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Farm Up! and Farm Up! HD for iPhone and iPad: How to get more Energy and Realores

Farm Up! is a new farming game by Realore that takes place in the 1930s, during the depression. It deliberately ignores history by claiming that farms were thriving during that time, but heck, if it didn’t there would be no basis for a game, now would there? The game itself is a farming simulator, like many others, but with far more beautiful graphics, and far more professionally done, probably the best farming sim to date for the iPhone and iPad. If it came out for Facebook, it might even rival FarmVille. Realore is the name of not only the game’s creator, but also one of the secondary premium currencies in the game. Energy is what you need to do pretty much anything in this game. Both of these tie in very strongly together, so read on to find out how to get more of both of them.

Realore looks a lot like it should be the main premium currency when you see it in the upper left hand corner of the screen, looking shiny, but Gold Coins are the main premium currency. Realore is secondary, and there are ways to get free Realore in the game. The main way is by farming vegetables other than radishes. Radishes don’t give you any Realore when you harvest them, but everything else, including cabbage, gives you realore. So to get realore fast and not have to spend many silver coins (the primary, non-premium currency) or wait for too long, grow a ton of cabbages, harvest them, and then sell them and use the income to grow even more cabbages.

There are also a number of in game quests that get you Realore. When you are on the main game screen, click all of the icons on the left side of the screen to see what quests are available and if any of them will earn you Realore.

Energy is needed to do almost literally anything in this game. There are a number of ways to get free energy. The first and most obvious way is by leveling up. When you gain levels, you get free energy, and the best part is, no matter how much energy you have left, you still get all of your free energy, so you can end up with more than your actual maximum amount.

Spend Realore on energy also, to do that, click the Realore icon on the main game screen and you will be able to select what package of energy you want to buy. Some of them cost Realore and some of them cost gold coins.

Completing the summer collection will also earn you free energy. Complete it, then trade it in, and you will earn 5 free energy for doing so.

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