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Rust Bucket Guides and Tricks

TIME :2022-07-03

Rust Bucket Guides and Tricks


So far we consider this is as a cool game which is perfect for those who are looking forward for a unique concept that for mobile app. Well in Rust Bucket you will experience playing with turn based dungeon crawler wherein you can swipe to take a step and swipe as well as swiping into enemies to attack. Yes pretty simple yet very challenging to play. In addition to cool gameplay, you are also going to enjoy how you puzzle your way in passing deadly traps and use them to catch enemies. We mentioned that the game is very challenging it is because you will encounter many types of monster and each of it has their own distinctive behavior to overcome. Ultimately this is perfect for those who are looking for depth strategy game that they can play for mobile platform. And for those who are looking for strategy guides that they can apply in this game, you can check out some tips and tricks for Rust Bucket below:

1. Don’t forget to hit the C tiles. This serves as your checkpoints in game especially in the main level-based game. So in case that you die in game, instead of going back to the very beginning, the checkpoint will saves you. Also when you run out of moves with enemies such s the skulls, you will be able to reset their position by simply hitting the checkpoints.

2. Your score will be based on how many of golden doors you’ve passed. This works with endless dungeon crawling mode wherein the best way for you to earn lots points. Although in this game, you can choose any door that you wish and make your own path, you must consider that there are some doors contain tougher obstacles inside than other and it would be challenging for you to past them while the main way for you to gather points is to pass as many golden doors as you can.

3. Avoid the X tile. This is actually the next tile that the enemy is going to move to and in case that you move to it, you will die. So instead of stepping on that tile, just find another tile to move to. And in this case you will find that Jars are your best friend since if you are running out of moves, you can smash a jar and a move will go by. You can also use this to draw enemies close enough to destroy them.

4. Draw enemies onto the fire tiles. You are not the only who are vulnerable in trap tiles and also it works with enemies. So from here you can also draw enemies onto the fire tiles so you can instantly destroy them. Here you will see that fire tiles will have three animations such as dark meaning to say it is safe to step on the next move, red tiles corresponds that the next move will be fire and ultimately the fire which is capable of kill both enemies and you once you step onto it. But then if you are immediately next to one that is on fire, you can step onto it since it will be dark on the next move and there is nothing to worry about. The only time that you can’t actually step on it is when it is right next to you and it is on red.

5. Eliminate the annoying ads. Like me who also find ads are a little bit intrusive, this is the way we can eliminate them. Just set the phone to airplane mode and you will never need to spend one dollar for it. And if you want to cheat the ads, you can also play the endless mode since unlike to level based mode, wherein the ads show up between levels, here in endless move, the ads will only pop up when you die.