grab some teeth on the ledge to the right before climbing up further. Some trees will fall away, revealing a path and a couple of enemies to kill.
  22. Drop down and enter the next area. A bunch of enemies will attack you, in groups of insidious ruins and boltar flies. You shouldn’t have much trouble killing them if you make good use of Alice’s dodge maneuver. When you clear out some of the ground enemies, you can kill the flies’ hive with the Pepper Grinder. Look for it on a toadstool in the center of the room.
  23. ACHIEVEMENT: After the battle, you’ll get the opportunity to spend the teeth you’ve collected to upgrade your weapons. Do so and you’ll also get the “Strike a Deal” Achievement.
  24. BOTTLE: Before you go anywhere, after the cutscenes, face the Vale of Tears train platform, then spin around 180. You’ll see a ledge high above you — approach it on the left side (use Shrink Sense if you need help) to make a toadstool appear. Hop to the top for your bottole.
  25. Now head to the left of the train platform. Jump to the platform and use the toadstools to move along the tracks until you get down to the tunnel. At the far end, you’ll enter a little teacup village, where you’ll fight enemies known as Madcaps.
  26. Madcaps are goblins that have melee weapons and teacup helmets. You need to destroy the helmet before you can harm them, which is possible with any weapon. I find hitting them from a distance with the Pepper Grinder works well to soften them up, allowing the Vorpal Blade to do the heavy lifting. Use dodge to avoid their up-close attacks.
  27. There’s also a version of the Madcap that carries a shield, rendering him impervious to Pepper. You’ll need to use dodge to get around to his flank and attack him with the Vorpal Blade. It’s especially easy if you wait for his attack and dodge it, which is denoted by a slight slowdown in time as he winds it up. It leaves him stuck in the ground.
  28. Fight through the Madcaps and follow the path around to a toadstool. Hop up and kill a few more guys. You’ll get a tutorial on using Shrink Sense with flowers. Don’t cross the bridge that’s revealed just yet, though.
  29. BOTTLE: Instead, shrink and stand in front of the invisible bridge, then turn a quarter turn right. While shrunk, you’ll see a keyhole door that’s blocked when you’re at full size. Go through to find the bottle.
  30. Cross the bridge and head right. The way forward is up the stairs on the right side, but don’t go that way yet.
  31. MEMORY: It’s right on the path past the bridge.
  32. SNOUT: Look on the left side of the cliff that faces the floating city in the background. The snout is floating right in front of you, near the high ledge on the left side. Pepper it and you’ll gain access to that high ledge by toadstool, where a bastket will give you some teeth.
  33. Take the stair, cross the platforms and use the horn to call the gondola. A cutscene will take you to the Hatter’s Domain.
  34. ACHIEVEMENT: The “End of Innocence” Achievement unlocks when you exit the Vale of Tears.

The Hatter’s Domain

  1. Head forward to the steam vent and jump onto it to let it raise Alice in the air. Twirl to the left to make it to a ledge.
  2. MEMORY: Turn left when you land and look behind the big teakettle gondola that Alice was riding in to find a memory.
  3. Move through the hole in the wall and get outside. Head to the red steam valve and turn it to activate some new jets. Hop onto the first one and ride it to the piece of floor ahead, where you’ll fight a Madcap.
  4. SNOUT: Time to find some hidden stuff. Standing on this piece of floor, face out, toward the expanse of yellow nothing away from where you started. You should see another chunk of floor just ahead. Jump to it and shrink, the enter the nearby plant to illuminate some invisible platforms using Shrink Sense. Jump across all three of them (use shrink to make sure you know where they are) and you’ll land on a new piece of floor that’s to the right of the last platform. Look toward the building, where you’ll see another platform you can’t get to — beneath it, to the right of a large gear and hidden in a hole in the wall, is the snout. Grind it.
  5. BOTTLE: The snout opens a path forward by creating a new steam vent right in front of you. Jump into it and float across to the platform, where you’ll get the Bottle you came for. Hop back down to where you started when you’ve got it.
  6. Ride the steam vent to where you fought the Madcap, then jump into a second vent to float back toward the main building. Kill another couple of Madcaps and enter through the hole in the wall. To your right is a lever, but ignore it for a second. Instead, enter the hole in the wall on the left, just ahead of you.
  7. BOTTLE: Use shrink and enter the plant here to illuminate a hole in the wall you can slip through while small, to your right. Go through the keyhole and you’ll come out next to a Bottle.
  8. Return to that lever and pull it, which clears a gear out of the way so you can proceed. Hop across, kill a Madcap, but instead of going back outside to the right, shrink and slip under the big metal door. You’ll fight a Madcap with a shield, but you’ll find a lot of teeth as a reward.
  9. Back outside. Kill the two Madcaps, grab some teeth from the crates nearby, and turn the steam valve. Jump across to the next piece of floor and kill another bad guy, then ride the big gear to a new platform. Jump and float to get back inside and drop down.
  10. Another Madcap to slice up. Check by where you dropped down for teeth and proceed around the corner. Follow the path around and hit the steam valve when the gear nearby moves close to you — be careful about your timing or you’ll fall. Get across to the next ledge, where you’ll have some fighting to do.
  11. Two waves of four Madcaps attack you during this section. The first group approaches as soon as you land, and includes two standard Madcaps and two with shields. You can actually drop at least one of them with the Pepper Grinder as he approaches, so do that to even up the odds.
  12. Make sure you use dodge to avoid the Madcaps’ attacks and hack away with the Vorpal Blade. When you kill the first set, a door will open that will allow you to advance, where you’ll find the second set. Kill them all, follow the path to a ledge, and hop down to another platform with a flower on it.
  13. MEMORY: Shrink and step into the flower and look around. Back the way you came and down, you should see several invisible platforms outlined by your Shrink Sense. Jump down to the first, then get to the crack in the wall nearby. Head in and around the corner to the left to find the memory.
  14. SNOUT: Now look up. You should see a big snout sticking out of the wall, but it’s above you so it’s easy to miss. Grind it to make a basket appear with a bunch of teeth.
  15. Head back out of the crack and hang a right to the piece of floor waiting there. From here, you can jump across to a gear that moves back and forth, and reach a steam vent beyond that. Ride it up to another gear and use that to get to a central platform.
  16. MEMORY: There’s a steam valve here, but ignore it for the time being and face the big main building to the left of it. You’ll see a big hole in the wall across from you. Float down and enter, then turn right to fight a couple of Madcaps. Round the corner ahead to the left, where the memory waits.
  17. Back to the valve. Open it to add more vents to the path ahead. Jump to the first, get to the rising gear beside it, and float to the platform beyond. Hop to the ledge in front of the hole in the wall, but don’t enter yet.
  18. SNOUT: Instead, turn and face where you just came from and you’ll see a snout on the lower section of the platform. Grind it and a vent appears on your left.
  19. BOTTLE: Jump into the vent to get raised up to a nearby platform, where a Bottle waits for you.
  20. Back inside. Keep walking until you have to jump a big chasm and float to the other side. Stop when you reach the far ledge.
  21. SNOUT: Turn back and face the ledge you just left. A snout floats beneath it, just behind you. Grind it and a new steam vent appears.
  22. MEMORY: Ride the steam vent and you’ll be able to reach a new ledge to the side of the chasm you crossed. Shrink to go through the keyhole door when you get there. Inside is the memory.
  23. ACHIEVEMENT: Stay on steam vents for seven minutes total and you’ll unlock the “Venting Frustration” Achievement. This is the last vent in this chapter, so if you want the Achievement or Trophy, now’s the time.
  24. Backtrack, jump back across the ledge, and head through the door to a big room filled with flowing tea below. Jump down to the circular platform, where you’ll engage a new enemy: the Eyepot. These guys are easier than they look; wait for it to rear back to strike and dodge backward while locked on to stay alive. Hit it in the eye with the Pepper Grinder to stun it, then come in close and hack the eye with the Vorpal Blade.
  25. After the first Eyepot is dead, more enemies appear. Jump down to the lower circular platform and kill off the two Insidious Ruin enemies before you engage the Eyepot. Kill all three and you can move forward, hopping onto a platform and climbing to a steam valve. This opens the path forward to the Eyepot that has been lobbing tea mortars at you all this time.
  26. It looks like there’s only one Eyepot here, but the situation is more tense: two Eyepots, plus two Insidious Ruins. Kill the oil enemies first, steering clear of the Eyepots’ attacks. Then focus on one and use the Pepper Grinder to stun it so you can get in close. Try to keep an eye on where the other Eyepot is so it doesn’t hit you in the back.
  27. Kill all the enemies to open a door to the next room. Head through, where you’ll be able to summon the Cheshire Cat when prompted and get some advice. Jump across and step on the pressure plate at the end of the walkway to lower a platform, which you’ll need to run to quickly to access before it rises again.
  28. When the platform rises up, you can grab some teeth from some crates before jumping down to the exit. Go through and jump to the center platform, then work around to the door and go through into a corridor. Follow it until it ends in a room with ramps.
  29. BOTTLE: Beside the first ramp is a half-closed door you can slip under while small. Through it is another corridor: Follow it until it dead-ends in a big round room with no floor. Use Shrink Sense to see four moving platforms you can jump to. Use them to get to the top, snag the bottle, and jump back down to return to the ramp room.
  30. Go up the first ramp and stand on a pressure plate there to open the door at the end of the path. Jump up and run through, then pull the lever. Jump down to the newly opened door and you’ll ride a slide down to a new room.

To The Mad Hatter

  1. Pick up that rabbit thing on the ground. That’s a Clockwork Bomb, and it’s a new addition to your arsenal. Grab teeth from the crates and then head up the ramp, where you’ll get a tutorial on the bomb and info on how to get through the sealed wall.
  2. Blow the wall, keep moving up, and blow a second one. Jump across to the next ledge and clear the crates out, then use the toadstool to pop up a level.
  3. MEMORY: There are a lot of things to look at in this next room, but if you ignore them and walk down the hill and then turn left, you’ll find a keyhole behind crates. Go through and at the top of that room is a memory.
  4. Now get back to the top of the hill and use the gear platforms to get across to a door with flames behind it. A cutscene is triggered when you get there. Through the other side, you’ll fight about 10 Insidious Ruins. When you’ve killed them, you can move forward along the path.
  5. You’ll come to a chasm. Use the Pepper Grinder to shoot a switch and lower the platform above. Hop across and you’ll finally reach the Mad Hatter.
  6. BOTTLE: After a cutscene, check the walls on either side of the Hatter for weaknesses. Blow both open and you’ll discover the Bottle in one, along with a pressure plate.
  7. Set a bomb on the pressure plate but don’t blow it, which will lower an elevator in the other small room. Ride the elevator up and you’ll reach an outside area. Grab Alice’s Umbrella from the center of the platform and get ready to do battle.
  8. The Menacing Ruin has a lot of powerful attacks, but it isn’t invincible. Get your dodge ready and get clear of anything that’s not a projectile, as the Menace has a lot of powerful melee attacks. When it does chuck something at you, use your Umbrella to reflect it. Expect those fireballs to come in sets of three.
  9. It’ll take a lot of damage to put down the Menacing Ruin, and waiting for projectiles to kill it will take all day. When you can risk it, get in close with the Vorpal Blade and hack away, then dodge clear. The battle will go much faster if you dish out all the punishment you can.
  10. Before long, the Ruin will buy it and you’ll be free to go. Two switches appear afterward — ignore them for a second.
  11. SNOUT: Look for a long, thin loudspeaker beside one of the switches (left of the elevator). Stand at the edge and look down for the snout near the elevator, a little to the right. Blast it and a new platform appears.
  12. MEMORY: Reach the new platform by going around to the right of the elevator. Just jump over and claim your memory.
  13. Pepper those two switches. You now have a choice: either right or left. We’ll start with the right path, toward Smelling and Regurgitating.

