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Guide to Kingdom Age for Facebook, iPhone and iPad: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies




Kingdom Age is the newest iPhone, iPad and Facebook game by Funzio, the company behind the smash hit Crime City for Facebook and iOS, as well as the iPhone game Modern War. Kingdom Age takes the game mechanic introduced in Crime City and adapts it to a medieval fantasy setting, with kings, berserkers, warlords and dragons. Already it is one of the biggest hit games to come out for the iPhone recently, and like Funzio’s previous releases, it is very polished and well executed, as well as quite difficult at times. That’s why this guide is here, though, for some tips and tricks that can assist your progress in this game. Read on for those tips and tricks.

When you gain levels, you will get three skill points, and will be prompted to choose which attributes to increase. The two most important skill point additions are hero strength, which adds to your attack power when you are completing missions out in the field, and stamina, which gives you more turns to attack or invade other players. Unfortunately, those each cost two skill points to improve and the attributes which cost one skill point to improve are mostly useless.
The solution? Improve your hero strength and stamina and let the other skill point sit until your next level up. Doing this will enable you to get two improvements two your hero strength or stamina, since you will have four skill points next time.
Hero strength in particular is crucial to finishing missions much more quickly. Improving hero strength, as well as buying better hero weapons and armor, will enable you to earn far more money because it takes less turns and energy to complete missions, making hero strength and hero weapons the absolute best investment you can get early on.
To earn more and more money quickly, maximize the number of silos that you have in your kingdom, and upgrade them rapidly. Two level two silos can earn you 1320 coins per day, which in this game is a lot of money to have for spending on new buildings, hero weapons and troops.
If you are losing every battle you get into, it is probably because you don’t have enough units. You can’t just go with the number of units that you end up buying just to complete missions. Buy as many units as absolutely possible. You get so many weapons while doing quests that they usually end up having enough, but make sure that the number of weapons and armor matches up with the number of units to maximize your strength. And if you need more allies, go to the allies tab and add the VIPs via invite as often as the game allows you to.

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