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Guide to Farm Up! and Farm Up! HD for iPhone and iPad: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Farm Up! is a beautiful new game that represents a graphical revolution for iPhone and iPad games. This new game by Realore Studios is a farming simulator, and compared to most farming simulators that have been done before, it doesn’t offer much that’s new, but it does it all in a package that’s so beautifully, professionally done and polished that it completely changes the game experience. Your character is a farmer in the 1930s in the South, who is taking over an old, worn down farm, and bringing it back to life, so unlike most farm games, there is a real live, actual story with dialogue and characters. Like many games, there are some tips and tricks that can really help you progress faster in the game. Read on for these tips and tricks.

The game can be quite slow at time, especially when you are waiting for something to get done, and can’t really do anything until it gets done, or you run out of energy and aren’t close to a level up. There’s a trick to defeat waiting times, however. If you are waiting for a long term crop to finish, such as a pumpkin (which takes 8 hours to finish), go to your iPhone settings and set the time ahead by 8 hours, and then go back to the game. All of your crops will be ready to harvest. Don’t set it too far ahead, though, past the life of your crops, or you will have a bunch of dead crops.

If you set the time back to normal after doing the above trick, but before harvesting your crops (which is recommended so that you can do this trick again and again), your crops will stay ripe and ready to harvest. However, if you set the time too far ahead and your crops die, they will stay dead.

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