Smelling and Regurgitating

  1. Upon entering Smelling and Regurgitating, you’ll have a chance to converse with the Cheshire Cat. Afterward, head up the stairs and around the corner, where you’ll find a platform to jump to. Look up at the wall a little to the left to find a switch you can activate with pepper — Shrink Sense makes it a little more obvious.
  2. Blast that switch and the platforms in this room will start to rise and fall. Jump from one to the other, avoiding the molten columns, until you cross the expanse and reach the ledge on the other side.
  3. Through the next tunnel, you’ll enter a large room with a central platform. Jump across and you’ll have to fight two Eyepots and two Insidious Ruins. Judicious use of the Pepper Grinder should keep them all at a distance and you’ve got plenty of room to dodge around here.
  4. BOTTLE: After all the enemies are cleared up, check the left side of the platform if you’re facing away from where you first jumped across (forward, otherwise). You’ll see a geyser of molten whatever coming up from below. Wait for it to subside and then jump across for a bottle.
  5. MEMORY: On the side opposite the bottle is another geyser, another distant ledge and another collectible. Just wait for the geyser to drop and then jump and twirl to reach it.
  6. Head to the front of the platform and jump down to the ledge below. Pull a 180 and you can jump down one more time to a keyhole. Slip through and pull the lever to open another path on the other side, where you can reach a couple of rising platforms to your right and reach the high ground again.
  7. Watch for more enemies when you return to the central platform. Head to the left and jump onto the rising platform that can get you to a new door and follow the corridor to another huge room.
  8. Two Insidious Ruins are your first fodder, followed by an Eyepot. Drop all three while dodging incoming tea fire from another Eyepot further away. When the first three are clear, turn right from the door where you entered to see platforms you can jump to. You need to work around the edge of the room to the Eyepot’s platform.
  9. Make your way to the far wall and jump over the geyser to the corner. There you’ll have to deal with two platforms where molten metal falls from pipes above. Watch for the timing, then jump across.
  10. Kill the last Eyepot and turn the valve nearby. That’ll cool all the molten metal in the room, allowing you to advance as well as find a secret area.
  11. First, though, you’ll have to kill more enemies. Two bolterfly hives appear at high points across the room from you — use the Pepper Grinder at a distance to deal with them. Then jump to the middle platform, where you’ll have to fight a Menacing Ruin, the three-faced big monster you fought before entering this area. Deal with it the way you did last time and you should have no trouble.
  12. That does it for the primary enemies. Next, look to the side of the platform where you jumped to the wall to reach the valve. You should see a small, thin walkway beneath you that was formerly a chute filled with molten metal. Jump down to it and head left, where you’ll find a keyhole that you can shrink through. Some teeth are waiting for you.
  13. SNOUT: Back outside, hop down to the floor of this room. Fight off an Eyepot and some Insidious Ruins and head into the center of the room, beneath the central platform. You’ll see a snout above you on the wall.
  14. BOTTLE: Peppering this snout reveals a bottle.
  15. MEMORY: Use one of the steam vents to get back up to the central platform, where you can jump to a hanging pot and reach the exit of the area. Stop right when you get to the second ledge at the wall and turn right — there’s another pot with a memory on it, which you can reach easily by jumping.
  16. You’re finally ready to head out. Follow the corridor to its end, where you’ll have to pepper a switch. It activates a steam vent that you can jump to, then use to jump to the central column where there’s a ledge. Follow it around to another vent; jump on, then jump across to the platform at the wall.
  17. SNOUT: Here you’ll find a wall you can blow up. Use a clockwork bomb to clear it, then head through the keyhole behind it to a long corridor. At the end, look through the porthole to the left to find the snout. Pepper it and your reward is a basket full of teeth.
  18. Backtrack out and turn right to find another switch to pepper. That adds two new vents — jump to them and get to the next ledge above you. Through the hole in the wall are some teeth; after you have them, look for a ledge along the wall to your right, where you can shrink beneath some pipes to get to more teeth.
  19. From here, face the central pillar to find another switch. It brings up more vents. Hop into the first and then use it to get to the central pillar, where there’s a ledge. From there, look for another platform against the wall, right of the next vent. Jump to it, collect some teeth, and ride up to the walkway above you.
  20. Turn left and find a pressure plate where you can put down a clockwork bomb. That opens the door across the walkway. Head through and turn the valve to activate some vents. Use the first to jump to the floating gear when it moves all the way right; hop off the gear when it reaches the second vent and use it to get to the big platform.
  21. Lots of enemies here, including three Madcaps and one with a shield, as well as an Eyepot. Use the large space and try to kill them all quickly.
  22. BOTTLE: Face back toward the way you came in and you should see a small walkway and platform to your left. Walk out to it to find some crates with teeth and a bottle.
  23. Back to the central platform. Head around the corner and you’ll find a flower you can interact with using Shrink Sense. Across from you, you should see a toadstool that’ll pop you up to a further ledge. Jump across and go through the hole in the wall.
  24. Time to fight the mouse. First, you’ll need to cool down all the molten metal in this area. Jump down to the rising platform on the right when it lowers, then time your jumps across the molten metal while dodging the teakettle dumping more molten metal from above. You’ll need to wait until the platforms are either raised or lowered. Watch out for mortars from Eyepots above you as well.
  25. As you head across this first chasm, you’ll come to a junction where you can head right. First, use Pepper on the nearby orange switch. Then jump down to the new square platforms, but wait for the vents above to dump their molten metal before you go. A toadstool will appear that will allow you to get up to a nearby ledge.
  26. Here you’ll find a valve around the corner that freezes all the metal. You can proceed to the left of the valve to get closer to the mouse, but first, let’s go find some hidden stuff. Drop down the way you came to the now-frozen metal floor.
  27. BOTTLE: Step into the nearby flowers when shrunken, then look to the wall on the left near the platforms where the metal was being dumped. You’ll see a keyhole you can pass through. Inside on the right is the bottle. There’s also a golden tooth in here.
  28. Exit the keyhole and return to the last rising platform you jumped from, left of the platforms where the molten metal was being dumped. Face the wall and you’ll see an alcove with another switch inside. Pepper it to create a new steam vent. Ride it up to the ledge above.
  29. Use Shrink Sense in the flowers to illuminate a hidden bridge. You’ll need to dodge under vents of molten metal as you cross it, but that’s not too hard. On the far side, drop down onto the walkways over the molten metal to fight two Eyepots and several Ruins. Use the walkways to jump clear of the enemies if you get in trouble, but you should be okay if you blast them from a distance with the Pepper Grinder.
  30. When you’ve killed everything, you’ll see a new switch appear. Hit it with pepper to trigger some floating platforms that you can jump between to get to the far ledge. Be careful, as they get swept over the waterfall pretty quickly.
  31. Head around the corner, shrink through the keyhole and kill the Ruin guarding the valve to freeze the metal. After a cutscene, you can head back the way you came to the mouse’s platform. Pull the lever to open a nearby Rubbish Chute, and then jump down it.
  32. BOTTLE: You’ll wind up back with the Hatter. Look for the room with the pressure plate to find your bottle, your reward for bringing back his arms.
  33. Trigger the pressure plate with a bomb to lower the elevator and head back outside. You’re now free to head over to Cranking Up and Pressing Down.

Cranking Up and Pressing Down

  1. Follow the path until it dead ends, then look for a switch to your right behind a big stomping foot. Shoot it and you can cross to the far side.
  2. MEMORY: As you hop across and go through the next door, you’ll see boxes ahead just in front of you. Clear them to find a memory right behind them. If you turn the corner to the left, you’ve gone too far — it’s right inside the doorway.
  3. Your next switch is up on the wall to the left. It lowers the gear ahead of you so you can get across the chasm. The next room has two big fists crushing down on the path you need to use. Jump across the path to a platform on the far side, where you can place a bomb on a pressure plate.
  4. That lets you move under the crushers freely for a moment, so run through quickly. There are three, and you might have to negotiate the third by timing, but it shouldn’t be too touch. Just don’t touch it, as it’ll kill you going up the same as coming down.
  5. BOTTLE: Once you’re through to the other side, look for a place where you can drop down to the right of the bombable wall. There’s a keyhole you can slip through to get to a bottle, and you can return the way you came using a toadstool.
  6. Back near the crushers, blow through the wall to progress forward. At the staircase, turn right to find another wall you can blast with a pressure plate behind it. Place a bomb, run up the stairs and jump across the rising gears. Follow the path forward, shrinking under another crusher and dodging a second, to find one more wall to blast and one more pressure plate.
  7. The gears rise a third time, allowing you to cross the path ahead to a door. Stop there and look to your right with Shrink Sense to see an invisible platform you can hit. Hop to it and you can access a side path that gets you some teeth, then brings you back to the pressure plate so you can cross the gears again with the door open to leave the room.
  8. Through the door, you’ll have to fight off an Eyepot through the next corridor. Past it are more crushers — use Alice’s dodge maneuver to get through quickly. Past them, you’ll hit a dead end. Turn right and use the toadstool to find a path to a pressure plate to open the door.
  9. Jump down and slip through the doorway, avoiding the Ruin if you want. On the other side, grab some teeth from the crates on the right before jumping across to the next ledge. Get ready for a fight.
  10. The next room first fills with crushers, then enemies. Stay in the doorway and deal with everything from a distance. Don’t even bother trying to negotiate the five crushers, it’s a losing proposition. Instead, kill the Ruins at a distance with the Pepper Grinder and draw the two Eyepots toward the doorway, where they’re much easier to dispatch. Kill them all and the crushers stop, allowing you to pepper a switch.
  11. MEMORY: Before going through the open door, check the wall to the right of it. It has slid up slightly to reveal a memory.
  12. Pass through the door to enter the Dodo Miserarium. Hop across the platforms to the right to the hole in the wall, where you can shoot a switch to activate more platforms.
  13. SNOUT: Double back toward the door and hop to the left, onto the cage platform there. Stay on this platform and face the wall, toward the big cage filled with dodos. To the left of that is another hole in the wall, which secrets a snout. Nail it with pepper.
  14. BOTTLE: Now jump to the bigger platform ahead and you’ll snag a bottle for your trouble.
  15. Take the path back toward the switch and then follow it all the way to a steam vent. Jump to the ledge nearby and you can bomb through a wall to find a lever, which adds another steam vent to the mix to raise you up higher. Take it up.
  16. Once you’re above the vent on a new ledge, grab some teeth and do a 180. Look for a hole in the wall that has a switch inside. Blast it to move some cages to create a path forward.
  17. MEMORY: Jump to the first of these new cages and look right. You can jump over to another broken cage with a memory inside.
  18. Back on the path, continue to the door and leave the room. You’ll enter the Engine Room, in which the rabbit waits. First up, you’ll have to navigate a few crushers — use Alice’s dodge and you’ll have little trouble. past them, head up the stairs and activate the pressure plate with a bomb. That raises the gear so you can cross it.
  19. Across the gear is a lever you’ll need to pull to open a new path back through the crushers. Pass through them and go across to the new area, where you’ll have more crushers to dodge. Once you get past the vertical crushers, you’ll have to float through two horizontal ones to get to relative safety.
  20. Time for a big fight. A Menacing Ruin, lots of little Ruins, some bolterflies and an Eyepot are all waiting for you. This can get a bit tough, so keep moving and make heavy use of the Pepper Grinder. You want to clear out the little Ruins first, then kill the bolterfly hives to keep all the irritating enemies off you.
  21. Keep dodging and watch for the Menacing Ruin and the Eyepot — they’re the real threats. Clearing out the little guys will give you some health boosts, so keep at it. The two bolterfly hives are kind of hidden off to the sides (one is in some kind of cage), so deal with those quickly, too. After that, you can put down the Eyepot while avoiding the Menacing Ruin’s attacks.
  22. Kill everything and you can access a switch that clears the way to another lever. Pull it when you’re ready, then face the wall near the way back out from the lever, but don’t leave yet.
  23. BOTTLE: Use Shrink Sense to see a piece of graffiti near a wall you can blow up, inside the area with the lever. Clear it and duck through the keyhole to find another bottle.
  24. Back out of here and use the new lift that has been lowered for you. At the top, you’ll need to get past a series of six crushers, but they look scarier than they are. When the closest one to you drops, run straight under and stop after the third — there’s a spot between them that’s safe. If you’re really quick, you can just keep running, and hit dodge right as you get to the first (or last) crusher to dodge under it.
  25. Hold tight at the corner and wait for the crusher in front of you to drop before proceeding. Past it, drop down and use Shrink in the flower, then slip under the broken crushers and follow the path upward. One last jump brings you to another lever and opens the path.
  26. You’re set all the way to the rabbit’s platform. Pull the lever to return to the Hatter.

Off with the Hatter

  1. When you regain control, you’ll be standing on a gear with more platforms ahead of you.
  2. SNOUT: First, look ahead to the left for a floating snout right out in the open. Blast it to make a steam vent appear.
  3. MEMORY: Jump out to that vent and you can reach a new platform that’ll get you to a memory.
  4. Head through the first door, where you’ll meet up with the Hatter and fight a large battle. The Pepper Grinder should help substantially, so keep hacking away with it. You’ll blast through lots of small ruins before taking on a larger Menacing Ruin. After that, the door opens.
  5. Head to the right of the next room with the Hatter, where a toadstool will appear. Follow the path across the room and up until you see a switch you can shoot. That’ll open the path forward and allow you to keep climbing. Shrink through the passage until you get to a keyhole at the top, and follow that to a place where you can drop down. Use Shrink Sense to find a spot you can bomb on the floor.
  6. Drop through to a lever that opens the door forward, and after a long cutscene, completes the chapter.
  7. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Hatter’s Demise” Achievement is yours when you finally wrap up Chapter 1.

Chapter 2

  1. Alice wakes up after being dragged from the river and placed on the docks. You can’t do much just now except follow the path.
  2. Head through the docks until you come to the Mangled Mermaid. Around the corner from here, you’ll get a cutscene. Head into the building and work your way up the stairs.
  3. When you enter the room at the top of the stairs, you’ll see another cutscene before you head back to Wonderland. Upon arriving, you’ll find yourself in Tundraful.
  4. BOTTLE: First thing’s first — do a 180 from where you land, Shrink, and look for a keyhole door on the left that you can slip through to find a bottle.
  5. The path forks just ahead of you: one up, one down. Both go the same way, so start with the upper path to clear it of teeth, then take the slide to get all the teeth there. Jump and twirl at the bottom to hit the far ledge.
  6. Proceed forward. Around the corner you’ll come into a big fight with several Insidious Ruins and a Menacing Ruin. Kill them all and you’ll be able to move on. There are hidden objects here that we can’t access yet, so we’ll have to backtrack later. Keep moving forward until you see the yeti in the wall.
  7. SNOUT: Head around toward the toadstool on the ground, but don’t jump on it yet. Instead, go to the lip of the drop-off and look down, straight across the hole toward the other side, with the yeti to your left. You should see a snout down the wall some. Pepper it and a basket appears on the path ahead.
  8. Hit the toadstool now. Cross in front of the yeti between breaths to get to the basket and the path on the far side. Drop down and move forward until you hit another slide, where you’ll receive a new weapon: the Hobby Horse.
  9. ACHIEVEMENT: Snag the Hobby Horse and you’ll unlock the “Strange Hobby” Achievement.
  10. You’ll have to do battle with some Ice Snarks immediately after receiving the Hobby Horse. Watch out for their attacks with the dodge move — they like to freeze Alice, and they also do this irritating dive move.
  11. ACHIEVEMENT: If you can put together a combination of Hobby Horse to Vorpal Blade to Hobby Horse, you’ll unlock the “Weapon Schizo” Achievement. This might not be the right place to try it, but keep it in mind.
  12. Killing all four Ice Snarks (they come in two waves) creates a path out of the room. Hop up onto the second platform and you can turn around and use Shrink to discover a couple invisible platforms in the other direction. Jump across and use the Hobby Horse to reveal a small cave with some teeth inside. Double back when you’re done.
  13. SNOUT: When you get to the top of the two platforms that fell from the ceiling, cut around the corner to the right. Smash through the wall with the Hobby Horse, then again to reveal another cave. You’ll see a golden tooth across from you on a platform. Leap and twirl to get there, then spin around and face the way you came to find the snout below the platform you just left. Blast it.
  14. MEMORY: Peppering that snout adds another platform to this room that lets you get to the higher ledge on your right, on the same side of the room as the golden tooth. There you’ll find the memory.
  15. Head back out and walk toward the cliff where you can see the moon to reveal a toadstool. When you ride it up, you’ll be able to smash through a wall and drop down, where you’ll engage some Ice Snarks and Insidious Ruins.
  16. MEMORY: After the battle, head toward the chandelier held by the frozen angler fish and Shrink to discover a keyhole. Head through and grab some golden teeth, then toadstool up to another platform. Back inside near the angler fish, you can jump up to the right to find the memory.
  17. BOTTLE: Hop down and follow the path out. You’ll enter a cave room with a smashable wall to the left. Go through that, then smash the ground with the Hobby Horse to find a hole you can drop into to get the bottle.
  18. Backtrack out and go straight across the room from the bottle room. Another patch of smashable ice marks the ground — bash it and drop through. Enter the next room and you’ll see a toadstool pop up as you cross it. Ignore that for now.
  19. SNOUT: There’s a platform with two big bottles flanking it on your right. Jump aboard and Shrink — you’ll reveal two invisible platforms above you. Cross both to get to a golden tooth; spin around and face behind you and you’ll see a snout up on the wall. It reveals a new path: inside is a basket with teeth.
  20. Now you can go to the toadstool, which pops you out of the room altogether. On the other side, move through the door and you’ll start down a slide. The path you take doesn’t really matter; just try not to fly off and avoid the orange and black goo, because it can hurt you. At the bottom, go through the door and you’ll see Ice Snarks below you.
  21. Try to kill at least one of the Snarks from above; it makes life easier later. Damage both as much as you can with the Pepper Grinder, then drop down and try to quickly finish them off. You’ll have to fight a couple Insidious Ruins and a Menacing Ruin in the room below, so you want the odds in your favor.
  22. Kill the little guys first, then use the combined might of your weapons to take down the Menacing Ruin. When everything’s cleared out, you’ll be able to exit the room. Drop down again in the next area, with the big shell.
  23. BOTTLE: As soon as you drop off the upper ledge, spin around and face the wall. You can smash through with the Hobby Horse to reveal a bottle on the other side.
  24. RADULA ROOM: Before moving on, head into that big shell. This is a special “Radula Room,” and you’ll check it off as a collectible when you go inside, where the Cheshire Cat will ask you a riddle. The riddle I received in this one: “How is the Queen of Hearts like a typhoon?” The answer was the fourth, mapped to Y on the Xbox 360 controller, which said, “In all ways — but the typhoon doesn’t mean to be.” Your reward for a correct answer will be a jar of red paint, which goes toward painting the rose on your collectibles list.
  25. Back out of the Radula Room, continue forward and use the toadstool that appears. Just ahead, you’ll see a ship in a bottle and a long path to reach it. Drop down and collect all the teeth, then approach the first platform, but don’t board it.
  26. SNOUT: You should be able to see another path to the right, down in the icy water. Jump to that platform and go around the corner, where you’ll see the snout on the wall.
  27. MEMORY: Peppering the snout adds another platform to the water ahead of you, allowing you to jump across and use a toadstool to get even higher. Go through the keyhole door there and you’ll find the memory inside.
  28. Double back the way you came and hop onto the elevated icy path. Be careful, as the second half of this platform is a slide; use twirl to make it to the platform on the other side. There, hop up with the toadstool, and kill the Ice Snark at the top.
  29. BOTTLE: Turn right instead of heading straight across and you should see a flower. Shrink and step in to reveal a hidden walkway just ahead of you. Cross it and follow the path to a slide, which will take you down nearer to the water. Down here, shrink again — you should see a small plank just above the water in the encircled ice lagoon. Hop on and shrink down — this invisible plank will float under the wall ahead and into a cave filled with teeth and a bottle. Grab them, then get back on the floating plank and you’ll be taken to a toadstool. Be careful of that meandering fish — it’s mean.
  30. Back outside, you’ll find yourself almost right on top of the ship in the bottle. Note that you came on one of two paths to this area, and that there are teeth on the other one as well. You can reach it by heading to the left of the ship, straight across from where you are now, and using two toadstool platforms to get there. Beware an Ice Snark and use your Hobby Horse to open up the walls on the right and the left. The right side one has a path to some teeth that you’ll need Shrink to see.
  31. Back to the boat in the bottle. You’ll have to drop down to hit the path to get there, but once you approach close enough, a cutscene will activate.
  32. The next section is a strange side-scrolling ship battle, in which you’ll have to use your cannons and depth charges to fight off sharks and crabs. Just avoid everything; it can all be destroyed by your weapons. Survive and you’ll get another cutscene before reaching the Deluded Depths.

