Hearthstone Guide: Basic Paladin Deck

The Paladin is a real Swiss army knife who will win you duels thanks to a full range of options. It's this versatility that makes the strength of Uther the Lightbringer. Protection, heals, and buffs are the weapons available to you to win the game. He also has a Hero Power which can prove to be very useful if used well. 

The Key Cards

Your aim will be to maintain constant pressure on your opponent and deal as much as possible with the enemy creatures. Board control should be no problem with this deck, nor will setting up a lot of creatuers, notably with the Hero Power. All the key cards comply with all our objectives: control, healing and the chance to surprise your opponent. 

• Hand of Protection

The magic bubble! This card is very interesting because it allows you to trade with an enemy creature for 'free'. In some cases, it's a bit like if you doubled the HP of one of your minions, for only 1 mana.

• Blessing of Kings

This is a bit of a surprise card and will often throw your opponent. It can have two uses, rid you of a powerful enemy creature or deal a lot of damage to the enemy hero. An average minion can quickly become a threat that your opponent will have to deal with. 

• Consecration

Here it is, your zone spell! This card is quite simply your weapon for overcoming different rush decks. If it is well used, it will quickly ease an aggressive chain of releases from your opponent. As often, chances to clear the board are rare and so precious, so be careful not to use this card too quickly.

• Truesilver Champion

This is quite simply one of the best weapons of the game, which is good because it is free! It will make it possible to rid yourself of most of the creatures that cost 4 mana and less. The other advantage is that it allows you to steal health points thanks to a heal. We recommend you mainly use it to control the board, even if in some situations, attacking your opponent's HP could be worthwhile. 

• Guardian of Kings

Once in the late game, this card will prove to be extremely powerful! It can quite simply help you survive or digust your opponents by recovering all of your health points. The size of the heal is simply huge and will get you out of many situations.

The Full Deck

As for the rest, keeping things very standard, with the best free cards available. You'll find cards to buy you time with taunts, 'draw' cards and something to have fun with in the late game.The gradual increase in mana should also allow you, if you are lucky, to deal one card per turn.

Paladin Deck

Mana Card Name Quantity 1 Hand of Protection 2 2 Acidic Swamp Ooze 2 2 Novice Engineer 2 2 River Crocolisk 2 3 Shattered Sun Cleric 2 4 Blessing of Kings 2 4 Chillwind Yeti 2 4 Consecration 2 4 Hammer of Wrath 2 4 Sen'jin Shieldmasta 2 4 Truesilver Champion 2 5 Darkscale Healer 2 5 Frostwolf Warlord 2 7 Guardian of Kings 2 7 Stormwind Champion 2

Standard moves of a game

Turn 1

Unfortunately, as with a lot of basic decks, turn 1 is very weak. You will have to wait for the next turn!

Turn 2

In priority use River Crocolisk to start to create a presence on the board, or the Novice Engineer if you don't have a good starting hand.

Turn 3/4

As will often be the case, the Chillwing Yeti will be the priority in most situations. If your opponent has already dealt a difficult creature, go with the Truesilver Champion. Your Hero Power can be a good alternative if luck isn't smiling on you.

Turn 5+

It's the moment to use the Blessing of the Kings on one of your creatures and put a lot of pressure on your opponent! If your health is low, you should play Guardian of the Kings. If you have a lot of creatures on the board then use the Frostwolf Warlord or the Stormwind Champion.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The + of the deck

 A well rounded arsenal.
 The basic Paladin cards are very interesting. 
 Quite competitive for a basic deck.

The - of the deck

 The start of the game is often difficult. 
 Very difficult to manage the big creatures. 
 A Starter Deck, so weak against decks built from very big cards.