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The Week in Review: Games Media Awards winners caught wanking on a live stream Edition

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Without a check shirt in sight the VG team trotted into London Town for the GMAs last night, and what a night it turned out to be. Not only was the booze plentiful and the company entertaining, but we actually came away with the award for Games Radio and Podcast. So, given that we're now the purveyor of such a hot property it seems only right to pimp the podcast first. I don't even mind if you head off now to listen to the latest episode as it features Halo 4, League of Legends and Black Ops 2.

For those who are sticking around the week's been largely uneventful, with Sony's fluffed launch of the new PlayStation Store a highlight. But Sony's fumbling was trumped to story of the week by a League of Legends player who accidentally broadcast himself stroking his trouser snake whilst viewing a pornographic video.

Meanwhile Microsoft has been rolling out its new Xbox 360 dashboard update, complete with an increased usable capacity for USB storage – useful given that Halo 4 multiplayer requires a mandatory 8GB install to work. Speaking of Halo 4, Microsoft is coming down on pirates harder than a League of Legends player unintentionally streaming himself having a wank, dishing out permanent bans to those playing Halo 4 ahead of it release from Xbox LIVE.

The wait to get your hands on Halo 4 won't be made any easier when you check out the fantastic launch trailer below. November 6 can't come soon enough.

Only a week after Halo 4 comes Black Ops 2, which this year will be supported by a completely free Call of Duty Elite service. DLC will remain separate from Elite, set to be released as individually priced map packs and as part of a cost-saving season pass. The complex release structure of DLC tied to Elite is a thing of the past, although it appears DICE and EA are still a few pages behind having announced four separate release dates for Battlefield 3 expansion, Aftermath – if Elite taught us one thing, it's that gamers don't take kindly to confusing release dates.

PS Vita's Call of Duty Declassified has been confirmed for release on November 13 alongside the main game, but sadly it's the end of retail game development for the team behind the game, Nihilistic, which will now focus on mobile and digital game projects. I'm not saying Declassified won't be good, but its developer giving up doesn't bode well.

FIFA 13 continues to be popular, and after a week of waiting players can finally enjoy the Title Update which had been scheduled for last weekend. The tweaks made in the update are sure to be well received, especially by those who have recently been dumped because of playing too much FIFA.

There's just enough time to point you in the direction of the week's reviews which included Retro City Rampage, Forza Horizon and The Unfinished Swan, and to recommend viewing the latest episode of Disc Lickers – it's a video show from the same team behind the award-winning Podcast.

I'm off to livestream myself accidentally playing league of legends after having a wank.