Deluded Depths

  1. MEMORY: Before you do anything, spin around and face the Turtle. Go past him and to the left, where you’ll find a weird green membrane covering a hole in the wall. Nail it with the Hobby Horse to reveal a keyhole behind it. Through there is your memory.
  2. Follow the path down past the ship wreck and you’ll exit into a large open area. The path forward is to your right, but if you head left and Shrink, you’ll see an invisible path that leads to some teeth. Snag them, then head toward the floating jellyfish to the right.
  3. Jump past the jellyfish and you’ll see steam vents ahead. Hop on and use it to cross the chasm to the other side.
  4. BOTTLE: When you land on the far ledge, head to the right, into a reddish cave. Kill an Ice Snark and smash through a membrane, and then shrink in the next room to reveal a keyhole door just ahead. Through it is the bottle. Also look in the bottle room for some barnacle-encrusted chests that you can get golden teeth out of if you smash them with the Hobby Horse.
  5. SNOUT: Backtrack out of the reddish cave and you should be facing off the side of the cliff, toward the chasm. Look for two floating teeth — if you approach the ledge here, you’ll see platforms beneath you and hear a snout. Drop down and face the wall where you just jumped to find the snout. Blast it and a basket appears in the clam beside you. Shoot the basket with the grinder so you can quickly grab all the teeth before the clam snaps shut.
  6. Use the steam vents nearby to get back to the path around the other side. When you’re in the middle vent, look for a platform on the central column to your right, which you can get to if you’re careful about the jumps. Grab your teeth before continuing on. At the far end, cut the membrane in the wall to continue forward. Head down to the burning door ahead of you to trigger another cutscene.
  7. On the other side, jump onto the white jellyfish to reach the central platform below. There you’ll fight some shadowy kind of enemy that holds two balls he’ll throw at you. Use your Pepper Grinder to destroy one to knock him onto the ground, where you can attack him. Repeat the process until he’s dead.
  8. MEMORY: Move to the left of this platform, toward where you see a red jellyfish. Shrink to reveal hidden platforms. Carefully cross them — they move — to the far side and cut the membrane in the wall where you land to find a memory in a clam shell. Grab it quickly and get clear.
  9. Head back to the mainland. Walk ahead to the left to the end of a wooden platform to find a pressure plate. Toss a bomb on it to make a switch appear that you can shoot. Do so and some platforms will create a path so you can cross. Past the platforms, you’ll see the clear path to the left, but look for a flower to the right to reveal some hidden stuff.
  10. SNOUT: On the right side of this platform is a flower, and if you shrink you’ll see an invisible path that moves. Get on it and use shrink to move to the end, but stay small — the next two platforms are also invisible, but to reach them you’ll hit a bouncy jellyfish and you won’t be able to reveal their locations again. While you can still see it, quickly bounce to the first platform, then use Shrink to see the second, which rises. Get on that one and hit Shrink again to see a plank ahead. Hop to that, stay small so you can see where it ends, then jump to the wooden platform. Now: shrink once more to find another hidden path leading off the wood platform. Follow it to its end and look up — the snout is on the wooden structure above you. Blast it and a steam vent and a basket will appear. Ride the vent up to the basket, then double back the way you came.
  11. BOTTLE: Finally, you can head up the hill on the other path. Use Shrink liberally and you’ll see signs suggesting a keyhole door ahead; look for a sea anemone stuck to a column in the middle of the room. To the right are two chests, and to the left, a blackish organic-looking structure. Shrink near that and you’ll see the keyhole. If you go down the hill, you’ve gone too far.
  12. Keep moving down the path and you’ll approach Barrelbottom. Head in to the center of the square — there are a lot of things to find before you move on toward the Carpenter.
  13. RADULA ROOM: From the center of the square, turn right and cut through the membrane. Follow the path downward and you’ll eventually see a Radula as you get beneath the square above you. Inside, your task will be to survive an onslaught of Madcaps for a set amount of time. Make healthy use of the dodge and Pepper Grinder to keep enemies off you, but be careful not to fall off the level. Your reward is more Rose Paint.
  14. BOTTLE: From the Radula Room, head right rather than going back up the way you came and you should find a small alcove with a keyhole inside. Shrink and head in to find a bottle and some teeth.
  15. MEMORY: Straight across from where you come back from the Radula Room, you should see a staircase leading upward (to the left of the path forward). Climb it and find a membrane in the floor you can smash with the Hobby Horse. Drop down and you’ll have to fight off another of those invisible guys — do so by shooting his pots to blow him up, then annihilating him while he’s dazed. Continue forward to a toadstool that will take you right up to the memory and then back to the square.
  16. Head forward down the path until it ends and then jump to the platform below. You’ll fight a jellyfish-like Drifting Ruin, which is easily defeated with your Pepper Grinder — just try to hit it when it reveals its face and kill it when it hits solid ground. Grab your teeth afterward and hop into the steam vent ahead to proceed onto the jellyfish platforms.
  17. While on the jellyfish, you can engage two more Drifting Ruins near the platform where you’re headed. Hit them with the grinder, but be careful about their return fire, which you can reflect with the umbrella. When you’ve killed them, continue across the jellyfish to the wood platform. Use Shrink to reveal a hidden path where you can collect some teeth before proceeding.
  18. BOTTLE: When you’re ready, face out toward the next jellyfish. Jump to it and then float across to the ledge beyond. Right inside the archway, look on the left wall for a hole where you can slip through. There’s a bottle on a clam to the right.
  19. SNOUT: Walk down to the wooden ledge that leads toward the theater, where you can shrink inside a flower. This reveals an invisible path on the left. That should carry you out to a wooden platform with invisible paths on the sides. Follow one out to the gold tooth and look up and between them to find a snout floating in the air.
  20. MEMORY: Fill that snout with pepper and a platform with a memory appears between the two invisible paths.
  21. Backtrack to the main path across all those white jellyfish to reach the far wooden platform. You’ll fight another invisible guy here. When he’s dead, walk past where he was to the back of the platform to find a pressure plate, which raises a switch you can shoot. Do so to create the path that will lead you across to the chasm to the theater. Use the steam vent to reach the first platform.

Clearing the Pipes

  1. SNOUT: As soon as you exit the fish, walk to the edge ahead of you and jump to the slightly lower platform on your left ahead. Standing on it, look to the wall of this area on the right and you should see a snout up on the wall, just beside the big blue fish. Blast it and a basket appears near your location.
  2. BOTTLE: Now jump down facing where you started this room and you should see a bottle behind two crates against the wall.
  3. Go speak with the fish. She tells you the pipes around the room are obstructed. Start with the yellow one on the left. Follow the path inward until you find a big pile of gross oil. Jump down to the area with it and you’ll have to fight some Ice Snarks and Insidious Ruins. Kill them all and use the Hobby Horse to smash the oil pile when it hardens to clear the pipe.
  4. Head to the blue-gray pipe in the middle next. This battle has roughly six Insidious Ruins and a Cannon Crab. Use clockwork bombs to distract all the enemies and damage them — this will make everything a lot easier. You can then strike with the Vorpal Blade and Pepper Grinder to thin enemy ranks. Smash the hardened oil when you’re done.
  5. The last pipe room features several Ice Snarks and a Menacing Ruin. This can be a little tough to negotiate as all these enemes are annoying, but as always, focus on the little guys first and foremost. Try to clear them out fast while avoiding the Menacing Ruin. Once you have him one-on-one, things are much easier. Clear the room and you’ll be brought back to the fish again.
  6. Now you’ll have to do a music minigame that tests you to press your controller’s buttons in time with the music. Just watch the bar, as some of the timing looks a touch misleading. It’s not too hard, though, and finishing it opens the way forward.
  7. MEMORY: As you leave the musical fish’s area, go through the doorway and turn right. You’ll see a memory inside a clam — run in and grab it, then hit dodge to get clear.
  8. RADULA ROOM: Continue along the path until you hit another small archway, but don’t cross through. The Cheshire Cat will be here to talk to you, and if you cut through a membrane on the right wall beside the arch, you’ll be able to grab some gold teeth. Turn right from there and enter another cave, and use Shrink to reveal some hidden platforms that can help you climb up to the Radula. This one has you replaying the ship minigame from earlier in this chapter — the goal is survival, so be careful. Another Rose Paint jar is your reward.
  9. Head through the archway, which seals behind you. Nothing special about this next room or puzzle: just kill three Cannon Crabs. You can do so with bombs or by reflecting their cannon balls back at them. Wiping them out sends the oyster you were sent to wake on her way, and allows you access to some platforms so you can proceed.
  10. In the next room, you’ll have to cross a massive chasm using jellyfish. It’s pretty self-explanatory, so just keep navigating forward until you hit the last jellyfish on the way.
  11. MEMORY: When you get to the last jellyfish platform, Shrink and look for some invisible platforms on one side. Cross them to a ledge and shrink to get through a keyhole there. Climb to the end of the path and you’ll find the memory and a spot where you can jump back the way you came.
  12. Cross under the next arch for another fight. This one is another Cannon Crab and some Insidious Ruins. Your Pepper Grinder should be highly useful here.
  13. Move on when you’re done and you’ll reach a puzzle for your third challenge. You need to slide blocks into place to recreate a poster printed on them, but you don’t have all the blocks, so you’ll have to go find them. The first is in a keyhole immediately to the right of you, near where you entered this room. It’s hidden by a black structure, so use Shrink.
  14. The second is just to the left of that, where you’ll have to jump up a couple platforms to reach it in an alcove.
  15. Continue along the wall to the left of the second block, where you’ll eventually find a path that leads to a large room filled with floating platforms. The third brick is here, as is a hidden memory.
  16. MEMORY: First, shrink and look for a hidden platform right off the first ledge. Use it to jump to a second jellyfish platform, then shrink to reveal a path you can hop onto. Follow it to the top to find the memory.
  17. Backtrack to the beginning of the room and look for a bouncy toadstool to the right of the path you just took. Use it to get up to a pressure plate. To cross to the cube, which the pressure plate reveals, you’ll need to carefully jump to two fast-moving invisible platforms. Get their locations first, then trigger the pressure plate.
  18. SNOUT: Once you have the block, hop to the white jellyfish beside that platform. Look for the snout floating in the air when you stand with your back to the statue that had the block in it, off in the alcove ahead. You should be able to see it moving. It’ll reveal a basket for you.
  19. Head back to the central chamber. The last block is in the opposite corner from you, near the entrance. Go through and you’ll have to fight several Ice Snarks while a Cannon Crab shoots at you from an elevated position. Try to keep all the fish on one side of you and kill them fast. Reflect a cannon ball or two to keep the crab out of your hair until you can face him properly. Conversely, if you want to get in close to the crab, you can climb up and kill him first.
  20. The final block is revealed when you kill everything. Grab it and you’ll return to the poster, where you’ll solve a very easy slide puzzle to open the way forward. Head into the fish’s mouth in order to activate a cutscene.
  21. When you get through the cutscene, you’ll have to fight one of those invisible guys, now known as a Drowned Sailor. You should make short work of him.
  22. SNOUT: Afterward, if you’ve got your back to where you entered, check the backs of the tombstones on the left side of the graveyard. You should find a snout. Pepper it to open a new path.
  23. MEMORY: Go through the keyhole revealed by the snout to find a memory in a small cave.
  24. There are two paths out of there; check on the right side of the graveyard near the entryway for a path that contains a bunch of teeth but leads to the same place. Up ahead you’ll fight another Drowned Sailor and several Ice Snarks. Kill the Snarks first if you can, because they’re highly irritating.
  25. When everything’s cleared out, one of the dead sailors will ask your help in freeing the others. He opens the path forward to three tombs. Enter the right first, where you’ll have to first fight a Drowned Sailor as usual.
  26. ACHIEVEMENT: Kill this guy or one of the others without taking damage (which can be tough, but use dodge to keep clear of him) and you’ll get the “Cold Arms, Cold Heart” Achievement.
  27. After the first Sailor goes down, a blue lit sea horse appears to guide you across some platforms. Follow him and stick close, as the darkness will hurt you like acid. Climb to the top of the room and smash the box to release the first Sailor.
  28. Head to the leftmost tomb and repeat the process. This time, you’ll have Drifting Ruins mixing it up with you in the fight. Take them out at a distance if you can while keeping an eye on the Sailor. Drop him as usual when you’ve thinned out the enemy ranks.
  29. You’re facing down another platforming section, but this one is much longer than the last. First, follow the sea horse until you hit a large stone platform with flowers on it. Shrink and you’ll see that invisible platforms form the path ahead. Jump them and the next place you arrive will have a pressure plate. Stand on it to let the horse catch up, then drop your clockwork bomb to keep the platform ahead of you raised.
  30. BOTTLE: Just ahead you’ll see a clam with a bottle on it. Snag the bottle, but take your time (slightly) in escaping. Make sure you know where your next jump is before you just go for it, or you’ll have to repeat this whole section.
  31. From here, it’s through the steam vents and one more platform (which is also a slide) and you’re home. Finish it up and then head to the last tomb.
  32. This fight isn’t as tough as the last, but it can be irritating. You’ll face the Drowned Sailor as well as endlessly respawning Creeping Ruins, which aren’t really there to be a threat, but will mess up your targeting when using the Pepper Grinder. A good strategy: stand back and carefully take aim at the Sailor when he’s vulnerable or throwing bombs, then close the gap and Vorpal Blade him.
  33. You’ve got another long platforming section. This time, you’ll traverse a large portion where clams are the platforms you must jump to. Wait for the light to get a little ahead of you so you can jump onto the clam and immediately off.
  34. BOTTLE: When you get to the stone platform with the pressure plate, watch out — you’re actually going to be triggering invisible platforms that you can jump to ahead. If you go straight on to the first, then jump straight across to a round one that’s rising and falling, you’ll be able to reach a third platform where there’s a bottle. Cut back left from there and quickly leave the platform marked “2,” because after you touch it, it’ll fall.
  35. This section is less complex than it looks and you should finish it okay. Leave the way you came when your done and bear through the newly opened gate on the left side.
  36. MEMORY: Shrink as you pass through that new gate and a tombstone ahead of you will disappear, revealing a keyhole. Slip through and on the other side you’ll have to navigate several invisible platforms. Once you get past them, you’ll find a memory atop a stone platform. Jump down to the left when you’re done.
  37. Progress to the left and you can cut through a membrane to find some teeth. Just past that, a toadstool will launch you to a new area.

