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Blade & Soul: Good Crafting and Gathering Combos to Make Money

While the graphics, combat system, and PvP in Blade & Soul are the real stars of the show, crafting and gathering is still a necessity. While players may not play this free-to-play MMO for its occasionally confusing crafting system, if they want to make money for the armaments that will help them thrive throughout the rest of the game, this is one of the few ways to do so. For those that don't much care for an in-depth crafting system, they will be pleased to find that it is mostly automated and involves minimal effort. However, in order to really make money through professions, they can't just be chosen at random. Players can only chose two crafting and two gathering professions, and while you can leave the crafting and gathering guilds, don't waste time picking professions that don't complement each other.

This guide will provide a brief introduction to the crafting and gathering professions in Blade & Soul, discuss which ones go well together based on materials that are needed, and I'll recommend which ones make good money both early and endgame. As I am not quite at endgame level myself, I have referred to Psycat's guide on choosing professions based on their value as well as made my own speculations based on the North American server economy.

crafting and gathering in blade and soul

Crafting and Gathering Classes in Blade & Soul

There are seven crafting guilds and seven gathering guilds available in Blade & Soul. However, players cannot join any guild until they reach the first major town - Jadestone Village. All guilds have representatives in Jadestone Village, making it a major crafting hub.

Crafting Classes

  • Earthseers - Creates charms

  • Forgekeepers - Creates weapons

  • Radiant Ring - Creates accessories

  • Soul Wardens - Creates soul shields and transformations stones

  • Merry Potters - Creates bowls and crafting components for other professions

  • Silver Cauldron - Creates potions

  • Acquired Taste - Creates food

Gathering Classes

  • Herbside Service - Gathers herbs

  • Green Thumbs - Grows produce and makes soil

  • Prospector's Union - Gathers ore

  • Stonecutters - Gathers stone

  • Tree Fellers - Gathers logs and sap

  • Trapper's Alliance - Gathers meat and bones

  • Fish Network - Gathers shellfish and fish oil

The Best Crafting and Gathering Guild Combos in Blade & Soul

While you can pick your professions all willy-nilly and definitely make a go of it, you will save a lot of time, money, and tears by just picking complimentary ones. When choosing, consider picking crafting professions that both thrive with the same gathering profession to save a lot of money.

Best Crafting and Gathering Combinations

  • Earthseers > Herbside Service and Fish Network

  • Forgekeepers > Stonecutters and Prospector's Union

  • Radiant Ring > Stonecutters and Prospector's Union

  • Soul Wardens > Tree Fellers and Trapper's Alliance

  • Merry Potters > Tree Fellers and Green Thumbs

  • Silver Cauldron > Herbside Service and Fish Network

  • Acquired Taste > Trapper's Alliance and Green Thumbs

Going by that handy little list there, Silver Cauldron and Earthseers as well as Forgekeepers and Radiant Ring both go best together. The others will require some thoughtful choices between the Trapper's Alliance, Tree Fellers, and Green Thumbs.

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Making Money Through Crafting in Blade & Soul

While the game has only been out briefly in North America and Europe, and in some cases it may be too soon to tell, some items created by certain crafting professions are more useful than others. However, while they may be a gold mine in the early game, they may not remain so as end game approaches for many players.


The only truly useful item that Earthseers make is unsealing charms. They rarely drop out in the world so at lower levels, you can make a killing by selling off unsealing charms on the marketplace. However, the demand for unsealing charms will drop as players level up and gain access to daily quests that give them as rewards.


At low levels, the Forgekeepers can really only craft repair tools and weapons to be fed to your main weapon, but both drop frequently out in the world making the market for them low. However, as players level up, weapon durability goes down faster and requires more repair tools. So as players level up and need higher level weapons and more repair tools, a decent amount of money can be made. Unfortunately, many players choose the Forgekeepers because in an MMO, making weapons has always equated to making money, so the market may not be as stable as some players would like.

Radiant Ring

Not unlike the Earthseers, the Radiant Ring is an attractive choice initially due to its ability to craft keys. At early levels, you will find yourself short of keys to open chests, but that will fade away upon reaching higher levels. While making your own keys will make you able to embrace every chest early on, the Radiant Ring's usefulness doesn't last. At higher levels, your main source of income becomes crafting gems for stat increases, but crafting them involves a fair bit of RNG.

Soul Wardens

While the ability to craft soul shields may sound like joining the Soul Wardens is a must, they are actually treasured for a completely different reason. At low levels, the Soul Wardens are the only class that can create transformation stones. While these stones require a decent amount of materials from different gathering classes, they are essential to upgrading weapons, meaning that everyone needs them. With their ability to create Moonwater Evolve Stones later in the game, many believe that the Soul Wardens are the best end game crafting class.

Merry Potters

The Merry Potters is a surprisingly lucrative profession choice and smart players looking to make some decent money may want to embrace it. While they don't make anything really useful for the game itself, the refiners and bowls they make are used as crafting components for other crafting professions. Once other crafters start needing these components after impulsively picking more useful crafting classes, the Merry Potters becomes a stable source of income in both early and later levels.

Silver Cauldron

Health potions drop frequently in the world, and sadly that is the only useful thing that the Silver Cauldron crafts. At higher levels you can craft some specific items for other crafting classes, so players will need to decide if they want to risk waiting to make money until other crafters level up. If few on your server choose the Silver Cauldron, this can be lucrative, but if even a few people dedicate their time to it, the market can be too competitive.

Acquired Taste

Food made by Acquired Taste gives buffs to players. In early game, there is really no market for selling food because it is not necessary and people don't have the money to spare on it. However, once players get further in the game, food becomes a better source of income as players look to boost their stats in order to better complete dungeons with less players to keep competition for gear down.

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