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SWTOR Relics of the Gree event guide

A comprehensive guide to the SWTOR Relics of the Gree event. This is a recurring event that has being adjusted to level 65 and scheduled to return for one week from Jan 12 to Jan 19, 2016.


  • 1 How do I get there?
  • 2 Gaining Reputation
  • 3 Missions
    • 3.1 Starter Missions
    • 3.2 Gray Secant Missions
  • 4 World Bosses
  • 5 Lore Objects/Codex Entries
  • 6 Rewards
    • 6.1 Pets obtain from questing
    • 6.2 Gree Reputation Vendor
  • 7 Achievements
    • 7.1 General Achievements
    • 7.2 PvP Achievements

How do I get there?

First, go to the news terminal on the fleet, it should be around any of the four marked locations Watching the new broadcast will give you a new quest – The Gree Experiment/Gree Research Initiative, which asks you to head to Ilum western shelf and talk to the Gree Herald Droid.

  • Level 50+ characters can participate in the event. You will be downscaled to L52 for the event if you are L65.


Go to Ilum, take speeder to the western shelf.


Gaining Reputation

Reputation are earned by doing these daily missions or killing world bosses. All of the daily missions reward you with items that you can use to gain Reputation. Note that Reputation ranks are not cumulative (i.e. to reach the Newcomer rank, you need 2500 rep for Outsider and 5000 rep for Newcomer for a total of 7500 rep).

  • Gree Memory Chip (green) = 270 Reputation (180 for F2P players)
  • Gree Data Core (blue) = 630 Reputation (420 for F2P players)
  • Ancient Gree Artifact (purple) = 1440 Reputation (960 for F2P players)
Rank Reputation required
(per rank)
Reputation Required (cumulative) Weeks to Reach
(12000/week) Weeks to Reach (12600/week) Weeks to Reach (12672/week) Legacy Title Outsider 2500 2500 0 0 0   Newcomer 5000 7500 0 0 0 Gree Research Assistant Friend 7500 15000 1 1 1   Hero 10000 25000 2 1 1 Honored Silver Acute Champion 15000 40000 3 3 3   Legend 30000 70000 5 5 5 Perfect Gold Bisector

The trick for maximal reputation gain per week is to get close to the 12000 weekly reputation cap as possible and then consume a purple reputation item to go over. The maximum reputation gain without any reputation bonus is 11970/week or 11979/week with 10% guild reputation bonus.


You can go over the 12k weekly cap as long you use the last item <12k. The reputation gain over 12k are not lost.

Here is a handy chart you can use to see how much reputation and Gray Helix components you can gain. F2P players earn 50% less reputation.



Starter Missions

These missions are available to pick up at the western Ice shelf as soon as you arrive on Ilum.

Note that the Empire and Republic missions are identical except in names.


[Heroic] Primary Testing/Primary Studies

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Rewards: 1 Gray Helix Component, 1 Gree Data Core (Prototype), 3 Common Data Crystals


Objectives: Defeat 3 Pylon Guardians, Complete 6 Program at a Gree Research Pylon. Go to any of the green quest icons to start the heroic quest.


Note: It is a lot easier to do this mission in the PvP area as long you don’t get ganked as the mobs you need to kill in the PvP area have lower health.

Locate any of the Gree Research Pylons, they are marked on your map. There is a console you can activate to spawn waves of 3 elite mobs. Each wave count as 1 Program towards completion


There is also a patrolling Pulon Guardian MK-IV that is a champion mob. He spawns pretty quick and you will need to defeat him 3 times.


[Daily] Confirmation Bias/Experimental Bounds

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Rewards: 1 Gree Memory Chip, 1 Common Data Crystal


Obtain Gree Comm Protocol: Head to the north of the zone and kill the droids there. We got ours from a Gree Comlink Droid (elite mob)


Slice Probe Relay: These are marked on your map. Clear the mobs around it and then loot the Gree Data by clicking on it.


[Daily] External Variables/Unexpected Variables

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Rewards: 1 Gree Memory Chip, 1 Common Data Crystal


Objectives: Defeat 20 Tonvarr forces, recover 5 Stolen Gree Tech, Recover 2 Hyperspace Coordinates

Everything you need is located on the camps marked on the map. The Stolen Gree Tech and Hyperspace Coordinates are looted off mobs or from clickable crates scattered around the camp.


Once you got everything, you will need to summon Captain Jaako by clicking on the pirate beacon


[Daily] Supplemental Research/Catalysis

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Rewards: 1 Gree Memory Chip, 1 Common Data Crystal


Objectives: Recover 15 Combat Specimen Data Chips, 6 Crystals.

