Arms Warrior Guide - 5.2

TIME :2022-07-03

Summary :

  • Page 1 : Index
  • Page 2 : Races-Professions-Stats
  • Page 3 : Talents-Glyphs
  • Page 4 : Rotation-Macros
  • Page 5 : Gems-Enchant-Reforge
  • Page 6 : Addons-Extras

The Warrior

The Arms Warrior has a lot of uses and can provide many advantages. This specialization is particularly efficient with a basic level of equipment, when the Fury specialization does not yet have its full potential. The problem with the Arms Warrior is that it deals damage at the present time. Nevertheless it is a stage that all Warriors must pass through!

Update 5.2: A big up for the Arms Warrior, we do not yet know if their DPS ranking has changed but there have been a lot of interesting changes for the gameplay of this class.

Current Ranking

This is an approximate ranking of the performance of each Class/Specialization

You can see that the Arms Warrior is at the bottom of this ranking, but note that you can be first in your raid even if the ranking places Arms Warrior at the bottom, it doesn't mean everything as it is just an average calculated for the current classes with the best possible equipment.