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How to buy and use pets in Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter has received a new update recently that includes even more pets to unlock. Because who wants to be without a four legged friend while stuck in a vault?

Carry on reading this guide to learn how to buy and use these new pets inFallout Shelter.

So, how do you gain pets?

Well, if you’ve just downloaded the update, you’re in luck! Fallout Shelter kindly throws a pet your way to get you started. It’s a convenient way to get you on the ‘gotta catch em all’ path that the game is clearly going for.

Otherwise, your options are a little more vague. Very rarely, you can gain one through a regular Vault-tec lunchbox, but don’t count on it.

The best way to get a pet is by buying one. You can buy one pet carrier for 99 cents or five for $4.99.

What kind of pets are there?

Dogs, cats, and parrots, and each of them has different levels of rarity. There’s common, rare, and legendary.

As you’d expect, legendary are the best ones, with their own special names and some pretty awesome bonuses. Don’t count on acquiring many of these.

Each pet - regardless of type - has a different bonus. Some might offer damage resistance, while others practically double your health. Some are more mercenary in terms of what they can offer, increasing the amount of items that drop or the caps you earn.

How do I use them?

Pets are equipped, just like weapons or clothing.

Bear in mind though, there are some limitations on how many fit in a room. If you have an one unit room, you can have two dwellers working in it, but only one of those dwellers can have a pet with them. That’s going to limit how many pets you can use at any one time.

I’m baffled. Help!

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What pets have you uncovered while playing Fallout Shelter? Let us know in the comments!