Closing in on the Walrus and Carpenter

  1. After the toadstool, you’ll have to ride a slide down to the end. Avoid orange goo along the way. At the bottom is a big fight with a new enemy, called a Colossal Ruin.
  2. Use your Pepper Grinder against the Ruin and stay the hell away from it. It likes to come close to you, pick you up and chew on you, so if it starts bee-lining for you, break your lock-on and run. Otherwise, it heaves mortars at you that you can’t block. Keep moving and firing.
  3. Before long, if you can keep yourself relatively alive, you’ll beat the Ruin without too much difficulty. Smash through the membrane blocking the wall into the room beyond, where there are a mess of hidden objects.
  4. SNOUT: This snout is actually invisible. Shrink and face to the left, which is the path you actually have to take. You should see a floating snout right in the middle of the doorway. Blast it and it makes a toadstool appear.
  5. BOTTLE: Run forward to the toadstool and it brings you up to a bottle.
  6. RADULA ROOM: The final Radula Room is through a keyhole to the right of where you got the bottle. Slip through, and on the other side, look for a switch to shoot. Then cross the invisible platform (reveal them with Shrink, obviously) until you can get to the Radula at the top. This is the hardest one you’ve faced so far — a Mad Hatter tea party level filled with Eyepots and two Menacing Ruins, which you’ll face one at a time. The key strategy here is keeping your distance and getting clear of attacks. Rely on the Pepper Grinder and try to take down the Menacing Ruins quickly. The Eyepots, if you can get them shelling tea mortars at you, are less of a big deal. In the second wave, isolate a Eyepot or two and kill it fast, before they can all group up. That should help when the Ruin joins the battle.
  7. ACHIEVEMENT: You get the “Shooting the Moon” Achievement for collecting four jars of Rose Paint.
  8. Backtrack out and follow the bloody path down past all the fish. Beyond that, you’ll come up a ramp and enter the theater for a cutscene.
  9. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Grim Folly” Achievement is unlocked when you finish Chapter 2.

Chapter 3

  1. Back in the real world. Follow the street out of the market and keep moving until you catch a cutscene. When you get inside Radcliffe’s house, head up the stairs to trigger a second cutscene.
  2. Alice awakens in the house again, but it’s in a ruined state. Head back down stairs and turn left, then left again to get back outside. Keep following the street, avoiding black-orange puddles, until you trigger another cutscene and arrive on the Vale of Doom.
  3. Your first task: Kill a bunch of Insidious and Menacing Ruins. There’s three little guys and one big one. You know what to do.
  4. Kill everything and you can bash some hardened oil off a structure in the middle of this platform, revealing a hookah. Interact with it and a new platform will appear that you can jump aboard to move to the next section. Fight off some Creeping Ruins and then hop into the steam vent.
  5. BOTTLE: Turn in the steam vent toward the way you came and you should see a platform you can now reach with a bottle on it. Back in the steam vent to continue forward.
  6. From the vent, carefully jump to the moving platform, where you can kill a few Insidious Ruins at a distance. Jump onto the central area after that and dispatch a few Creeping Ruins, before freeing up another hookah to open the way forward.
  7. Hop onto the rising platform and head up to another steam vent. Here you can hop to another saw-shaped platform with some teeth on it.
  8. BOTTLE: Across from here is a moving platform that can lead you to a ledge with a bottle. It’s easy to get to.
  9. Turn right from here and step to the edge. You’ll see a platform covered in orange and black lava with a Ruin on it. Blast it from here, then jump down and cross to the steam vent. It’ll take you up to some platforms that will lead to a larger open area you can hop down to.
  10. BOTTLE: As soon as you enter this longish area, bear left and look for a corner you can get around. You’ll find the bottle in easy reach.
  11. Head into the center of the area and you’ll see a new weapon: the Teapot Cannon.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Death by Darjeeling” Achievement is unlocked when you pick up the cannon.
  13. Right after you grab the Teapot Cannon, you’ll have to put it to work fighting off some Insidious Ruins. They go down easy, but you’ll want to switch to the Pepper Grinder to fight the Colossal Ruin you’ll go up against next. When it’s dead, smash your way through the wall to exit.
  14. MEMORY: Advance up ahead until you turn the corner to the right and face a wider area with a steam vent above. On the left is a ramp up to a platform. Get up there and kill an Insidious Ruin, then do a 180 and head back down the ramp. You’ll see a wall you can smash, with a memory behind it.
  15. Back up that ramp, where you can free up a hookah. That adds a platform to the area, allowing you to reach the vent and get up to the next ledge. Here you’ll fight several Insidious Ruins and a Menacing Ruin. Kill them all as you see fit (you’ll need to approach the orange-black lava to get the last of them), then double back to where you can jump down to a lower ledge near the steam vent.
  16. SNOUT: If you stand on this lower ledge, you’ll see there’s a ledge above you to the left of the steam but no clear way to approach it. Look above the ledge on the wall for the snout.
  17. RADULA ROOM: The snout creates a floating platform that gets you to the higher ledge. Head left and smash the hardened oil pile to reveal a keyhole. Go through and turn left to where you can see a platform but you can’t reach it, and two platforms will appear to create a path. When you’re on the center platform, use Shrink in the flower to reveal several hidden platforms. Hop across to the Radula: inside, you’ll face a riddle (mine was about phantoms at sunset, with the answer being “dreams”).
  18. Return to the lava pit where you killed the last of the ruins and cross it. You’ll find another hookah there to interact with, which draws down a new platform. Use it to reach a new steam vent and then a landing beyond, where you’ll fight two Drifting Ruins.
  19. BOTTLE: After you kill the ruins, cross to the back of the platform, near the big chasm beyond it. There’s a slightly lower area with a bottle on it there.
  20. BOTTLE: From this landing you can jump to another ledge against the wall, near a steam vent. Ride the vent up to reach a new platform, then cross ever higher until you reach a bottle.
  21. Back down to where you fought the Drifting Ruins. There’s a smaller cylindrical platform near this landing with a breakable wall beyond it. Nail the wall with your new Teapot Cannon to free the platform and let it move. Jump aboard and go to the next area with it.
  22. You’ll have Ruins to fight all over this area, but many of them are in areas far away from you which makes them less dangerous. Get out your ranged weapons and do away with everything at a distance, including the Drifting Ruins, Insidious Ruins and Menacing Ruin.
  23. When you’re in the clear, move on to the steam vents up ahead and keep moving forward. You’ll pass a train platform, then drop down and fight some ruins. Go over the lava and you’ll have to jump a steam vent to move across a chasm to the right. Inside the doorway there are some Madcaps, plus some Drifting Ruins. Kill ‘em all and drop down.
  24. Head over to the flower on the far platform and use Shrink to reveal some invisible ones. Ride them up to the invisible walkway and keep moving until you hit a rising invisible platform marked “3.”
  25. MEMORY: From “3″ you can turn left and get to “4″, which takes you up to a platform on the left and not to the steam vent up ahead. Here, face over the chasm ahead of you sort of back toward where you started this area and you should see a switch you can shoot with pepper. Blast it and two new steam vents appear that will let you cross to the memory. Then you can drop down to the last landing that leads forward on the path.
  26. When you hit that last landing, you’ll very likely activate some Ruins — two Insidious, a couple of Drifting, and one Colossal. Use ranged weapons to take out as many as you can as fast as you can, then deal with the Colossal while keeping your distance as much as possible. Don’t head down the tunnel forward, though. There’s more to get.
  27. SNOUT: After you’ve wiped out the ruins, look for a flower on your platform and head over to it. Shrink inside and and look out over the chasm — you’ll see some invisible platforms near a cylindrical stone one that’s too high to reach. Turn the camera so you’re looking at the side of that platform while shrunk: you should see an invisible snout on the wall, although it’s hard to make out. Blast it and it’ll create a new platform for you to cross to the invisible ones and reach a basket on that piece of stone.
  28. Back down to the landing, head forward through the tunnel. You’ll see a hookah up ahead — free it up and use it to create a path forward. Jump across and ride the first steam vent to a stone platform where a second one is just ahead, then stop.
  29. MEMORY: Hop into the second vent and ride it up to the stone platform beside you, rather than across to the lower one. You’ll see a flower here that reveals some invisible platforms — use them to get to the invisible walkway, and follow that all the way up to a round invisible platform. Face right and use the Teapot Cannon to clear a wall, then jump through to find the memory. Beyond that, you can clear a keyhole and go through to fight an Eyepot and shielded Madcap for some teeth.
  30. Backtrack and this time, head onto the green island to trigger a cutscene.

Mysterious East

  1. Hop across from your platform onto one of the moving Majong tiles just ahead of you. You can ride it to the far ledge if you want (where you’ll hear from the Cheshire Cat), or just make your way to the stairs. Past those, hop to the path to the right, where you’ll find a fish statue and a chain you need to pull.
  2. BOTTLE: Keep moving past the fish statue. Hop across a Majong tile to another platform, where a bottle sits at the back.
  3. Back to the fish statue, where you’ll jump to the moving cylinder platforms the chain brought out of the water. Cross them the stone platform beyond and turn right. Look down and you’ll see moving Majong tiles just beneath you. Hop down to the first when it comes close.
  4. BOTTLE: While on the Majong tile, wait for it to connect with the second one as it moves in its circular pattern, then board the new one. Ride it to another platform, jump off and grab the bottle. Then ride back the way you came — a toadstool will facilitate your getting back up to where you were.
  5. Back near the rising cylinders, hop across to another stone platform. Listen carefully — should hear snorting.
  6. SNOUT: The next platform is a lower one just ahead. Hop down and do a 180 to look at the platform you just left. You’ll see a snout on the wall.
  7. MEMORY: The snout creates two platforms to the left of your platform. Hop across the Majong tile to the other platform and use the toadstool to rise up. Smash the honeycomb-lookng wall to find a cave beyond with a memory inside.
  8. MEMORY: Backtrack and use the Majong tiles to reach the large landing ahead of you. As soon as you get down to ground level, head all the way to the right, near a rack of hanging fish. Majong tiles will appear in the water in front of you, creating a path to a keyhole door that houses a memory inside.
  9. Now you can return and climb the stairs to the archway and proceed forward. Past the arch, continue climbing to the left and then use Shrink to reveal a hidden path forward. You’ll reach a steam vent to another ledge, which has a second invisible path across the pit between it and the way forward.
  10. MEMORY: As you enter into the small gray village, bear right and look for a circular section of wall marked by black honeycomb. Smash it to reveal a memory. It’s marked with glasses in Shrink mode.
  11. Keep moving forward. You’ll eventually have to fight Samurai Wasps, which are basically immune or too fast for ranged attacks. You’ll need to swordfight these guys — they’re particularly vulnerable as they charge you to attack or from behind. If you’ve been upgrading the Vorpal Blade, don’t expect too much struggle.
  12. Move on through the village. You’ll hit a chasm with a Majong tile in front of you, a cylinder platform beneath you. Use the Teapot Cannon to clear the wall just ahead, then jump down and across to go through. There’s a chain inside you can pull, which creates the path up to the next ledge. Watch out for wasps as you enter another part of the village.
  13. MEMORY: Push on through the village until you come to a part where you’ll be taking stairs down toward a chasm. Invisible platforms form a path across; ignore them and go all the way to the bottom of the stairs near the right wall, then Shrink. The Majong tile disappears and lets you go through a keyhole to find your memory.
  14. Back out, where you’ll need to use Shrink to reveal hidden platforms to cross the chasm. Be careful of a flame jet coming out of the wall between two and three; when you get to three, look at the wall across from you and hit it with the Teapot cannon. Hop inside and pull the chain, then use the new steam vents to get to the far end of the ravine.
  15. Enter the next portion of the village. You’ll fight two Samurai Wasps, then a much bigger and better-armored Daimyo Wasp. This guy is actually really easy — stay off him and hit him with the Teapot Cannon to stun him, then lay in with the Vorpal Blade until his armor his history. One or two repetitions and it’s over.
  16. SNOUT: After the fight, head left. You’ll come to a river you can’t cross; turn left again and look into the bamboo trees at the river’s edge on your side. There’s a big shadowy snout there, which will create a steam vent to let you pass. A basket is your reward.
  17. MEMORY: Back near the Daimyo fight, you can climb some stairs into a temple. Immediately turn left as you enter and then left again — you’ll face into a corner where there’s a honeycomb wall. Smash it to reveal a pressure plate. Enter the room and stand on the plate facing the hole in the wall to reveal an elevator it lowers straight across from you. Leave a bomb on the plate and board the elevator, then blow it to rise up to the memory’s location.
  18. Opposite where you found the memory, on the right side of the room, are a bunch of teeth. Grab them and head deeper into the temple.
  19. SNOUT: You’ll go down some stairs and in front of you will be a ledge you can jump up to, with a chasm in front of it where Majong tiles move to form a path. Don’t got that way yet. Instead, back off that ledge, drop down and turn left if you’re facing the way you came. You’ll see a path through a stand of bamboo trees. On the other side, use Shrink to reveal the snout right in front of you.
  20. BOTTLE: Peppering the snout earns you a bottle.
  21. Back to that chasm. Cross it to reach the elder and another cube puzzle. Get your first cube immediately left of the puzzle; the second is up that small ramp nearby the first cube, where you can Shrink to reveal a keyhole and a cube inside it. The fourth cube is in an alcove near wall ahead of you as you first enter this area, directly across from the elder. You’ll have to bash the wall with the Hobby Horse — it looks like honeycomb.
  22. Backtrack toward the way you came in to this area and you’ll see a toadstool. Hop up and use the Hobby Horse to break another wall. Inside, fight off the Samurai Wasp and run straight toward the waterfall to find a pressure plate. Leave a bomb on it and use the platform it raises to get up to the ledge to the right of the waterfall, where the final cube waits. Now you just have to solve the puzzle. It’s really easy — move the greenish part of the dragon to the center top first, then the blank square up to the top right, and complete it from there.
  23. MEMORY: Leave by the door the elder opens and head forward until you reach an edge. Turn left and look for a keyhole — inside is the memory.
  24. Jump to those steam vents and make your way to the moving Majong tiles to get to the elder on the far side. Continue forward when he opens the path — you’ll slide down into a cave where you’ll enter a painting and start a 2-D side-scrolling section.
  25. PEACH: Things are pretty self-explanatory here. Keep moving until you hit a section with statues that lower as you stand on them; use them to cross the bamboo spikes, and just as you get on solid ground again, watch for a ramp that leads up. When you get on that, turn and jump backward — you’ll see a platform with a toadstool. Use it to get up even higher, then run left for a bit until you hit the peach. Grab it.
  26. PEACH: Keep moving till you come to a toadstool on the ground in front of you. Jump past it and continue forward until you find a spot where you can climb a small tree up to some tiny clouds and grab a peach.
  27. PEACH: Back to the toadstool. Bounce on it and its counterparts, all the way to the top, then press left to find a branch with a peach on it.
  28. PEACH: Cut back to the right and you’ll find the path through the trees. Ride the rotating branch to the top to get to a new branch, then press left to find another peach.
  29. Head back to the right and climb up. You’ll hit a fish with a chain that activates the way forward. Just ahead, you’ll be prompted to exit.

