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Minecraft: Top 10 Game of Thrones Constructions - Kings Landing, Winterfell, The Wall, Pyke

TIME :2022-07-03

When Minecraft Meets Game Of Thrones

It's impossible to escape the wave of hype surrounding the Game of Thrones saga. Whether this is from the books written by George R.R. Martin or via -more recently- the series produced by HBO, many have been pulled in to Westeros. As such, we can even find references to the saga in the game Minecraft which -let's admit it- lends itself perfectly to the construction of the famous places and monuments from Martin's creation. Let's show our respect for the work that can be found on the site WesterosCraft.

Just for your eyes, the top 10 images of creations on this theme constructed by Maruku:

1 - King's Landing

The Westeros capital and place of resistance for the royal Baratheon family, King's Landing is obviously an essential place in Martin's world. 

Minecraft Port-Réal

2 - Winterfell

Winterfell is the ancestral castle of the Stark family. This stronghold is that last bastion of the North before the Wall. The result here is extremely convincing!

Minecraft Winterfell

3 - The Wall

The legendary Wall found at the north of Westeros protects its inhabitents from savages. Throughout the ages, the Night Watch patrols it to warn the south of any barbarian invasion.

Minecraft Le Mur

4 - Pyke

The island of Pyke, the seat of the House Greyjoy perched in the middle of the Iron Islands. A tough place for tough men and women where iron and salt reign as absolute masters. 

Minecraft Pyke

5 - Dragonstone

Former home of the Targaryen family, Dragonstone has since been held by the Barathéons. The titanic dragons still standing there are a testimony to the past grandeur of the ancient royal family.

Minecraft Dragonstone

6 - Casterly Rock 

Casterly Rock is the family castle of the Lannisters, the most powerful family in all of Westeros. Anyone who is at least a little interested in the Game of Thrones universe will have heard of this castle. 

Minecraft Castral Roc

7 - Sunspear

Sunspear is found in the South, in Dorne and houses the members of the prestigious Martell family. The desert environment and Middle Eastern architecture are characteristic of this region. Some more good work!

Minecraft Lancelion

8 - Harrenhal

A sinister castle that is said to have been haunted for a long time, Harrenhal is not a very welcoming place. And this very faithful reproduction is proof of that.  

Minecraft Harrenhal

9 - Dreadfort

Dreadfort is the castle of the Bolton family. Like Winterfell, it is one of the strongholds in the north of Westeros.

Minecraft Fort-Terreur

10 - The Eyrie

Finally, the Eyrie. Ancient seat of the Arryn family that is said to be impregnable thanks to its advantageous position high in the mountains.

Minecraft Les Eyrie