This daily covers a wide area. You need kill any mobs marked as Combat Specimen to loot the Combat Specimen Data Chips.


Crystals are looted from colored crystals you can find on the map.


Once you acquired everything, head to the location marked on the map to summon Iraida Burrower by clicking on the Gnawed Tauntaun.


[PvP] Charging the Pylon

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Rewards: 1 Gree Data Core, 100 Warzone Commendations


This is the most PvP centric daily of all of them and subjected to griefing as you need to drop orbs at a highly contested location. This contested is a small group PvP area. Imperials and Republic players not in your group will be hostile.

You need collect orbs from Gree Energy Condensers. They are not located not far from the middle of the contested area, usually on top of a bridge.


Once you have an orb, you get a buff that lasts 5 minutes. You need to drop off the Orb in the middle of the Contested Area. Depositing the orb is a 3.5 second cast and can be interrupted by enemy players. Once an orb is deposited, the pylon can not be used again for another minute.


[PvP] Data Retrieval/Data Recollection

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Rewards: 1 Gree Memory Chip, 100 Warzone Commendations


Retrieve 10 Memory Core from Republic Droids and Retrieve Sensor Array from Republic Shocktrooper Droid (strong droid, look for it in a group of regular droids. Only he drops the Sensor Array)


After you got both, you will be asked to scan two military vehicles. The sensor on your screen will lit up when you approach a vehicle marked on the map. Keep in mind that the sensor have a cooldown after use and will not lit up immediately after use.


After you scanned the vehicle, you will be asked to Defeat a Heavy War Droid with the bonus mission (The Gree Hyper-Dome) of killing the Ancient Gree Destroyer. Both are located in the dome near the middle of the map. The Ancient Gree Destroyer is on a 7 minute respawn timer and shares a spawn time with the Ancient Gree Defender.


In addition to the plyon in the middle of the PvP area, one can sometimes find one on the south end of the map with various spawn locations. There is a tunnel that will lead you to this southern area. Here is a map reader Clopsy created of all the locations he killed the Gree Defender/Destroyer in.


Note that the bonus boss have a chance to drop a pet: L1-L Defender so you should definitely so the bonus boss if you get a chance. (Requires Friendly standing with the Gree Enclave to use). The Ancient Gree Defender that spawns in its place instead have 100% chance to drop this pet.


Gray Secant Missions

These missions are only available once you reach the Newcomer standing with the Gree Enclave. That is 2500 to reach Outsider rank and another 5000 to reach Newcomer rank for a total of 7500 rep. Once you reach Newcomer rank, purchase the Gray Secant authorization from the reputation vendor next to the mission terminal.

Tip: To get enough reputation for newcomer, you can either do the above missions on many alts (3 character’s worth of dailies should enough or farm the world bosses on Ilum since each give 630 reputation).

Now go back to the mission terminal on Ilum western ice shelf and pick up another two missions


Head to Gray Secant in the north section of the Western Ice Shelf. (Take the teleporter at the mission terminal). There are two entrances, one for the Imperials (left) and one for the Republic (right) so don’t zone into the wrong one.


Inside the Gray Secant, there is another droid who will offer you another quest called Ancient Gree Relays.This droid is located on the left for Empire players, on the right for Republic players.


[Daily] Advanced Analysis/Advanced Testing

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Rewards: 1 Gree Data Core (Prototype), 1 Common Data Crystal


You need to go to the 3 locations on the Gray Secant and click on the clickable objects located nearby. This will spawn droids that you need to defeat. For the Empire, the 3 objectives are located on the left side. For the Republic, they are located on the right.


After you have clicked all 3, you will need to head to the north section of the ship and use the Blue Torus on the Core Defense Unit.This guy is immune to all damage but the one from Blue Torus and will also instant kill your companion. Just spam the Blue Torus on him and avoid his circle attacks.


Don’t forget to get the codex entry near the Core Defense Unit.


Ancient Gree Relays – One Time Quest

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Note: This is not a daily! This is a one time quest.

Reward: 2 Gray Helix Component, L1-L Scout pet, 1 Ancient Gree Artifact (1440 Reputation)


Dromund Kaas – Takobanulu-K (Empire)

Taker the speeder to Revanite Compound and follow the path to Takobanulu-K. He will be guarded by some level 12 elites but they are easy to kill.


Coruscant – Vonogarusa-K (Republic)

Vonogarusa-K is located on the Old Galactic Market.


