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Crazy Taxi: City Rush – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

TIME : 2015-12-24 10:29:02

Crazy Taxi: City Rush is the latest game in the wild and hilariously fun Crazy Taxi series that started off on the Dreamcast and in arcades and has eventually made its way to the iOS and Android. This game combines the best of endless runners, Grand Theft Auto and mission based racing games as you race against the clock to take your passengers to their destinations while causing as much destruction as humanly possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Crazy Taxi: City Rush!

You start the game off with only a small amount of gas. One run takes on gas and once you run out of gas, you have to either buy more or wait for it to come back automatically. However, if you set the time ahead on your phone or tablet, then go back to the game, your gas will return for free, all on its own.

The same trick works for any of the limited runs that you have available, such as the tank run where you drive a tank and try to hit as many cars as possible. After you drive the tank you’ll have to wait 34 hours before you use it again. However, simply set the time ahead by the equivalent number of hours, then go back to the game and you will be able to use the tank again.

Wanna load up on some free coins and gems? Go to the in app purchase store, scroll past the options to purchase diamonds and dollars, and tap either the offer button or the “earn rewards” button. The offer button will bring up an offer wall that pays you for completing various offers, most of them free. The rewards button will give you free coins and diamonds in exchange for watching ad videos as well as liking or following the game on Facebook or Twitter.

It doesn’t matter much what taxi you buy at the beginning, but once you do purchase it, customize it in every way possible (wheels, decals etc) in order to skyrocket the amount of bonus coins that you earn every time that you complete a round. Most of these customizations are insanely cheap, and as you rack up the wins, the coins add up big time, allowing you to purchase more and more upgrades or save up for a new taxi.

Holding the left or right side of the screen allows you to turn onto a different street, but if there are now turns and the street that you’re on curves, it will also allow you to drift on the current route for even more bonus money at the end of the stage. If you go the wrong way, swipe down to make a u-turn as quickly as possible.