Ascending the Mountain

  1. SNOUT: Leave the painting and head through the tunnel. Immediately turn left and you’ll find an edge. Look down — there’s the snout.
  2. MEMORY: The snout brings up a steam vent which lets you cross to another platform. Shrink to get through the keyhole to get the memory.
  3. Head across the other way toward the scroll bridge. Cross it but be careful of the flaming characters. At the far end, you’ll fight a Samurai Archer Wasp: nail it with the Teapot Cannon, charged up.
  4. Keep moving forward. You’ll jump across to a small stone ledge with stairs leading up. Kill two more Samurai Archers, then proceed to the statue on your platform. To the right of this is a toadstool you can drop onto, which will send you to the high ledge to pull a chain.
  5. Now you can cross to the other scroll bridge. Shoot down another Samurai Archer and climb the scroll to its end to find a door opening before you. Inside the cave, kill another archer and step to the edge. Shrink and look down to see the path below you. Hop onto it and follow it across to another door.
  6. BOTTLE: Through the second door, you’ll find a Samurai Wasp and a fish with a chain. Directly opposite the fish is a bottle against the other wall.
  7. Pull the chain. Now you can backtrack the way you came and use a steam vent to cross to the other side of the cave. When you get there, you’ll be attacked by Samurais and a new enemy, the Samurai Ink Wasp. They die really easily to the Teapot Cannon. Just be sure to take out the rocks with inked characters on them to keep them from respawning.
  8. Continue climbing. In the next area, you’ll face more Ink Wasps and a Samurai Archer. Clear them out and jump across and then fight off another Samurai.
  9. RADULA ROOM: There’s a toadstool to your right. Face it, then do a 180 to reveal another path, away to the left. Go through the hole there to find your Radula. Inside, you’ll find an easy survival challenge — Madcaps and Bolterflies. If you’ve upgraded your Pepper Grinder, you should have a really, really easy time. If not, make use of your other weapons and kill those three hives early to make life easier.
  10. Go to the toadstool and pop up to the top. You’ll find a pressure plate: Activate it with a bomb and it rotates a big nearby circular room so you can enter it (it has the big red head on top). Go inside, blow the bomb, and rotate to find a blue toadstoll that takes you out of this area.
  11. You’ll have to navigate a big slide next. It’s self-explanatory, and you’ll end it landing on a giant table.
  12. SNOUT: As soon as you hit the table, head back toward the end closest to the slide and then turn to face forward (up the path). Now direct yourself toward some stone pillars to the right. You should see a snout flying beside them, not facing you. Blast it from here to open a path further up.
  13. Head along the table to a pressure plate, which pulls out drawers of the furniture ahead of you so you can jump to it. Further up, you’ll have to jump a gap and fight a couple of Samurai Wasps. Past them, the path branches right, which is where your basket from the snout will be located.
  14. Keep moving forward and you’ll reach a stone platform with some wasps — namely, an Ink Wasp stone, a couple of Samurai Archers, and a Daimyo. Take out the little guys first from a distance, then close the gap and take on the Daimyo alone. Just dodge its strikes and hit it when it’s attacking — you can even use your ranged weapons to stun it if you catch it in an attack.
  15. Once you’ve killed everything here, head up the stairs to the stone platform at the back of the arena. There’s a pressure plate; activate it with a bomb, then jump to the cylinder platform it raises (you’ll need the height of the pressure plate platform). Now use that platform to jump to a second stone platform, and activate another pressure plate. That pulls drawers from the table with the fish on it, where you’ll need to pull a chain.
  16. The path in the other direction is now open. Head that way, using the steam vent to reach a big platform with a geisha statue on it.
  17. MEMORY: There’s a small ledge across from your location if you stand with your back to the geisha statue. Hop across and Shrink to reveal a keyhole; head through to get your memory.
  18. Backtrack by the geisha statue and stand beside it, facing off the ledge while shrunk. You should see a set of invisible platforms. Jump down and over to a stone platform with a pressure plate on it. Activate it to reveal a toadstool that will take you to a chain and open the path ahead.
  19. MEMORY: Jump onto the wood walkway and head to the T-junction up ahead. Turn right when you get there and you’ll see the memory up ahead.
  20. Move along until you hit a burning door. After the cutscene, jump across the chasm and fight off three Samurai Wasps. Afterward, you’ll have to do another rhythm minigame to open the door forward.
  21. The next room is a big arena filled with Ink Wasps and a Daimyo. The Ink Wasps spawn from blocks all over the room, so you’ll need to take them out with the Teapot Cannon. Deal with the Daimyo first, as the Ink Wasps aren’t such a big deal.
  22. BOTTLE: After everything’s cleared out, find a staircase and move through the circular room beyond. Do a 180 as you exit the circular room to find the bottle beside the exit door.
  23. Head forward to the blue toadstool to enter a new area. You’ll need to take a slide down, and once you reach the end, you’ll come to a big area with lots of boxes and other pieces of furniture. Fight off a few Insidious Ruins and run toward the high cliff wall to find a pressure plate.
  24. Activate the plate, then use the new path to climb up to a chain you can pull. This will raise two new platforms that let you get to the ledge above. Drop back down, reactivate the pressure plate, and climb to the top. Kill two Insidious Ruins when you arrive.
  25. BOTTLE: Head under the archway until you reach a cave. Check the right wall for a keyhole.
  26. Exit the cave into a big area with lots of orange and black lava. There are three Drifting Ruins to kill here before you can cross — head to the flower and use shrink to reveal an invisible platform. Move until you get to the stone platform with the pressure plate. Clear it off with the Hobby Horse.
  27. BOTTLE: Walk past the pressure plate and off to the edge of the platform you’re on and you should see a place to jump down to a keyhole. Follow it through to your bottle.
  28. Activating the plate creates a new path across the lake to a ledge with a fish and a chain. Pull that chain to raise two more platforms, which you can reach with jumping. Cross to the wooden structure and then to a ledge with a wasp nest section on the wall. Blow through it — another pressure plate.
  29. Activate the plate to raise two more platforms that let you cross to the far ledge. Move forward and kill two Samurai Wasps. Stop in front of the ramp leading up and forward.
  30. BOTTLE: Look on the left side of the area, beside the stairs and under a wooden awning, for a keyhole. Go through to find your bottle.

The Sacred Cave

  1. Now you can head up the ramp and through the door. Through the first door, you’ll battle a few Insidious Ruins and a Menacing Ruin. You can inflict serious hurt on them from above, so make use of your advantage before dropping down.
  2. SNOUT: Look straight up. You should see a snout flying around above you. You can’t reach the basket it creates until you break the hardened oil on the nearby doorway, though. Once you have, a toadstool will appear that will let you get up to the basket.
  3. Pop up to the next level and you’ll find all kinds of oil dripping around you. This room has several Drifting Ruins, and they don’t seem to go away when you kill them, so you’re better off just ignoring them. You need to activate the steam vents above you by crossing the oil to the far side and pulling a chain. To get there, watch for Majong tiles to float in the oil and jump to them. Be careful to move fast — if the tiles drift under the flowing oil, they sink, and you’ll sink, too.
  4. On the far side, climb up and pull the chain. That activates the steam, so double-back to the beginning of the room and ride the first vent. Jump to the second, and then the third, but stop before you hop off the vent to the high ledge.
  5. MEMORY: Instead, look down and to the right. You should see another ledge that you haven’t accessed yet. Drop down to it and you’ll find a keyhole — inside is your memory.
  6. Bash open another oil-covered doorway when you reach the far side of the room, which brings up another toadstool. Hop up and continue hitting toadstools and climbing until you reach a blue one at the top of the room, allowing you to exit.
  7. SNOUT: When you get to the top of the cave, head toward the fan platforms at the opposite end from you. Step out on the first and immediately turn right. Look for a snout floating in the air — it should be easy to see.
  8. MEMORY: To get to the memory revealed by the snout, you’ll have to move carefully. From the first fan, bear right. When you run out of fans, you’ll see a big gap between you and some distant ones. Shrink here and you should start to see invisible platforms. Hop out to them and continue to the right of the starting area until you can find your way to a red fan with the memory on it. It’s a Liddel House memory.
  9. Hop back across the invisible platforms toward the distant steam vents. You’ll get back to the fans, which you can then cross using the steam to get to a stone platform further down.
  10. BOTTLE: Immediately turn right and head around the corner to a keyhole when you land on the stone ledge. Inside is the bottle, and you can follow the path around to return to where you need to be.
  11. Move on toward the steam vent just ahead. Ride it up to the platform, jump down to another fan and take the steam up to another stone ledge. Follow the path into a new cave. After jumping some rifts, you’ll find yourself behind a green boulder, watching rotating statues spray flame just beyond.
  12. Stay back from the flame, as it’ll kill you instantly. You also can’t dodge it, so don’t waste your time. Instead, wait for it to pass and head to the left. Watch for a second flame that cuts across the path, and after it fires, run forward and bash your way through the honeycomb to find a chain.
  13. RADULA ROOM: You’ve deactivated the fire with that chain, as well as cleared a path. Run up the path from the honeycomb room, with the formerly flaming statue at your back. You should see a keyhole dead ahead, on a ledge across the oil river from you. Jump to it, slip through the hole, and you’ll come out at the Radula Room. Inside, you’ll face a time challenge, in which you’ll have to survive Madcaps and Cannon Crabs for a set period — although it’s not very long. Just try to group all the grabs together, and play keep-away with the Madcaps until you’re successful.
  14. MEMORY: Exit the Radula Room and follow the path you’re facing as soon as you get out — don’t go back through the keyhole. You’ll wander straight out to a new memory.
  15. Jump back down from this ledge and cross the new platforms toward the rising and dropping statue that’s blocking the keyhole. Shrink and get as close to the statue as you can, then as soon as it starts to rise from hitting the ground, run through the keyhole. Be careful at the far end: there’s another bouncing statue waiting for you. Repeat the process, but this time let go of the Shrink button, and Alice will get clear easily.
  16. Follow the path through the doorway, where you’ll face several Samurai Wasps and a Samurai Archer. Try to dispatch them quickly and carefully, but feel free to jump to other platforms if you get into trouble. When they’re all dead, you can cross the bridge or just jump from place to place to avoid that big statue altogether, and exit through the door.
  17. Cross to the far end of this room and bash through the wasp nest wall. On the other side, you’ll have to jump a chasm to where a statue is belching flame. This isn’t tough: Wait for the statue to rotate past you, then quickly jump toward it and follow just behind the flame as you head to the path on the left. Hop to the nearest platform and then cross up to the top. Bash through th wall — inside is a chain.
  18. BOTTLE: Directly to the right of the door as you walk in is a bottle, hidden in the corner. When you pull the chain, look around the room quickly to find it.
  19. Back out the way you came. You need to cross several moving cylindrical platforms, but the lions beside each one are now belching flame. Watch the timing: when the platforms descend, they’re safe. When they rise, it starts the lions ticking, so once a platform hits its apex, hop off to the next quickly.
  20. You’ll reach a pressure plate after the third cylinder. It opens the door below you. Place a bomb, then jump down, using float to make sure the fire is well past you before you drop and run through the door. At the end of the hall, you’ll enter another painting level.
  21. The side-scrolling level is pretty self-explanatory. When you come out the other side, you’ll have a long stone hallway that leads to a fight with two Menacing Ruins and some smaller Ruins. You should know how to deal with this by now, so take out the enemies and proceed when the way is clear.
  22. You’ll hit a steam vent just ahead, which will lead you to a stone ledge and another block puzzle. Head left from the puzzle (away from that little cave) and then left again when you come around the corner. Go inside the stone cave with the flowers, and use Shrink to reveal some invisible platforms that will lead you to the top of the stone column and your first block.
  23. Leave and bear left toward a toadstool. At the top, Shrink to reveal a keyhole. Go through into another cave and go right up a ramp to another toadstool. At the top, look left for a pressure plate. Activating it opens a door further up — use the toadstool to reach it fast and get the block.
  24. Go back across the game board to the cave on the far side. Inside, you can drop down to the left, into another cave where a bunch of Creeping Ruins will accost you. Kill them all and you can bash the hardened oil covering a nearby doorway. Behind it is a cube, and another path further down to another oil-covered archway.
  25. Smash that oil and you’ll come out on a cliff side. Jump into the steam, then across to the two Majong tiles, and finally to the cave beyond. Inside, Shrink in the flower to reveal some hidden platforms. Beside the mantis lady is a pressure plate. Activate it and Shrink to see the platforms, then climb up to the block. You’ll be transported back to the puzzle.
  26. The puzzle’s pretty easy — you just have to drop the tail downward and move the curved sections toward the middle to solve it; it takes roughly five moves. When you’re done, the gates will open and let you move on.
  27. A short walk will take you to a big canyon where you’ll need to cross hanging cages. Watch out for Samurai Archers as you go. Jump from moving cage to moving cage until you get in sight of the steam vent; hop on over to it and board the stone ledge nearby.
  28. SNOUT: Standing on this ledge, look to the right and across from the ledge, up on the wall on the far side of the room. You should see a hanging snout.
  29. MEMORY: The snout lowers two hanging cages to the left of its location so you can enter another cave on the far side.
  30. Backtrack to the first stone ledge and jump on the cage that lowers to your level, then raises. This opens the path for you up further still. At the top, you’ll need to fight off two Samurai Wasps before proceeding further.
  31. The next area, which houses a giant frog, also features a big fight: Samurai Wasps, Ink Wasps, and a Colossal Ruin. Kill the Samurai first, and if you can locate them quickly, the Ink Wasps’ stones. That’ll make the Colossal Ruin much easier to deal with, when you’re free to focus on it alone. Kill it, and you can deal with the frog.
  32. BOTTLE: To the left of the frog, in the wall, is set a keyhole. Shrink through and you’ll find a bottle to the left of the room.
  33. Use the toadstool here to reach a chain and pull it, which rings the gong and gets the frog to open a new path. Backtrack out and go through the big round hole.
  34. BOTTLE: Almost immediately as you enter the next tunnel, you’ll see a honeycomb wall ahead, but there’s also one to the left. Bash the left one and jump into the steam to ride up to a keyhole. Behind it is your bottle.
  35. RADULA ROOM: Backtrack out and then jump across the chasm to another honeycomb wall. Bash through it and go forward, bearing right against the wall. You should see a small alcove with teeth in it and a keyhole. Go through and bash a wall out to find the Radula. Inside, you’ll face another of those irritating side-scrolling levels.
  36. Backtrack out and keep moving forward. You’ll drop slightly into a room as you realize you’re in the wasps’ cave. Kill off a Samurai and two archers, then bash the floor to make a path.
  37. After a few more busted walls, you’ll come to a large chasm. Cross by hopping to the Majong tiles on the left as they move out from the wall, then over to the set on the right, and quickly to the cage beyond. Keep moving forward through the steam vents and get around the corner.
  38. SNOUT: Cross to the last hanging cage and look out at the central stone area just ahead. Above it, obscured by a hanging cage, is a snout flapping in the air. Blast it from here to reveal a path up to the left.
  39. Drop down to the center stone area, where you’ll fight a mess of enemies — several Samurai Archers and a Daimyo first, joined later by Samurai Wasps. Use your Pepper Grinder to quickly drop as many of the archers as you can, taking them down while dodging the Daimyo. The Daimyo actually isn’t too worrisome; just stun it when it slams the ground and then tear it apart before the other enemies come kill you.
  40. MEMORY: When you’re done, head up the Majong tiles the snout revealed and bash through the wall. Follow the ramps up to the top of the room to find a memory to the left.