Tatooine – Pobarazotu-K

Go to the Dune Sea area on the very west end of Tatooine. Use Priory Transport: Outlaw’s Den if you have it unlocked. Pobarazotu-K is on the NE corner of the Dune Sea, inside a cave.


Alderaan – Birabosola-K

Go to Alderaan – Juran Mountains. Imperials can take speeder to Outpost Bolym.


Quesh – Dendotaloga-K

Take speeder to Imperial Outpost.


Hoth – Gamrokodavi-K

Gamrokodavi-K is located in the Starship Graveyards, all the way on the east side of Hoth.To avoid fighting his guards, you can run into him while on a speeder and right click him immediately to start the conversation. After the cutscene ends, then immediately run out. This will allow you to not trigger aggro on the guards.


Voss – Lomasigaro-K

Lomasigaro-K is in the Old Path section of Voss. His guards are very tough to solo as they deal a lot of damage and put DoTs on you constantly. Try to the rush to cutscene trick I mentioned on Hoth. Otherwise, you may have to team up to dispatch the droids.


Unity Examination/Unity Assessment – One Time Quest

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This is an operation quest to kill Xenoanalyst II in any difficulty and is not repeatable. The reward is 2 Gray Helix Components and 1 Ancient Gree Artifact.


World Bosses

All of these world bosses drop Gree Data Core, which give 630 rep. There is also an area quest called [AREA] Combat Specimen to kill these three world bosses. The 3rd boss, Xenoanalyst II, is inside the Gray Secant, which is only accessible if you have Newcomer standing or higher. Surgok’k and Gravak’k both have respawn timers of 2 hrs.

The first two world bosses are designed for a 8-24 ops group with the standard 2 tank, 2 healer, rest all DPS setup. They drop 2x Outlander (208)  pieces in addition to the Gree Data Core. Xenoanalyst II, which is technically an operation boss inside a closed instance, has both storymode/hardmode versions to fit raid sizes of 8 or 16 accordingly.

[Area] Combat Specimen, to kill the 3 bosses do not reward anything other than 11k credits and a title called Combat Specimen [name]



  • 4 million HP
  • Put a stacking debuff on the tank that increase damage taken (i.e. tank swap)
  • Angry Spittle – puts a DoT on the entire raid that needs to be cleansed or AoE healed through.
  • Queens’s Summon – summon 3 elite adds



  • 4 million HP
  • Does an attack called Rage Pound and Rage Flip that will stun the tank and knock them back (tank swap)
  • After Rage Flip, he does an AoE on the raid and drop red circles on the circles that you need to avoid
  • Boss cleaves so do not stand in front of him.


Xenoanalyst II

  • Weekly lockout, boss inside the Gray Secant (separate lockout for storymode/hardmode). Must be newcomer standing or higher to access it.
  • There is no bolster inside the operation instance so you need to be L65 and with 208/216 gear for storymode/hardmode preferably.
  • Drops (storymode): 1 Unassembled random Defiant MK-X piece (216), 12 Common Data Crystals, 8 Glowing Crystals. 4 Gray Helix Components, 1 Ancient Gree Artifact (1440 rep) on 8m. Drops 2x Defiant Pieces and 6 Gray Helix Components on 16m.
  • Drops (hardmode): 1 Unassembled Exarch piece (220), 12 Glowing Data Crystals, 8 Radiant Data Crystals,  6 Gray Helix Components, 1 Ancient Gree Artifact (1440 rep) on 8m. Drops 2x Unassembled random Exarch pieces and 8 Grey Helix components on 16m along with 4 random assembled Exarch pieces.
  • Has a complex mechanic which is detailed in this guide.


Lore Objects/Codex Entries

Fray Landing Memorial

While not related to the Gree event, this lore object has special significance to the revamped Ilum. On the very south end of the Western Ice Shelf, where the Republic base used to be, one can find a lore object called Fray Landing Memorial. This lore object is perhaps a reference to the Ilum back in the early days (patch 1.1, late Jan, 2012) where Empire players were able to push themselves into the Republic base and killing Republic players repeatedly due to the faction imbalance in the early days favoring Empire . This caused an emergency patch shortly after patch 1.1.


To get to this memorial. players can get to the abandoned Republic base in the south via  tunnel on the south end of the contested area.


Gray Secant

This lore object was mentioned earlier in the missions section but just incase you missed it. When doing [Daily] Advanced Testing/Advanced Analysis, you will encounter this object at the north end of the Gray Secant near the Core Testing Unit droids.


