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Grand Theft Auto Online Character Creation Guide

Grand Theft Auto Online Character Creation Guide

 Grand Theft Auto Online Character Creation Guide
Those of us lucky enough to get access before the servers went down have already had the opportunity to sample the character creation in GTA Online. This Grand Theft Auto Online Character Creation Guide will teach you the basics of character creation so that you’re able to create your ideal gangster.

The first step when creating a character is to choose his or her heritage. This basically creates the basic facial features and structure for your main character. You can choose your grandparents which in turn effects the appearance of your parents, thus changing your appearance as well. It is worth noting that some factors cannot be changed in the appearance tab and must be manipulated between the parents and grandparents to create the desired effect. For example, you’re not able to edit skin or eye color.

So when you’re choosing your parents and grandparents you basically want to ensure you pick the skin color you want to use and the general structure of the face. More details are able to be changed later but these are the most important aspects taken from the heritage feature.

You’re then able to change the lifestyle options of your character which creates his starting skill attributes. The following lifestyle choices change the follow stats.

GTA Online Character Creation Guide - AsleepAsleep
Increasing your asleep lifestyle choice improves Stamina, Lung Capacity, Stealth and Strength

 GTA Online Character Creation Guide - Friends & FamilyFriends & Family
Increasing this lifestyle choice reduces Shooting, increases Driving and increases Stamina

GTA Online Character Creation Guide - Playing Sports & Working OutPlaying Sports & Working Out
Increasing improves Stamina, Strength & Lung Capacity. It also decreases Shooting.

GTA Online Character Creation Guide - Doing Legal WorkDoing Legal Work
Increasing legal work improves Stamina, Stealth and Flying while decreasing Driving.

GTA Online Character Creation Guide - Sitting On The CouchSitting On The Couch
Increasing this lifestyle choice will improve Flying & Driving, it also decreases Strength, Stamina and Lung Capacity

GTA Online Character Creation Guide - PartyingPartying
Increasing Partying improves Shooting and Stealth while decreasing Stamina, Strength, Flying & Lung Capacity

GTA Online Character Creation Guide - Doing Illegal WorkDoing Illegal Work
Illegal Work improves Driving & Shooting, decreases Lung Capacity.

The character creation process is entirely dependent on your personal tastes. If you’re considering acting as an escape driver you’ll want to invest heavily in lifestyle choices that improve driving. If you’re looking to be a bit of muscle, shooting is the skill you need. I’ve highlighted some potential roles below that offer the best in that specific stat.

GTA Online Character Creation Guide - MuscleMuscle (Focus on Shooting)
Illegal Work (Max)
Partying (Max)

GTA Online Character Creation Guide - Getaway DriverGetaway Driver (Focus on Driving)
Doing Illegal Work (10 Hours)
Sitting On The Couch (8 Hours)
Friends & Family (2 Hours)

GTA Online Character Creation Guide - PilotPilot (Focus on Flying)
Legal Work (Max)
Sitting On the Couch (Max)
Sleep (6 Hours. Basically spare points and sleep has a positive effect on the most skills)

You will probably notice that your appearance is changing during this stage and this is the biggest problem with the character creation. For example, if you level Doing Illegal Work to its maximum you’ll notice your character begins to look a bit like a meth addict, or a poor boxer. I’m unable to get into the game to see if there’s any difference once you load in. However, because you’re able to level all skills it may be better if you choose to level the skills based on appearance, rather than leveling them based on what you want to do. You can always improve stats in the game, not certain you’re able to change core appearance features.

Not exactly much guiding needed for the appearance, just browse through the settings and pick what you like best. If you have any success with other roles, or information to add to this guide, please post a comment and I’ll be sure to update the article and credit your name.