To the Caterpiller

  1. Exit through the door that opened when you killed the Daimyo. You’ll reach another side-scrolling portion, but it’s pretty simple.
  2. ACHIEVEMENT: Keep an eye out for peaches. If you can get them all — they’re pretty obvious — you’ll unlock the “Just Peachy” Achievement.
  3. On the other side, just follow the path up the mountain until you come to the Caterpillar.
  4. ACHIEVEMENT: Just before the Caterpillar, you’ll see two statues on either side of the path leading up to his room. Check the back of the left one using Shrink to reveal a “Spicy Horse” decal — finding it unlocks the “Eyes on the Size” Achievement.
  5. A cutscene will ensue, and when it’s over, you’ll wind up in a big cave. Run up the ramp when you get control back to end the chapter.
  6. ACHIEVEMENT: The “When Worlds Collide” Achievement is your reward for finishing up here.

Chapter 4

  1. Head out of the police station and to the street. Keep moving forward to trigger a cutscene when you get to the end of the red tunnel.
  2. Welcome to Cardbridge. Move forward carefully and cards will fill in the gaps ahead of you. Jump toward the cylinder to trigger a steam vent, then continue on down the path.
  3. SNOUT: Proceed until you get to two aces of hearts that are placed at a right angle. If you continue forward, the bridge will spiral downward. Stand on the ramp just above the aces, facing them, and then turn 90 degrees right. Shrink and you’ll reveal a hidden snout.
  4. MEMORY: Turn right on the aces and you can ride a few floating cards up to a memory.
  5. Keep following the path down toward the castle. The path will appear before you pretty regularly and it’s not too hard to navigate.
  6. SNOUT: Right in front of the castle, stop before heading up. Turn left and Shrink to make a Snout appear. It allows you to get out to a golden tooth.
  7. Head into the castle. Move forward and you’ll see two doors open. Don’t go through those just yet, as there are things to find.
  8. MEMORY: Turn left, where you’ll find a path that doubles back the way you came. Break some boxes at the end of it to reveal a keyhole you can shrink through to find your memory.
  9. BOTTLE: When you come back out of the hole, look for an alcove immediately ahead and right, which hides a bottle.
  10. To cross to the next section of castle, you need to activate two pressure plates on either side of the center walkway. The walkway is invisible, and it’s also above you — the pressure plate on the left side lowers a platform to reach the walkway, and the one on the right opens the door.
  11. Drop a bomb on the left plate and run over to the right one. Step on it, then jump to the invisible platform from here. Blow up your bomb to rise to the walkway, then run across to the door and get through before closes.
  12. Head through the next door and you’ll wind up back out on the Card Bridge. Keep moving forward and you’ll eventually be carried to the first tower. Hang a right and walk out toward a section of cards with a pressure plate. Press it, then Shrink to reveal some hidden platforms you can take to another set of stationary cards.
  13. SNOUT: Standing to the left of the pressure plate, you should be able to see something weird floating out in the middle of nowhere. To get to it, use Shrink and look for an invisible snout just to the left of the card bridge, near the card the queen of hearts that juts out alone toward the object.
  14. BOTTLE: Finding that snout reveals a way to the floating object, which is a bottle. Grab it.
  15. Head back the way you came and set a bomb on the pressure plate to make a path appear to the right. Cross it quickly, before the bomb goes off, and you’ll reach another section of the bridge where cards will appear in front of you as you start to descend. You’ll have to jump from section to section, but eventually you’ll hit a slide, and after that, a big platform that has a blue toadstool to take you out of this area.
  16. You’ll appear in another card room with only one exit: a long slide. Take it, making note that it’s hard to see that at the end, you’ll need to jump to a road off in the fog. Once you get there, a cutscene triggers.


  1. Head forward down the road until you come to its end, where you can jump to some steam vents. There’s a lower path to the left or the straightforward one ahead, but both lead to a circular stone platform where you’ll fight three Insidious Ruins. Head there first.
  2. BOTTLE: From the circular platform, turn back the way you came and face the raised path with the steam vents, the one that didn’t collapse when you arrived (and the lower path if you remember the earlier fork). Jump into the steam vent ahead and ride it to the top, then jump off to the stone bridge above. You’ll find a bottle here.
  3. SNOUT: Back to the circular platform. You should see a pink toadstool ahead marking the path forward. Hop onto it and continue up the destroyed road, but check your left for a floating cylindrical platform that seems too far away to reach. As you reach the top of the walkway, looking at the platform, you should see a snout sticking out of its back side.
  4. MEMORY: Getting rid of the snout raises two steam vents that can get you to that platform and the memory on top of it.
  5. Go back to the main path and use a toadstool to continue forward. You’ll jump up to a platform with a big red heart door. Don’t go through yet.
  6. RADULA ROOM: Turn your attention to the right and you should find a membrane you can break through, revealing another toadstool. Hop up to find the Radula Room, which challenges you to a quick riddle. The question is about a number sequence, in which each of the previous two numbers are added together to make the next in the series. The answer is 7 + 11, or 18.
  7. Back through the red door, you’ll fight a new kind of enemy called the Card Guard. These guys can be knocked down fairly easily, but they need to be finished off with ranged weapons or the Hobby Horse when they fall, lest they get back up. Clear them out and you’ll be able to move forward.
  8. SNOUT: There’s a ramp up to the door forward, but you can also go find a snout if you bare right down the path toward a chasm. Shrink to reveal platforms ahead: Jump to the one marked “3″ and look to the left wall for a keyhole and a snout. Zapping the snout opens the path to the keyhole, which houses a basket.
  9. Back up the ramp, you’ll run into the king — slice him with the Vorpal Blade to proceed into the castle. You’ll enter a big room with a portrait of the Queen of Hearts just ahead and two big wings off to the sides.
  10. MEMORY: First, go up by the portrait and snag a memory from the left side of the small room.
  11. Go back to the door and take the path to the left (if you’re facing the door you entered through). You’ll find a pressure plate to activate, which will raise some platforms while you leave a bomb on it. Jump across and go through the door to find another big room.
  12. SNOUT: First, do a 180 and look over the door you just came through. Hit the snout with pepper; we’ll go find what it unlocked later.
  13. BOTTLE: There are two areas on the floor in this room that you can break with the Hobby Horse. The one on the left side of the room when you have your back to the entryway contains a bottle.
  14. Break the other hole in the floor and follow the path down to a toadstool, which leads to a chain you can pull to open the way forward. Backtrack through the door to the big chasm that leads to the middle of the room, near the Queen’s portrait.
  15. MEMORY: The snout you blasted opened a panel in the wall on the left. Drop a bomb on the pressure plate to activate a steam vent that can get you there, then just follow the path to your memory.
  16. Cross back to the center of the room. The path you opened allows you to head to the left side and up to the path above. Take the steam vent up to the walkway and enter the next area.
  17. BOTTLE: In the next room, the castle will shake under an earthquake. The path is downward, but if you stay up here and hug the left wall you’ll see a membrane you can shoot through with the Teapot Cannon. Beyond it is a bottle.
  18. Head down to the ledge below and take the steam vent up to the proper path. In the next room you enter, you’ll battle a handful of Card Guards. Remember to smash them with the Hobby Horse to put them down when they fall. With all of those cleared out, you’ll face a giant Executioner, which you aren’t equipped to deal with. Find an open door and get out of there.
  19. As you exit head down the hallway after leaving the Executioner, he’ll bust through and chase you. Run down the hall and just about the time he would overtake you, you’ll see a keyhole in the wall. Slip through there to safety.
  20. MEMORY: Shrink before doing anything and look around. You’ll see two pods you can destroy with a memory drawn on the wall beside them, an arrow pointing toward where to find it. Go past the pods and around the corner to find a membrane covering a hole in the floor. Bash it to find your memory.
  21. Continue through the membrane in the wall in the other room and you’ll exit to an outdoor area. You can’t cross the chasm in front of you yet — go find a chain to the right to lower the steam vents above. Across the chasm, you’ll fight some Card Guards and Insidious Ruins before the Executioner shows up and sends you into another room.
  22. BOTTLE: When you land, immediately spin around and check the area behind you for your bottle.
  23. Run forward and the Executioner will chase you again. Use dodge to stay ahead of him and before long, you’ll get through a portcullis. Here, he’ll be stopped for a minute while you fight off some Card Guards and Insidious Ruins.
  24. Ignore the Card Guards — they’re not blocking your path, but the Ruins actually are. Kill them and the barrier will drop ahead of you, allowing you to escape the Executioner when he eventually gets into the room with you. Just blast them with whatever to finish them, then escape by jumping across the steam vent after the way forward opens.
  25. There’s a big chasm ahead that you have to cross. The platforms ahead of you are weighted like scales, so you’ll need to jump across the first to the stone one between them, then throw a bomb onto the first to raise the second. That’ll get you to the large stone area just ahead, where two Ruins attack you.
  26. After that, cross to the next large platform with the path that spirals up around the side of it. Don’t raise the smaller weighted platforms yet.
  27. SNOUT: Look off to the left when you first get on this platform with Shrink enabled and you’ll see an invisible platform, Jump on and ride it to the platform near the wall with the flower, and turn left to find the snout against the wall. It creates a basket on the platform you just left.
  28. Now you can weight the first of the two smaller platforms adjacent to the stone one to get up to where the Card Guards are. Cross quickly, because Alice’s weight will lower the platforms again.
  29. Use the steam vent to get to the stone floor just ahead, around the side of the column. You’ll need to weight the left platform in order to use the right to get to the switch that opens the door. Do that and you can proceed.
  30. You’ll face a chess puzzle in the next room. You need to move the white Alice pawn across the board to the far side to the square that’s marked with the star. The pawn across from you will mirror your movements, so try to get both pawns to the opposite sides of the board at the same time. It’s pretty easy.
  31. ACHIEVEMENT: If you can complete the chess puzzle without failing (which, seriously, is simple), you’ll get the “Grand Master” Achievement.