Tonvarr Pirates

On the NW camp of the Tonvarr pirates for the External Variables daily, you can find a Tonvarr Datastore that will give you the codex entries for Tonvarr Pirates.

swtor-tonvarr-datastore-codex-entryswtor-tonvarr-datastore-codex-entry-2 swtor-tonvarr-pirates-codex-entry

Gravak’k and Surgok’k

Codex entry for defeating these two world bosses on Ilum.


Xenoanalyst II (regular and hardmode)

Two separate codex entries, one for defeating Xenoanalyst II on storymode and another for hardmode.



Pets obtain from questing

L1-L Defender

  • Chance to drop from the Ancient Gree Destroyer/Defender, the bonus boss for [PvP] Data Retrieval/Data Recollection
  • Ancient Gree Defender apparently have 100% chance to drop this pet and spawns in the same location as Ancient Gree Destroyer and shares a spawn timer (7 minutes).
  • Requires Friend standing with the Gree Conclave


L1-L Scout

  • Mission reward from Ancient Gree Relay
  • Requires Friend standing with the Gree Conclave


Gree Reputation Vendor

The Gree vendor will be sticking around after the event ends!



Gree Data Core – Requires Newcomer standing – 50k credits


Miniature Gray Secant – Requires Legend standing – 50k credits


Gree Digitizer Cube – Hero Standing – 6 Gray Helix Components

Gray Helix Weapons

All of the weapons are Bind on legacy and requires Champion reputation with the Gree. These weapons requires Gray Helix Components to purchase, which are obtained from [Heroic] Primary Testing (1/day), Unity Extermination (one time quest to kill Xenoanalyst II aboard the Gray Secant), Ancient Gree Relay (one time quest to travel to various planets) and as drops from Xenoanalyst II (4 on storymode, 6 on hardmode). Note that these Gray Helix components are bound on legacy so they can be traded between alts to acquire the weapons faster.

All weapons requires level 10 to use. Offhand weapons costs 8 Gray Helix Components

Gray Helix Autocannon – 24 Gray Helix Components


Gray Helix Blaster – 18 Gray Helix Components


Gray Helix Blaster Rifle – 24 Gray Helix Components


Gray Helix Lightsaber – 18 Gray Helix Components


Gray Helix Sabrestaff – 24 Gray Helix Components


Gray Helix Sniper Rifle – 24 Gray Helix Components


Blue Scalene Armor

  • Requires Friend with the Gree, bound to Legacy
  • Level 10 to use



Red Scalene Armor

  • Requires Friend with the Gree, bound to Legacy
  • Level 10 to use.



White Scalene Armor

  • Requires Champion with the Gree, bound to Legacy
  • Level 10 to use.



Blue Sphere Mount

  • Requires Legend standing with the Gree, Bind on Legacy
  • Costs 48 Gray Helix Components


Cyan Sphere Mount

  • Requires Champion standing with the Gree, Bind on Legacy
  • Costs 48 Gray Helix Components or 16 Gray Helix Components and 36 Snow Covered Parcel


Red Sphere Mount

  • Rare drop from Xenoanalyst II Hardmode (pic provided by Tzarene)




Decoration Reputation Requirements Cost Art: White Scalene Outsider 2 Helix Components Art: Orange Vortex Newcomer 6 Helix Components Gree Light (Blue) Newcomer 2 Helix Components Gree Light (Orange) Newcomer 2 Helix Components Gree Wall Panel Friend 8 Helix Components Art: Red Bisector Hero 10 Helix Components Gree Light Pillar (Blue) Champion 4 Helix Components Gree Light Pillar (Orange) Champion 4 Helix Components Gree Pillar Champion 14 Helix Components Gree Data Terminal Legend 4 Helix Components Gree Ambassador Legend 10 Helix Components


General Achievements

Meta Achievement: Gray Perpendicular

  • Reward: Legacy Title – Gray Perpendicular, 50 achievement points
  • Kill Gravak’k and Surgok’k 10 times, kill 1000 droids, and kill 25 creatures with Mini Gray Secant in 5 planets.
Required sub-achievements
  • Advanced: Slugging the Slug (35 pts)
  • Advanced: Whomping the Wampa (35 pts)
  • But They Don’t Like Droids (85 pts)
  • Junior Research Project (50 pts)

Advanced: Whomping the Wampa (25 pts)

  • You will need to kill Gravak’k, the world boss on Ilum, 10 times.
  • Doing so will also reward you with Achievement Whomping the Wampa (10 pts), which is rewarded for killing Gravak’k once.

