SoloQ - The Champions to raise your Elo!

TIME :2022-07-03
Jungle: Jarvan IV Vi Hecarim Xin Zhao Lee Sin Kayle Jarvan IV Vi Hecarim Xin Zhao Lee Sin Kayle

Jarvan IV Jarvan has very good spells for the jungle. His controls are just as powerful in a teamfight as they are for a gank, and he can also avoid the wards with his E/Q combo which goes through the walls.

Vi Vi is very powerful at the moment because she has good mobility and some control. She can also avoid the wards with her dash through walls. Vi isn't hugely powerful in the early levels so she is better to play in the jungle. In mid/late game she can be just terrifying for the enemy team.

Hecarim Hecarim has an incredible mobility, hes speed allows him to surprise his opponents, he has some good controls for teamfights and can quickly clean the jungle.

Xin Zhao Xin Zhao has some incredible damage, especially in the early game, his ganks will allow him to quickly make a first blood if the opponent's don't have too many wards.

Lee Sin Lee Sin is also powerful in the jungle, he can avoid the wards with his Ward+Dash combo, but this will cost him a ward! He can do some very good ganks and he has some useful spells for the team in teamfight.

Kayle Kayle does the jungle quickly and has an invulnerability spell which can turn around a teamfight if it is well used. However this requires you to have good vision of the game, the champion isn't a tank so you will also have to position yourself well!


Mid Snowball Champions to dominate the game and hard carry:

The best Physical champions for carry are the champions who can kill their opponents before they get to level 3 for a huge snowball!

    Mid Lane (up to platinum): Zed Kha'Zix Kassadin Akali Pantheon Fizz Pantheon Pantheon Kassadin Akali Pantheon Fizz

Kassadin Kassadin can feed very quickly at level 7/8 if played well, and can then camp on the botlane thanks to his mobility which allows him to avoid the wards by going through the walls!
Kassadin can win games alone because he has:
- a huge amount of damage
- the mobility to feed quickly and be able to camp on the botlane!
- the ability to kill a carry in teamfight while he is a bit too far from his team without being exposed to a retaliation!
- the aim will be to kill the 'carry', in other words the champions who have a lot of damage but little resistance. Even a fed carry will still be weak, the aim will be to feed faster and hard carry the game!
- once again the kills aren't so important, what matters for the carry until you get to platinum is the amount of gold you gain per minute to be able to snowball! 13K gold in 35mins won't have at all the same effect as 13k gold in 25mins for example.

Akali Akali can feed quickly at levels 6/7, she can then gank the botlane quite easily. She will force the enemy team to buy pink wards, but her ultimate gives her a huge amount of mobility and she can tank the damage and heal with her Hextech Gunblade.
In teamfight Akali can very quickly kill the carry and have enough damage to kill the whole enemy team if she has played aggressively enough to snowball.

Pantheon Zed is very strong in a 1 v 1, especially when your opponent doesn't have a Zhonya, as this would allow them to avoid the damage of the ultimate and be invulnerable when it detonates. Zed can very easily kill his opponent repeatedly if he manages the kill before level 3 and gets the first blood! He can then carry very well. Zed is also able to push his lane very quickly with a linear spell and also has an escape.

Pantheon Kha Zix is a very powerful character because one of his spells resets during a kill or an assistance, this makes him very powerful in a teamfight as long as he was able to feed quickly in the early game. To do this you will have to play very aggressively in the early game by using your Q on your opponent when they are away from the minions and kill them before level 3 to snowball and easily carry the game.

Pantheon Pantheon is quite strong in a 1 v 1 in the mid, however at the same time it would be better to take Kha'zix or Zed. His passive allows him to tower dive! His ultimate at level 6/7 allows him to camp on the botlane very easily and quickly end the game by snowballing.

Fizz Fizz is very strong in a 1 v 1, especially against the mages, he can make kills in the mid and then go with damage to kill the AD and AP carry in the teamfight! The Zhonya allows him to reduce his cooldowns. However Fizz doesn't necessarily have an escape if he uses his spells to aggress his opponent, so the enemy jungler can be annoying if camped in the mid.

Mid Lane without snowball: Rumble Kayle Ryze Master Yi Lux Rumble Kayle Ryze Maître Yi Lux

Rumble Rumble is difficult to master, however his ultimate deals a huge amount of damage in teamfights when used well! It will be difficult for Rumble to do a precise focus in teamfight against a careful opponent, however his AP scaling is ridiculous and he can gank the botlane thanks to the range of his ultimate00000.

Kayle Kayle has a huge amount of damage with the buff of his AP scaling on his E which has been doubled! This can allow him to do a huge amount of damage with a Nashor's Tooth, and his ultimate allows him to make someone invulnerable and turn about a teamfighs. In the lane against an opponent who is not very careful he will be able to feed!

Ryze Ryze is very careful in mid/late game, in the early game he has a lot of damage but is very vulnerable to ganks, so you will have to be very careful not to be a freekill for the jungler, especially when playing aggressively, so watch out for baits. Note that Ryze has a fixed spell range, so he will suffer if your team has fed your opponents too much because you will often have to be at close range to do damage.

