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Criminal Legacy – The Ultimate Guide: Tips, Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Criminal Legacy is GREE Funzio’s latest midcore beat-em-up-RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. Yep, the Crime City style of gameplay (the one that got so egregiously ripped off by Mafia Wars 2) is still around, but with more of an RPG slant. PVP mode is just as important as it ever was here, but the single player story is long, in depth, and loaded with bonuses. This game can get frustrating, but read this before you throw your phone into a river.

Battle Strategies
Battles go off automatically, with characters executing their own attacks. Once the special bar is charged, use it. Use it as often as possible because you’ll earn better item drops – don’t wait around until the boss comes up. It charges quickly enough anyways that you’ll have another one to use against the boss.

You only get limited friends to use in battle, so save them for the really tough fight, the one that you have trouble beating without any outside help. Don’t waste your friend help on an easy fight. Otherwise, play old stages over and over to grind for experience points so that you can get stronger.

Making Friends
The quickest way to find friends in Criminal Legacy is to look around the app store review page, articles about this game in the comments section (including our comments section), Facebook pages about the game, and other sources. Add people by their friend code in order to add them as a friend. Also, put a friend code in as a referral code for extra bonuses (even if they didn’t refer you) and post your friend code in the comments if you want extra bonuses.

The “updating” glitch
Does the game keep saying that it’s updating, updating, updating? It actually is updating. Look towards the bottom portion of the screen to see the update bar’s progress. Once it finally hits 100% percent, you’ll be able to do whatever it is that the game is stopping you from doing.

To speed up the updating process, make sure the game is connected to the fastest WiFi connection as possible (set your router from 2.4 ghz to 5 ghz if you need to). Or find a spot with a really good LTE connection (not as effective but still works).

Unlocking new areas and new fighters
Use the missions page to figure out where you should be fighting next. You’ll unlock five different difficulties (normal, bloody, savage, deadly, homicidal) and then when you finally beat homicidal you’ll unlock a whole new area. This is also how you unlock more fighters to add to your party. You’ll only be able to put in three of your own, but you can mix and match elements depending on how many different elemental fighters you have.