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Deadpool Walkthrough Part 14 – Landed In Prison (Showers to Sewage River)

Deadpool Walkthrough Part 14 – Landed In Prison (Showers to Sewage River)

The dream sequence ends and you have a number of clones to deal with. There are some big ones that will meld into the walls after you go through their first health bar and a number of melee oriented foes. Smash them all with your weapons and bullets. Once you finish killing them off, wait before hitting the prompt for “The Clean Up Crew”. This gives you a chance to and collect everything that dropped from the last fight. After that you will want to hit the button to deal with the Clean up crew. These are more basic melee soldiers for you to deal with. Kill them off then go through that door.

In the next part of the showers you have 2 Strong melee Soldiers to deal with in addition to a few gunners that are scattered here and there. Kill them off to trigger the next wave of Clones. This has more of the tall fellows that swipe at you and then come at you from the walls. Kill them all off in turn and then go over to the left-hand stairs and take them on upwards. There you can finally get the few gunners that remain. Kill them then go to the left of the top of the stairs. You will find more DP Points over there without any trouble. After that head over to the console and interact with it. It will open a door but the wire is broken. Head back on down.

When you get back to the shower floor there are 2 more Tall Clones that come after you. Kill them off then head over to the break in the wire. Interact then hit the prompted button rapidly to make the connection long enough for the door to open. There is a nice Deadpool moment then you should go through the door. Head over to the left then go to the left through the next corridor.

When you enter this corridor those 2 Teleporters from earlier will be hanging from the ceiling. Gun them down. They are very quickly followed by a clone soldier and 2 regular soldiers. Kill them all off quickly. Search the short tunnels to the left and right for some supplies then continue down to the next junction in the corridor. Head over to the right to move on. Go into the small cell on the right to collect more DP Points and a little ammo. To move on forward go to the left. Head up the small slope, grab the tacos on the far side then press on forward down the corridor.

Head to the next down slope and you have 2 more soldiers and a Tall Clone to deal with. Kill them then go on over to the left and press forward. Go up the slope and deal with the next group like that. Head over to the right down the corridor. Deal with the Tall Clone again then interact with the console at the top of the slope to open the door below you. Head on through it and over to the left through the holes in the walls. This leads to a river of acid badness. Go over to the final hole and the voices will make a bridge of thought for Deadpool to cross. Just jump carefully from one to the next.

With that part covered head over to the right and move up to the river of sewage again. Time to jump across the second part. This time you need to time it properly to land on the piles of metal just floating in front of you. Aim to get to the pillar in the middle of the river so you have a nice pausing point. Look to the left and study how the floaters come down the river. Jump across the final part when you can see how to make it to the ledge and mantle up. Head on forward and deal with another Tall Clone. Cut through him and make it over to the next opening in the wall on the left. Once again you need to cross the sewage river. Before you even attempt to cross kill off the 2 Tall Clones that are firing at you from various points in the room and the soldier as well. With them dead jump quickly form the second floater and get to the isle on the river. From there jump out to the second floater and mantle up the side into the next corridor.