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Farm Up! and Farm Up! HD for iPhone and iPad: How to get more Gold Coins

Farm Up is a brand new iPhone farming game, and while it is not that much different from the other arming games for the iPhone, the main difference is that this one is one of the most beautiful games ever released for any handheld system. The art and animation is absolutely exquisite, and the transformation can turn one of the most-done genres of games on the iPhone into a whole new experience. Gold coins are the premium currency in this game. Read on to find out how to get more of both for free.

For gold coins, you start off with a number of free gold coins, and during the tutorial, the game gives you more free gold coins in order to finish up projects that you would normally have to wait for. You don’t have to actually use them to finish the tutorial, though. Just wait around for them to finish by themselves, and then go back to the game and finish up the job you were waiting for.

You can also get two gold coins as a bonus every time you gain a level. The way to get them is by sharing the level up on Facebook and Twitter, each one earning you one gold coin each. If you don’t want to bug people too much on either one, you can either register an account with no friends on both sites, or simply share on Facebook and Twitter through the game, and then go back and delete the share later.

The same is true for any achievement that you unlock or quest that you finish. Every single one can earn you up to two gold coins – one for a share on Facebook and one for a share on Twitter. You can very quickly rack up gold coins this way, since there are so many achievements and quests that you can do. To check on your quests, click on one of the icons on the left side of the screen. To check on your achievements and what you need to do to complete them, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and then go to the Achievements tab.

Also, completing the kitchen collection will earn you some free gold coins.

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