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How to Solo Power Level in Any MMORPG

MMORPGs are a blast to play. Whether you enjoy exploring vibrant fantasy worlds, defeating challenging boss encounters, or crushing your enemies in PVP, MMORPGs require you to attain a certain level before you can do these things. Leveling content is intended to be an enjoyable experience, and one which will teach you some of the ins and outs of the game: but for veteran players, this is not always the case. For some, leveling an alternate (alt) character feels repetitive and unnecessary. Here are some tips which apply to all MMORPGs on how to solo power level, stay motivated, and still have a great time doing it.

Speed Through Content With an Optimal Route

Every online game has a community. Just like you are a member of the online game, you should be a part of the community. Check the webpage, Reddit, or gaming forum, for information about your game. Someone else has likely found a great guideline for quickly leveling up your character.  Following a trusted community guide will likely be the most important factor in your leveling speed. Find out which places have the best quests and easiest monsters, which ones are the least population dense (very important for PVP players!), which ones reward the best loot, and which character builds are the best. Try to plan as you go, think ahead about where you should be by the end of the session. But, don't waste too much time trying to optimize everything. Every minute you spend outside of the leveling process is spent not gaining experience points. Avoid low-reward unnecessary side quests, optional bosses, professions, and stopping by the auction house every few minutes. 

Find Something Else to Do While You Play

If the leveling process feels boring, repetitive, and tedious, find something to distract you while you play. Most MMORPGs are played on a PC, and PCs have a great benefit over consoles in that they can be used to access other programs and websites while you play. If your game allows it, fire up your favorite music, chat with your friends, or even turn on your favorite TV show. Great music can help you focus, improve your mood, and generally help you feel better. Do this enough, and just hearing the first few seconds of your favorite leveling song could set you up for a great session. You could always include your friends in the leveling process too: level together with them, race them, or exchange advice for speeding it up. Watching TV or YouTube is another alternative.

Challenge Yourself, But Be Realistic to Avoid Burnout

The last piece of advice is simple: have fun with it! Remember, this is a video game. Games are intended to be fun, not work. Don't stress over your leveling speed. Leveling a character to max level can take days, weeks, and even months. Set reasonable, realistic, and achievable milestones as you slowly work towards your goal. For example, set a simple goal like leveling from 1-10 in one day, finishing one long quest line or questing zone, do quests for 1 hour a day, or gain 50% of a level per session. Repeatable goals, like one level per hour, are great for challenging yourself and increasing your motivation: you will have to constantly push yourself to keep up this rate through the higher levels as you race through them all. The harder the challenge, the better the reward, but always put fun and enjoyment first.

Good Luck, Have Fun!

If you have already leveled a character once, the second will only be easier. And the third, and the fourth after that. The great thing about MMORPGs is how everything is persistent, and you can always achieve something new every day. So, remember to plan your leveling route as efficiently as you can, find something outside the game to avoid repetition, and constantly challenge yourself throughout the process. Following these guidelines, you will have another high level character in no time, and have blast whilst raising it up.