More Fun with Executions

  1. SNOUT: Head up the stairs and you’ll enter a new section of the castle. As soon as you enter it, look up and to the left of Alice’s position to see a snout up on the wall.
  2. MEMORY: The door just beneath the snout is now open, and inside is an easy to grab memory.
  3. Now head up the stairs. If the next hallway looks like a good place for the Executioner to chase you, congratulations on being perceptive. Run to the end of the hallway and you’ll fall down a slide.
  4. MEMORY: Just ahead at the bottom of the slide is a heart-shaped object against the wall. Shrink to make it disappear and reveal a keyhole. Bash the floor on the other side to make a path to a memory.
  5. BOTTLE: Back in the first room, as you head forward you’ll see a tooth on the right and two spots where the wall can be broken through, one on the right and one on the left. Behind the right membrane is the bottle. The left holds the path forward.
  6. Through the next membrane you’ll face a new enemy: an Armored Card Guard. Get out the Teapot Cannon and blast him with it to knock him to his knees, then get around behind him and slash away at the heart-shaped weak point on his back until he’s dead. After killing the first, you’ll fight another flanked by Card Guards before you can get through the barrier ahead.
  7. BOTTLE: Head past the barrier and drop down through the hole to reach another big room filled with platforms. Just head are two weighted platforms and two with toadstools. Get on the higher toadstool and bounce, then turn back the way you came. You should see an overhang over your entry point with a bottle on it, which you can reach thanks to the toadstool.
  8. SNOUT: Jump onto the first weighted platform and face the way you came, then turn left and look up at the wall. You’ll see a snout on the wall in the middle of a big heart.
  9. MEMORY: The snout opens the way to a memory along the path forward. Jump onto the first weighted platform and ride it all the way down, then drop a bomb. Use the toadstools to jump up to the second platform, which is now much higher, and then jump to the ledge the snout opened. Shrink to reveal a keyhole with a memory behind it.
  10. BOTTLE: Jump down to the ledge to the right, which marks the path forward. You’ll see two more weighted platforms, and to the right of the one closest to the wall on your right, you’ll see a destroyable membrane. Hit it with the Teapot Cannon. Behind it is your bottle.
  11. Use a bomb to lower the platform closest to you, then jump across to the one that’s rising and get the stone platform beyond. That’ll get you across to a second set where you can cross to a large stone platform and do battle with several Card Guards, an Armored Card Guard, and two Drifting Ruins.
  12. RADULA ROOM: This is easy to miss. If you Shrink while standing on this stone platform where you fought all those enemies, you’ll see a flower drawn on one side, an edge where there’s nothing to make a path. Instead, double back the way you came, where you’ll see a lever on top of the stone platform you passed on the way here. Weight the platform nearest you and jump across when the other rises so you can get up to the lever on top of the platform. That opens the door ahead, but it also creates two steam vents back near that drawn flower. Head back to the stone arena where you fought the Card Guards and take the steam vents across the chasm to find your second Radula, where you’ll fight a Eyepot, two Samurai Wasps and four Samurai Archers.
  13. Now you’re free to go back to the switch and cross to the door. Go through and jump down to the toadstool platform at the bottom of the chasm to get across. The next room is a huge arena where you’ll fight the Executioner, flanked by several Card Guards.
  14. The trick here is to defeat all the minion enemies while avoiding the Executioner. A handy way to do that is to just triple-hit combo the weaker cards with the Hobby Horse to put them down. When the Executioner gets close, try to bait him into attacking, then dodge clear — his scythe will take out the lesser cards, including the Armored Card Guards, which makes the fight a whole lot easier. Collect your loot and finish up the stragglers and the Executioner will send you to a new area.
  15. BOTTLE: When you land, spin around and you’ll find a bottle on the walkway behind you.
  16. Move forward on the path, making note of the white platform off to the left. Up the stairs you’ll find a pressure plate which, when pressed, reveals a switch you can shoot with the Pepper Grinder. Don’t worry if you can’t see it (I missed it a few times); just drop a bomb and jump back to that white platform, facing toward the door to see the switch. It raises some platforms for you.
  17. Cross the two new platforms and use the Teapot Cannon to open the wall ahead. Cross through and you’ll come to another smallish room, where you’ll need to bounce on two toadstools to get across. Once you arrive, you’ll find a pressure plate — it lowers a shooting switch behind a membrane on the wall ahead. Clear the membrane, shoot the switch and cross to the door out.
  18. MEMORY: Around the corner you’ll come to a spot with two paths marked by steam vents. Take the one on the right first. Just past it is an invisible platform, so if you aren’t sure where it is, use the ledge down to the right, which has a flower on it. The platform moves fast, so jump to the steam when it lowers from the top. Cross that to another set of invisible platforms, which will lead you up to the memory.
  19. Backtrack and use the left steam vent. Jump across to two toadstools, the second of which gives you an open to land on a higher platform or a lower walkway. Choose the high ground.
  20. BOTTLE: From up here, you can easily jump across to the bottle on the high platform across from you.
  21. MEMORY: Drop down, Shrink, and look for a keyhole. When you see the path branching in two different directions, take the left fork, which will lead to a memory.
  22. Continue through on the right fork to reach the next room. Turn right and use the invisible platforms to reach a chain that raises two weighted platforms on the other side. Head toward them next.
  23. To reach the higher central platform, you’ll need to jump to the first weighted platform and leave a bomb, then use Shrink to reveal a hidden path around the side. Follow that (it’s marked with teeth) to the other platform and you’ll be able to get up to the middle one. There, more hidden platforms will take you forward across the chasm.
  24. BOTTLE: This one’s tricky — it’s up on the stone platform to the left of all the invisible platforms and the two weighted platforms. To get to it, you’ll need to cross the invisible platforms all over this area to the furthest weighted platform, near the door. Use a bomb to weigh it down and then cross back to the first one to jump up to the bottle. Use Shrink, be careful and go fast and you’ll be okay.
  25. Repeat the process in reverse, weighing down the platform furthest from the door, to leave the room. In the next, you’ll have three paths. First, go to the right on the invisible walkway and shoot the wall to the left with the Teapot Cannon to clear it out. Backtrack and put a bomb on the pressure plate on the middle path, then double back to the right, jump across to the membrane you cleared, and shoot the switch that the pressure plate made rise. That’ll create a platform somewhere on the left path.
  26. Backtrack and take the steam vent to the top, then use the new platform to reach the central arena platform. Here, you’ll fight several Card Guards and a Menacing Ruin. Shouldn’t be too tough. Afterward, you’ll have to run from the Executioner; just keep moving until you hit a slide and fall down to another chess board puzzle.
  27. The trick to this board is dodging the knight, which is patrolling three squares in front of Alice. Move left first, then up, then right, then up, then up again. Go left when you can put the red pawn against a rook so that it won’t move, and move up so that Alice’s pawn is on the left of the star goal. Then when you move to the right to get it, you’ll solve the puzzle.
  28. BOTTLE: Cross the board and turn right. Shrink and you’ll find a keyhole. Go through to get the bottle.
  29. Take the left path and you’ll face two Card Guards. Killing them should be easy, and you’ll get an achievement.
  30. ACHIEVEMENT: You should unlock the “52 Card Pickup” Achievement just for killing these two guys, your 51st and 52nd Card Guards.
  31. RADULA ROOM: Before you go around the corner to the right, step over toward the chasm where you just saw the Cathedral Train go by. Go to the far right of this edge and you’ll see two steam vents. Jump across to reach the Radula beyond, which contains a timed survival round. Just play keep-away with the Daimyos and Drowned Sailors and collect your reward.
  32. Jump back and take the path around the corner. Look for a membrane along the left wall, which contains a stash of teeth. Keep moving forward and you’ll find a room with weighted platforms. Weigh down the closest one to get to the big center portion, where you’ll fight some Insidious Ruins, an Armored Card Guard, and two Drifting Ruins.
  33. SNOUT: You probably saw this when you entered, but first, look under the ledge that contains the exit door for a snout against the wall. It creates a basket for you on a platform to the right.
  34. BOTTLE: Also nearby the snout is a flower. Stand in it to reveal an invisible, moving platform. Jump aboard, shoot the membrane and jump through to find a keyhole. Through it is your bottle.
  35. To get out of this room, first throw a bomb on the weighted platform closest to where the snout’s basket appeared, then run to its counterpart and ride it up. You’ll need to continually jump to keep rising to the top. Once there, jump to the stone ledge and turn left to find a lever you can throw. That opens the door.
  36. Drop back down and repeat the process but with the opposite platform weighted, and ride the other to the exit door. Follow the hallway to another chess puzzle. To defeat it, you’ll need to be careful about dodging the patrolling knights. Go up, then left, then right, then up to get Alice’s pawn past the first one, then move the red pawn so that it’s next to the rook. Go left so the pawn pushes against it and the knight moves, then back to the right and up again to slip past the knight and reach the goal.
  37. Head forward and you’ll find another burning door.

Onward to the Queen

  1. SNOUT: Leave the first room and turn left immediately. Go to the edge and look to the right for a floating snout. Blast it to get a basket.
  2. Continue down the hall until you reach a bend to the left. Use Shrink to reveal the path forward. Jump out onto the invisible platforms and look to the right wall before you cross them.
  3. BOTTLE: You should see a destroyable membrane. Use the Teapot Cannon to clear it and get your bottle.
  4. Keep moving forward and drop down to the path below. You’ll face some enemies here — a Menacing Ruin, an Armored Card Guard and several smaller Card Guards. Kill them all to open the path forward.
  5. MEMORY: You’ll see a gazebo just ahead, with membrane ruin barriers all around it. Charge up a Teapot Shot and blast one to destroy several and grab your memory.
  6. ACHIEVEMENT: Destroying 10 Ruin barriers nets you the “Tea Party” Achievement, and you can get several right here with the Teapot Cannon.
  7. BOTTLE: Beyond that is a toadstool that can get you up to some invisible platforms behind you for some teeth, then to the path ahead that brings you to a hedge maze. Take the right path first, where you’ll find a floor you can bash, a keyhole and a bottle.
  8. Down the left path, you’ll see a break to the right not far down. That contains a few teeth and two Card Guards to kill, but it’s a dead-end otherwise. Jump across the pit as you continue and you’ll see another path to the right. That’s the way forward, but you can continue along this path to a dead end with some more teeth.
  9. A bunch of enemies are waiting for you in that courtyard. You’ll fight an Armored Card Guard, two Drifting Ruins and a handful of other Card Guards. Clear them out to reach the exit, where you’ll face the Executioner again. Run from him until a cutscene triggers.
  10. Now you’re giant Alice. Stomp things in your way with Y to proceed. It’s pretty straightforward and eventually you’ll reach a chess board. Squash everything and keep moving forward, where you’ll face your first actual challenge — a tower.
  11. That tower just up ahead has a cannon atop it that will open fire on you at intervals. It blinks blue when it’s going to fire, but you can dodge it easily just by moving. To get to the tower, you have to stop the flow of Card Guards by stomping on the big pink thing they keep pouring out of.
  12. Kill the first Card Guard thing and a second one appears. Keep dodging to the cannon balls and kill that two, and you can get to the tower’s area.
  13. Now, rip out the tentacle as you approach to clear the barrier, and destroy the tower. Stomp the Queen’s heart that appears beneath it and you can move on.
  14. Up ahead you’ll fight two more towers that flank the Queen’s tower. Each has three sets of Card Guards pouring out from it. Deal with it the way you did before, largely ignoring the Card Guards to destroy their spawning points. Kill them, and you can tear out the tentacle and destroy the tower. Repeat the process on the other side and you can climb up to the Queen and crush her last heart.
  15. MEMORY: After the cutscene, when you’re small again, head around the corner but ignore the Queen’s destroyed face and keep heading to the right. You’ll find a wall you can crash through and a memory behind it.
  16. RADULA ROOM: Go into the mouth and you’ll fall down a slide. Before you destroy the heart in that room, head left to the wall and Shrink to reveal a keyhole. Go through to find the last Radula Room, where you’ll repeat the tower-killing process from before as Giant Alice. It’s pretty easy.
  17. Back to the heart. Kill it with the Pepper Grinder. Keep moving forward until you’re in a room filled with acid; kill the heart up on the wall on the right to raise two platforms on the left. Those will let you get to another heart (be careful — they sink), which raises platforms to another heart. The last heart lets you out.
  18. MEMORY: In the next area, you’ll fight a few Insidious Ruins. Before you move forward, Shrink and check the wall opposite the door for a keyhole that leads to a memory.
  19. Go through the door and destroy hearts on both sides of the room, up on the walls, to open the door. Keep moving, kill a couple more Ruins, and go through the doorway on the left, where you’ll need to walk down a ramp to reach the heart and destroy it to move on. A few more steps and you’ll reach the Queen.
  20. ACHIEVEMENT: “The Harder They Fall” Achievement is unlocked when you reach the Queen.

Chapter Five

  1. Exit Alice’s room and walk through the asylum until you reach the Trepanning room. Approach the chair to trigger a cutscene.
  2. Take the open door to Bloodletting. After another cutscene, you can head on to Ward One. Just keep moving through the asylum until you wind up outside.
  3. When you reach the outside, you’ll be faced with a foggy park and no clear indication of where to go next. Head toward the streetlamp in the distance; when you arrive, look around for another one and walk to that. Repeat the process until a cutscene occurs and you wind up back in Wonderland proper.
  4. Start by heading straight into the steam vent ahead of you, then hopping forward to the next one. You’ll land on a platform with a pressure plate. When you press it, you’ll see it reverses two platforms ahead so that the one near you is lowered and the one further away is raised.
  5. BOTTLE: Before progressing, you’ll want to get a bottle. You can do that by stepping off the pressure plate and crossing the platforms to the lower wooden walkway ahead. Once you arrive, turn left and collect teeth, then jump into a steam vent that will carry you to a half-destroyed house. Drop down and spin around; you’ll see blocks and a yellow room to the left, which has a bottle inside.
  6. Now you’re free to backtrack to the pressure plate, activate it, and cross to the high ground. There you’ll see a toadstool and a path into the blue house
  7. MEMORY: Hit the toadstool. It still takes you into the blue house, but up to the second level, where you’ll collect teeth and the memory.
  8. BOTTLE: Drop down and enter the keyhole in the wall. Follow it until a branch breaks to the right; follow that and you’ll exit on a ledge where you can reveal two invisible platforms if you Shrink. Cross those to the far side, where you’ll find a bottle.
  9. SNOUT: Also in this room is a lever with an eye above it. Pull the lever and a hole opens in the floor. Drop down to find a basket, then exit the house. You’ll see a platform ahead to your left and a snout floating overtop of it.
  10. Jump across the platforms you raised and take the steam vent to a doorway on the right. You’ll find a lever there, which opens a hole in the floor. Drop through and keep moving until you hit a keyhole. That’ll take you to a room with a gingerbread-man wall that you can destroy, and beyond that, you’ll find the Cheshire Cat and another lever.
  11. Now you can drop down through a keyhole into a new room. Go around the corner and break a hole in the gingerbread floor to get back outside, where you’ll fight a Menacing Ruin and a few Drifting Ruins. Kill them all to trigger a cutscene and another fight.
  12. You’ll be taking on a Doll Girl next; she looks more formidable than she is. Hit her from a distance with the Teapot Cannon and the Pepper Grinder to put some hurt on her, but stay well clear of her face, as she breathes a sort of fire in attack. Keep pummeling her and you’ll destroy her arms, her clothes, and eventually her body to destroy her. That opens the way forward.
  13. BOTTLE: Before leaving, explore this area thoroughly. Near the building you entered through is a gingerbread wall that hides a bottle.
  14. MEMORY: As you approach the huge doll that marks the way forward, Shrink and check to the right of the exit for a keyhole that’ll take you straight to a peacock feather memory.
  15. Double back and head through the big doll to go forward. You’ll exit and head into a house, where you’ll follow a steam vent to a lever that opens the path forward. Ride across and head back outside. Hop another steam vent to a big wooden floor and you’ll have four Drifting Ruins to fight. Afterward, another steam vent appears on the path ahead.
  16. MEMORY: Before you leave, check this room for a keyhole. You’ll find a memory on the other side, around a corner.
  17. Jump into the steam vent and it’ll raise you to a ledge to your left. Jump aboard and go left, then jump to another platform with a pressure plate. Weigh it down with a bomb, then cross to the wall you just opened up. Head inside and go left to continue climbing.
  18. You’ll reach another ledge and then have to jump a chasm with a baby on a swing crossing over it. Time your jump to clear the baby, and pull the lever you find there. That leads you across to another lever by way of a steam vent. Pull that to open a path behind you.
  19. MEMORY: When facing the lever, turn right and you’ll see a memory in an attack across from you. Jump to it.
  20. Head back over to the toadstool and use it to reach the new steam jet. Use that to fly across the narrow chasm to the area beyond, be beware of the babies on swings, because they’ll kill you in one hit.
  21. At the far side, you’ll have a bunch of Insidious Ruins to kill, along with a Doll Girl. Clear them out and you’ll reveal a pressure plate. Toss a bomb on it to activate it, then spin around and look for a switch you can shoot up to the left of your location. Clear it now with the Pepper Grinder.
  22. Set a new bomb on the pressure plate and jump out to the new platform that it moves into position for you. Use the steam to get to the second level, where you’re free to jump across because you already dealt with the switch. Dodge the swings and then head down to reach your next area.
  23. BOTTLE: Use the toadstool to pop up to the next room, where you’ll have to pull a lever. Step into the newly opened room and go around the corner to find some blocks you can climb to get even higher. At the top, you’ll reach a bottle.
  24. Go back the other way and use Shrink to reveal some invisible platforms. Cross to the far side and turn around to cross back over to the upper level.
  25. BOTTLE: When you reach the wooden floor on the upper level, turn right and look for a hole in a gingerbread wall, which obscures a bottle.
  26. Back to the pressure plate. Activate it and you’ll see the house on the right lowered. Jump back across to where you were and go around the corner to the right to enter it. Climb the blocks up to the upper level and smash through the gingerbread wall to get back outside.
  27. You’ll face three Drifting Ruins and a Doll Girl here, as well as a Menacing Ruin when you get down to the area where the enemies are. Try to deal with them from afar if you can, as it’ll make things easier for you.
  28. SNOUT: Head down to the big area where the enemies were and head to the right. Look off to the walls surrounding the platform. Look for a big doll head with a pig nose — it’s actually a snout, and it opens the way to a memory.
  29. MEMORY: Use the toadstool nearby to hop up to the steam vent. You’ll see two openings ahead — take the left one and gather up some teeth, then check the back of the room. You should find a corner you can go around to find a keyhole, and through it, a memory.
  30. MEMORY: Look left from the edge of this platform and you should be able to easily reach the one above the doll head where you cleared the snout. Get the memory there, too.
  31. Head back to the center of this area and look for a steam vent. Beside it is a staircase in the house there that you can climb. Get to the vent and ride it up to a lever. Drop back down after pulling it to get to a toadstool that will launch you up to a new room, then look for a gingerbread wall to get out.
  32. Back outside, you’ll need to cross this big chasm between swings. Look for Drifting Ruins along the way and try to take them out as you see them, quickly. Cross to the first platform, with a pressure plate, then quickly jump across to the one it makes available past the two swings. Jump again to make it to the far ledge.
  33. SNOUT: Turn left and Shrink to reveal two invisible platforms. Jump out to them for a couple teeth, then spin around and face the way you came. You’ll see a lower walkway you can now get to, and a snout on the wall there that reveals a basket.
  34. Back to the walkway. Continue around to  a steam vent, ride it up and jump across to a lever. After you’ve pulled it, take the slide down to the toadstool you made appear so you can continue forward. Use it to get to the next level, where the wall will swing in, locking you into a house where you need to collect blocks for a puzzle.

