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Kingdom Age for iPhone, Facebook and iPad: How to get more Diamonds, Stamina and Energy

TIME :2022-06-06

Kingdom Age is the latest game by Funzio, makers of the smash hit Crime City and Modern War. Crime City was initially released for Facebook and Modern War was initially released for the iPhone, with Crime City coming to the iPhone later on, but Kingdom Age has been released for both the Facebook platform and the iOS platform at the same time. Stamina is the factor that is needed in order to attack or invade other players in this game. Energy is needed in order to complete quests, therefore it is very important, and not having it can severely slow you down. Diamonds are the premium currency in this game, and with them, you can buy premium items that are not available to buy with just coins. So how do you get more of all three? Read on.

To get more maximum stamina, when you level up you need to spend two skill points to improve your maximum stamina once. Each level up earns you three skill points, but if you don’t spend one skill point at a level up, you’ll keep that skill point, so that next time you level up, you have four skill points to use, allowing you to improve your stamina once. The only known way to get more stamina once you have run out is either to level up or simply to wait for your stamina to return. Once you gain a level, your stamina meter is filled up.

It’s just as important to use your stamina wisely as it is to even have stamina, though. Make sure you maximize the number of units that you have, and make sure each one of them has a weapon and a piece of armor, even if it is the weakest available weapon or armor. It’s still better than having none, and you will win a good chunk of battles this way.

To get more energy, you need to either wait for it to come back or gain an experience level. Right now, there is no way to get free energy other than that, but Funzio is known for adding buildings later on that give you energy, that can be bought without using the premium currency. They had a builidng like this in Crime City that they added some time after releasing the game, so don’t be surprised if one shows up in Kingdom Age as well. You can also buy energy refills using diamonds.

To get more diamonds, you need to buy them. There is literally no way to get free diamonds at all in this game right now, not even when you gain levels or by sharing anything on Facebook. The only known way to get them right now is to buy them. During the tutorial, if the game prompts you to use any diamonds to finish building anything faster, don’t use them – just pocket the extra diamonds and wait for what you’re doing in the tutorial to finish.

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