Advanced: Slugging the Slug (25 pts)

  • You will need to kill Surgok’k the world boss on Ilum, 10 times.
  • Doing so will also reward you with Achievement Slugging the Slug (10 pts), which is rewarded for killing Surgok’k once.

But They Don’t Like Droids (50 pts)

  • You will need to kill 1000 droids on Ilum. They can be found mostly north of the zone and inside the Gray Secant itself.
  • Doing so will alos reward you with achievements They Don’t Like Droids (10 pts) and They Build Lots of Droids (25 pts), which are rewarded for killing 50 and 250 droids respectively.

Junior Research Project (50 pts)

  • You will need to purchase Miniature Gray Secant from the Gree reputation vendor on Western Ice Shelf, which requires Legend standing and 50k credits.
  • You can do this achievement regardless if the Gree event is active or not, so if the planets are getting a bit crowded, do it another time.
  • You will need to travel to 5 planets and kill specific creatures while having your Miniature Gray Secant out (you will need to re-summon it upon arrival to every planet).
  • Planets like Tatooine and Quesh are fairly easy to complete while planets like Alderaan and Balmorra can be extremely time consuming as the creatures you need are scattered all over.

1) Bormu – Balmorra


  • Bormus are mostly located in Markaran Plains on the west side of Balmorra. This place is the best place to farm them for the achievement as there are 10+ Bormus in close proximity with a respawn timer of 4.5 minutes. Other Bormu locations are also listed for convenience.

2) Womp Rats – Tatooine


  • For the Womp rats at the Imperial speeder in Mos Ila, you will need to kill them before the guards get them.
  • For other Womp rats, it is best to not attack them first but rather run into them and let them aggro you. This is because Womp rats tend to spawn friends to help them but they won’t do that if you kill them in one hit.
  • Numbers inside circles indicate the number of womp rats you can find in that particular location.

3) Lraida – Alderaan


  • There are two types of Lraida, regular ones and Bolraida.
  • Lraidas are scattered all over Alderaan but you may have the best result in Alsakan Lowlands. Respawn timer for these Lraidas is around 4.5 minutes.
  • A map of Alderaan is provided for reference for those who are unsure of the various sub-zone connections in Alderaan.


4) Lobels – Quesh


  • Lobels are literally everywhere on Quesh, which makes this planet very easy to complete. Lobels come in singles and in packs of 4-5 (packs seems to be more prominent in north part of the map).
  • Numbers inside circles indicate the number of lobels you can find in that particular location.

5) Acklay – Belsavis


  • There are two really good spots for Acklays – high concentration north of High Security Section outside/inside the Republic Detention Compound (accessible by all) and another spot in Maximum Security Section where you can find several elite and a champion Acklay.
  • Numbers inside circles indicate the number of acklays you can find in that particular location.

PvP Achievements

Meta Achievement: Blue Octagon (Republic only)

  • Reward: Legacy Title – Blue Octagon, 25 achievement points
  • Kill 50 players with the Gree Orb explosion and kill 100 players of the opposite faction in Western Ice Shelf
Required sub-achievements
  • Energy Bomb (25 pts)
  • Line Bisector (25 pts)
  • Remember Fray! (10 pts)
  • In Memory of the Fallen (25 pts)

Meta Achievement: Red Octagon (Empire only)

  • Reward: Legacy Title – Red Octagon, 25 achievement points
  • Kill 50 players with the Gree Orb explosion and kill 100 players of the opposite faction in Western Ice Shelf
Required sub-achievements
  • Energy Bomb (25 pts)
  • Line Bisector (25 pts)
  • Ice Cold Revenge (10 pts)
  • Echoes of Victory (25 pts)

Energy Bomb (25 pts)

  • Defeat 10 players with the Gree Energy Orb explosion in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum.
  • The Gree Energy Orb is obtained during the daily PvP quest Charging the Pylon and explodes when it is deposited onto the pylon, if the player carrying it is killed, or if the orb expires.

Line Bisector (25 pts)

  • Defeat 50 players carrying the Gree orb in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum.

Remember Fray! (10 pts)

  • Kill 10 Imperial players in the Western Ice Shelf as a Republic player while the Bolster is active.

In Memory of the Fallen (25 pts)

  • Kill 100 Imperial players in the Western Ice Shelf as a Republic player while the Bolster is active.

Ice Cold Revenge (10 pts)

  • Kill 10 Republic players in the Western Ice Shelf as an Imperial player while the Bolster is active.

Echoes of Victory (25 pts)

  • Kill 100 Republic players in the Western Ice Shelf as an Imperial player while the Bolster is active.