The Block Puzzle and Beyond

  1. Head down the stairs and take the first door. You’ll find a desk with a pressure plate on it: Activate it and a door to the next room opens. Climb up to the upper level to find the block; use the invisible walkway to get back to where you came from.
  2. You’ll need to activate the pressure plate and cross the invisible walkway to get through a door where the second block is.
  3. Take the other door now and head down the stairs. At the bottom, you’ll face a Menacing Ruin and a bunch of little Slithering Ruins. Blast the big guy and the little ones will die. After that, check under the stairs for a keyhole that leads to one block, then break the oil wall to find the other.
  4. That’ll take you back to the puzzle. The best way to handle it is by setting the top three squares, the ones that show the hairline, first. That should make the bottom half pretty easy.
  5. You’ll fight a new enemy as soon as you clear the puzzle, called a Bitch Baby. They float like Drifting Ruins and are easily dealt with using the Teapot Cannon. Afterward, hop into the steam vents and travel across to the first lever to open the way.
  6. MEMORY: Now you’ll need to use the steam vent to jump across to the toadstool at the far side. Get to it, then cross to the house behind it. Use the toadstool there to pop up to the roof. The memory is to the right.
  7. Cross down and use the invisible platforms rotating around the columns to get to the jack in the box. That’ll send you into a long section where you’ll play as an Alice doll head and need to roll through several sections. It’s pretty straightforward, and before long you’ll be back to regular gameplay.
  8. Head down the slide. At the bottom, you’ll fight a few ruins and a Bitch Baby. Kill them all and look for a wall ahead, beside the stairs, that you can clear to find a pressure plate.
  9. Activate the plate and run up the stairs. Drop down onto the pink floor and head left to get out of the room before the spikes are raised. Now you’ll need to time your way past a descending block full of spikes. You’ll go past four of these all told, but they’re pretty easy to dodge.
  10. BOTTLE: When you come out to a room where there are a few Insidious Ruins and a staircase downward, take it. At the bottom, Shrink to reveal a keyhole with a bottle inside.
  11. Back to the top of the stairs. Check the wall between the two paths for a pressure plate behind a membrane. Put a bomb on it, then head to the right and cross beneath the spiky plates to another open room. Smash through the floor and slip past the two descending spike plates (Shrink, as every other time they drop, they don’t make it all the way down) to the center of the room, where you can kill a few Drifting Ruins.
  12. Near the exit are two pressure plates. Put a bomb on the left and step on the right, then run through when you’re ready. You’ll probably have to Shrink to get under the second descending block. You’re trying to get to the lever beyond. Pull it and everything opens up heading back the way you came.
  13. BOTTLE: As you head back toward the room with the smashy spiky plates, turn right and look for a door that is now opened that will let you have access to a bottle.
  14. Keep heading into the new area and you’ll come into a room with two lit platforms and invisible walkways on the left side. The two metallic-looking platforms are linked — if you weigh down the one on the left, the one on the right will rise, allowing you to access the next section of the room.
  15. Once you get there, you’ll find two more linked platforms. Weigh down the right one and use the left steam vent to reach the proper height.
  16. MEMORY: When you get to the top of the platform and onto solid ground, look left across the chasm for a ledge with a memory on it.
  17. Jump back to the center and toss a bomb down to the platform you just rode up. From here, you can use an invisible platform to cross to the far platform and reach a door where you couldn’t previously reach.  Through it is another big chasm with invisible platforms.
  18. Take the platforms and bear all the way to the right. You’ll find yourself coming around a corner to find a switch you can shoot. That raises an invisible walkway that lets you proceed past some spikes into the next room. There, you’ll need to activate a pressure plate and jump across a pit to shoot another switch.
  19. Cross the new platforms you just raised to another wooden walkway. Steam up to a second pressure plate, then jump across to the spiked platform and shoot the switch through the break in the wood. That deactivates the spikes and opens a path beneath you. Drop down and return to the first pressure plate. Activate it and jump across to where you shot the first switch, but hang a right. Jump across the three spiky platforms to the safe ledge as fast as you can.
  20. BOTTLE: You’ll need to use invisible platforms to make your way across to solid ground past this chasm. When you get there, fight off the slithering ruins and look for a spot on the wall that you can smash. There’s one on either side; on the left, through the wall, is a bottle.
  21. Keep moving forward. You’ll hit a hallway where you’ll need to dodge under spiked blocks falling from the sky to get through, and past that, you’ll reach a big wooden room where you’ll fight some Insidious Ruins and a Doll Girl. Smash all of them to open the path.
  22. MEMORY: Backtrack and head left, following the wood hallway all the way back to a dead end. Shrink and you’ll see a keyhole. Walk straight through and you’ll find a memory.
  23. RADULA ROOM: On the way back, note that the keyhole hallway splits off to the left as you leave. Turn down that way and you’ll find a Radula Room, which asks you to kill off a bunch of Card Guards, two Armored Card Gards, and some Ice Sharks.
  24. MEMORY: Head back in the other direction and look for a wall to smash. Drop down and follow the glass floor to the top right corner of the room, where you’ll find a spot where you can jump up to a wooden walkway. Go past the lever to a small alcove with the memory in it.
  25. Backtrack to the lever and pull. This allows you to get under the glass floor if you head back toward the door you entered through, where there’s a keyhole with access underneath. Watch out for moving spiked panels and spikes rising from the floors.
  26. BOTTLE: When you first enter the glass floor area, look left toward the corner where there’s a bottle. Just time you rmotions so you don’t get stabbed and grab it.
  27. Next, move past the spiked panel to get to the pieces of wood that make a moving floor over spikes. Ride it to the corner on the left where there’s a keyhole. Go through and activate the pressure plate to make a switch fall that you can shoot through a small hole near the moving wooden floor tiles. That opens the door to area four.
  28. In area four, you need to shoot another switch, this time with a wood panel moving in front. Blast it and backtrack again, accessing the new section: area 5. This one’s easy. Just dodge the spikes on the pink floor tiles and move through to find the lever that opens the exit. Depart from the floor area with the wall that opens. It leads to a blue toadstool and the exit from this area.

Going Down

  1. Take the slide ahead. You’ll need to jump and float quite a ways when you hit the bottom. When you arrive, you’ll find yourself in a big room with lots of places to go. First, the path breaks left and right; the left path leads to a platform linked to another platform on the right side. Weight it with a bomb and use the steam vents to get to the platform it lifts up.
  2. That lets you get to a high ledge that leads to a lever. Pull it, then backtrack to the platform that you used to get here. You’ll need to weigh it and jump to a lower ledge below to get around to the connected platform — move fast and you’ll get to the next high area.
  3. SNOUT: From here, move forward until you hit another weighted platform. If you cross it and jump, you’ll reach a ledge with two flowers. Keep moving and Shrink to find the platform the first was connected to and a set of invisible ledges. Step onto the platform and wait for it to descend, then Shrink — you’ll see a new walkway ahead of you on a lower path, with a snout on the wall beside it.
  4. BOTTLE: The snout reveals a bottle. Head back on the path the way you came to grab it.
  5. Jump onto the weighted platform nearby and put a bomb on it, then proceed to the next room where the connected platform is waiting. Follow the invisible platforms to get high enough to almost jump up to the platform. You’ll probably need to explode your bomb and wait for the platform to descend before you can get aboard and jump to the ledge beyond to advance.
  6. Now you’ll need to navigate through several spiky smashing panels. Watch them to get the timing and use Alice’s dodge move to pick up some speed if you need it. Beyond them is a wall you’ll need to smash through to keep moving forward.
  7. Keep moving, jumping past some more spiked panels and using a steam vent to get up higher ground. When you see the Cheshire Cat, you’ll need to break through a wall and activate a panel in order to create a platform across the chasm to jump to. Once there, use the steam vent to reach the next area.
  8. Be careful once you get here not to drop down as you try to cross the smashy spike panels — that’s the area you just left and you’ll have to redo a chunk of this area in order to get back to where you were. Cross the two spiky things, being careful not to get pulled into the scissors, and take the path up to the right to reach a spot where you can jump across. Clear the far wall using the Teapot Cannon.
  9. Just up ahead, you’ll reach a long hallway where chunks of the ceiling fall, creating holes in your path. Take it slow and move carefully to avoid falling.
  10. Up the next flight of stairs, you’ll enter a big room where you’ll fight a Doll Girl, some Bitch Babies, and a few assorted Ruins both in the air and on the ground. The Teapot Cannon acts as an effective mortar against all of them, especially when you aim at the Doll Girl, so try that to clear out your ground-based enemies. Mop up and find the lever when you’re done, which triggers a cutscene.
  11. BOTTLE: Back in the main dollhouse area of the level, climb the first set of stairs until you reach the top and turn right down a narrowish corridor. Look for a keyhole on the left — Shrink to reveal it. Inside is a bottle.
  12. Head outside. You’ll see the Cheshire Cat, and if you take the ramp up that he’s standing on, you’ll find some teeth. Jump across the two moving platforms to the tunnel through the doll’s head, then continue across the platforms to the wooden one.
  13. RADULA ROOM: You should see a flower beside the pressure plate here. Ignore the plate and Shrink near the flower to reveal some invisible platforms. Cross them to get to the Radula, which has you fighting some wasps and avoiding the Queen’s Executioner for a set period. Just keep moving and don’t bother fighting and you’ll get through.
  14. Head back to the pressure plate, which opens a path forward using a steam vent. As soon as you cross it, you’ll face a Colossal Ruin and several Slithering Ruins that are just there to make targeting difficult. Use the length of the area to avoid the Ruin’s attacks and keep pounding it until it’s dead.
  15. Use the pressure plate ahead to lower the doll head tunnel to where you can reach it, then cross the platforms. Quickly go through the tunnel, dodging the swing, to reach the second pressure plate. Blow your bomb, activate the second plate, and drop a second bomb. Now jump back to the first doll head before it rises — you’ll need to make the connection to the second head quickly to get through and find the path on the other side.
  16. SNOUT: Drop down into the yard below you. Bear right as you head forward; you should be able to make a turn around a corner, facing a house missing the wall facing you. Look for a big snout mounted on the wall of one of the rooms and blast it to reveal a basket.
  17. MEMORY: Head into the castle on the left, marked Fort Resistance, and go to the back of the ground floor. Look for a keyhole that leads to a memory.
  18. Now you can take the path up the hill to the tunnel through the doll’s body. At the top of the hill is a house, and inside, you’ll face two Menacing Ruins and a Doll Girl. The best way to fight them is to quickly climb the blocks to the second level and take on the first Menacing Ruin head-to-head. Kill it, and you can destroy the second Ruin from a distance using your Pepper Grinder. After that, drop down and finish the Doll before proceeding.
  19. You’ll need to climb back up to the second level and jump across to the far side to break through a Ruin wall. Get the lever on the other side to open a path upward.
  20. MEMORY: In the room above, you’ll see a doorway to the left and an organ and masks above it on the right. You’ll need to approach the organ in a second, but first, go through the doorway on the left and clear the clutter to reveal a keyhole. Go through for the memory.
  21. RADULA ROOM: Back to the organ for a music challenge that opens up the way forward. When you get through, take the path on the right to a chasm, where you can reveal a path made up of invisible platforms. Cross them to the Radula Room, where you’ll have to do another level of the rolling head mini-game.
  22. SNOUT: Head back and take the left path up the ramp into the house. Check under the stairs on the left wall just beneath them for the snout. It reveals a basket.
  23. Climb up the stairs and you’ll activate another jack in the box that sends you into a rolling head mini-game. When you come out the other end, you’ll enter a fight with a Menacing Ruin, close quarters. Try to kill it up here — as soon as it’s dead or you drop down, you’ll face two Doll Girls and a handful of Bitch Babies.
  24. This is kind of an annoying fight because of the setup of the room, but before long with your standard tactics, you’ll kill everything and be able to advance. Once you’re done, find the path forward by bouncing on some toadstools and bust through a wall to get into the next room. There, you’ll go through another burning door.

The Train

  1. MEMORY: Advance down the hall and turn left as you step outside onto the long pathway. You’ll find the memory right around the corner, obscured by the wooden wall.
  2. Follow the path up to the building ahead. Inside, you’ll face some Insidious Ruins and Drifting Ruins as you move along the path. Keep going until you hit a flat area in front of some stairs to the next room.
  3. MEMORY: To the left of the stairs against the left wall is an alcove that hides a keyhole. Go through to snag your memory.
  4. Head on up the stairs to trigger another cutscene.
  5. ACHIEVEMENT: Finishing up in the dollhouse gets you “The End of Daze” Achievement.

Chapter 6

  1. Run through the streets, following the little kid ghosts on their path. Head into the tunnel up ahead and you’ll go into Wonderland once more.
  2. Aboard the Infernal Train, run forward to get inside. Keep moving forward through the cutscenes until you reach the final battle with the doll maker.
  3. When you engage the Doll Maker, you’ll first have to fight off each of his hands. Both have a number of annoying attacks, and you’ll first fight them one at a time.
  4. Keep an eye on the doll face on the backs of the hand. It’s covered in black most of the time, which makes it invulnerable — when it goes white, you want to hit it as hard as you can. For the most part, play keep away, though.
  5. The hand will do all kinds of dumb things to you. Ignore the Insidious Ruins that spawn around it and keep moving, as the hand will destroy most of them. Wait for it to go up on the column and avoid its fire breath, then hit it with the Pepper Grinder when it’s open.
  6. Destroying the first hand triggers the second. It has some similar attacks, but mostly you’ll still want to play keep away with it. It’s most vulnerable after trying to punch you, and also after its wave attack, for which it’ll draw a line on the ground with one finger. Dodge that by jumping.
  7. When both hands are dead, they’ll come back as a pair and try to grab Alice. Just keep clear of them, dodging when they come at you. You’ll get the opportunity to attack part of the doll maker’s face at intervals — do that, and try to take out the Drifting Ruins it spawns when you can because they’ll refill your health.
  8. After you dodge the hands a second time, the Doll Maker will expose its vulnerable chin again. Hit it hard with whatever you’ve got from a distance — empty the Pepper Grinder, then switch to the Teapot Cannon. Watch out for the globs of goo it spits at intervals. Dodge those and keep hammering until the fight ends.
  9. ACHIEVEMENT: Finish off the Dollmaker and avoid taking damage for the “Pulling Strings” Achievement.
  10. You’ll be back outside after a cutscene, but still in Wonderland. Walk a bit to trigger the end of the game.
  11. ACHIEVEMENT: For finishing the game, you’ll get a handful of achievements: “The Strong Survive” if you finished on Easy, “The Imaginative Endure” for Normal, and “The Persistent Flourish” on Hard. Finish on Nightmare Difficulty for “Madness Prevails.” You get all the achievements for the easier difficulties depending on which one you finish with.