Maître Yi Master Yi is powerful in the lane phase thanks to his abilities but he isn't as OP as he used to be due to a healing nerf! It might not be easy to feed in the early/mid game if your opponents are good. The botlane can easily give a double kill if they aren't all full health!
Master Yi is often very powerful in teamfights because if his opponents die then he recovers his cooldowns and can reused his spells LIKE A BOSS! His healing spell allows him to protect his team in a teamfight, you will have to watch out for controls that can cancel your spell.

Lux Lux is a champion who can farm from a distance while being safe, preventing the champion from dying much in a game. It is possible to get kills with a gank on the botlane with a simple ultimate, for example, if the players on the botlane are low in HP. Lux is often played very safe, however you will sometimes have to make a move to feed if the game is going badly! In teamfights Lux has a lot of damage, her shield and a very useful ultimate! Her ability to engage with her cage is also very good, and the cooldown of her ultimate in the late game can surprise her opponents.


Top Lane: Renekton Volibear Singed Jax Darius Elise Renekton Volibear Singed Jax Darius Elise

Renekton Renekton is one of the strongest champions in the lane, allowing him to take the advantage over his opponent and shine in the mid game. He is a safe pick who can manage against almost anything if you don't know your match up.

Volibear Volibear is very powerful at level 2/3, and is able to do the wolves/wraiths with the mid to get to level 2 before his opponent and quickly take the first blood when faced with a careless opponent. He also works really well when used with the red potion! In mid/late game the character can tank a huge amount, however he might get kited even in spite of his movespeed.

Singed Singed has some counters in the lane phase so you should be careful not to take the champion before your prefered opponent, otherwise it could be difficult for you. Apart from that, Singed is a good counter to champions who can't depush because he can easily put himself between the turrets and put pressure on the top lane. Note that this technique requires that your team also put pressure on their lanes so that they don't get ganked 100 times, if that ever happens then they should go do the Drake. SInged is a monster in the mid/late game and will be very resistant!

Jax Jax is still very strong despite the nerfs, especially with the Blade of the Ruined King which is just OP for him. He will quickly be very useful, note that his level 1/2 isn't as strong as for some of the Top champions. Jax will have to jump into things a bit to be able to punish his opponents, however if they are very fed then he will be in trouble despite everything!

Darius Darius is very easy to play and has a lot of damage, he can quickly knock out an opponent who can't farm from a distance! Watch out, he can be kited in teamfights!

Elise Elise is a very good champion in the lane phase, despite her nerf the champion still has a lot of damage and is able to chase her opponent over a long distance.

The toplane relies a lot on the counter picks as well as the ganks in the early game!


Support: Thresh Lulu Zyra Taric Sona Blitzcrank Leona Vi Lulu Zyra Taric Sona Blitzcrank Leona

Vi Thresh is simply just OP! He has some incredible spells, a zone control, a grab, the ability to teleport a teammate, he is THE support champion of the moment by far!

Lulu Lulu is very powerful in both the lane phase and teamfights, her slow will drive enemies without a dash crazy!

Zyra Zyra is difficult to play by she has some very good spells, and her passive is powerful in the lane because in theory Zyra should die instead of her AD carry if there is no other choice during trades on the botlane. Her plants do a lot of damage, her root and her ultimate are incredible weapons in a teamfight.

Taric Taric is probably the simplest support in terms of his mechanics, he has some powerful spells in the meta game. The armour bonus counter the AD bruisers just as well as the AD carry in the lane.

Sona Sona is very powerful at harassing in her lane, she can give a good advantage to her AD carry if her opponents don't play aggressively! In teamfights she works well in an AoE (area of effect) composition, a bit Wombo Combo!

Blitzcrank Blitzcrank can be good at making kills if he is successful with his grabs! Grabbing an opponent through a wall will allow him to make a kill very quickly, however opponents that are good in the lane could put pressure on your AD carry, especially if your grab fails since it will be in cooldown! The ultimate can also pose a problem for your AD carry for last hits if you're not careful.

Leona Leona is a champion who has to get into the thick of it, however if she is played badly then the consequences could be catastrophic, so don't pick Leona if you have never played her! She has a huge amount of control in the teamfights and is able to engage teamfights easily!


AD Carry: Miss Fortune Ezreal Draven Caitlyn Vayne Miss Fortune Ezreal Draven Caitlyn Vayne

Miss Fortune Miss fortune is very easy to play and has a lot of zone damage thanks to her ultimate which makes the champion very powerful in a wombo combo setup!

Ezreal Ezreal is able to harass your opponent with his Q and take the advantage without moving into close range!

Draven Draven is very powerful in the lane and can take an incredible advantage over his opponent, however this champion is very difficult to master!

Caitlyn Caitlyn is very powerful in the lane phase thanks to her harass and traps! Her traps are also very good in teamfights for protecting herself of even for kiting!

Vayne Vayne is very powerful in the mid/late game, and if she is protected she can tackle the tanks easily! However Vayne is probably the weakest AD carry in the lane, so your opponents might take advantage of this!