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Deadpool Walkthrough Part 15 – Landed In Prison (Gen Block 4 to Solitary)

Deadpool Walkthrough Part 15 – Landed In Prison (Gen Block 4 to Solitary)

With the river crossed for now head on up the stairs after having dealt with the 2 soldiers that come after you. Head on up the stairs and over to the other side of the area. There are a lot of soldiers to deal with and there is a Red Marauder for you to deal with as well. The narrow ledges are no help as the explosions from grenades or a good hit from the Marauder will knock Deadpool into the sewage below. If you get knocked in, quickly get out using the nearby edges, floaters or isle. Be sure to also shoot the Red barrels when enemies are nearby them. They will explode and kill what is near them (or do some good damage to the Red Marauder.

With the Marauder dead go over to the far side, opposite the stairs you came up then break off to the left. Head on down the passage there with the Heavy Grenade Launcher from the lat big Marauder. You will find numerous Gambit clones coming at you as well as another Red Marauder. Fire off all the grenades toward the Red Marauder and the clones to clear them out. After that drop the launcher and gun down the shooter on the far end. After that head across the bridge, going over to the right. Drop down the broken stairs and go over to the right. There is another portion of the river to cross.

Start by jump for the far side and using all  3 of the floaters that you come across easiy from the start. Jump from the third to the far side and then use the second one, higher up the river, to reach the isle in the middle of the river. Get over there then look to the right. You will see a place Deadpool can climb up. Use the far floater to land safely then quickly jump for the exposed rebar to get up above the river. Collect the DP Points on both side then look to the right-hand wall. You can see a number of explosive barrels above you. Aim any gun at them and fire. This will expose a climbing point. Jump out to the raised platform in front of you then jump for the ledge.

Once on the ledge open up the reto-looking chest in front of you. You will find nothing, but it apparently upgrades your teleporter to move you farther. Head over to the ledge behind you and to the right. Use the prompted button (LB/L1) to teleport up to the platform above. Go over to the left and Double-Jump for the far platform. Mid-air you will need to use the extended teleport to make it across. Go over to the right for some ammo but after that just go to the left and up the slope to move on.

This leads to Solitary Confinement. Once in here you need to deal with a small group of Clawed Clones. Kill them off and look to the right. Head over there and start using your teleporter to climb the silver platforms. Once up onto the one ahead of you, turn to the left and look up. The second one you want sits above you. You need to jump to get the right range of the teleporter. From there Double-Jump toward the far ledge to get the final teleport you need. After that head in and over to the right for ammo then to the left for lots of soldiers. Gun and slash your way through the room. Move into the next one and it is much the same with an Exploding gambit clone as well. When you make it to the third room the fighting abates for a bit. There are just 2 Clawed Female Clones. Kill them off then head on up the stairs.

There you have more  a trio of melee clones come after you. Start by killing the one giving the defense buff. Follow that up with deal with the other 2. Now look out the open gate toward the center of the room. Use the extended Teleporter to make it out to the platforms. Teleport over to the right Deal with the clone soldiers and then go over to the right. You will find a portion with a green lit wall. Head inside it and Wall Jump upwards.