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How to surpass your rivals in Super Tribes

Super Tribes is a turn based strategy game which sees you striving to establish the most powerful tribe in all of the land. However, this isn’t as simple as it sounds, as there are other tribes looking to do the same.

With that in mind, we here at 148Apps thought we would provide you with some useful tips to get you ahead of your rivals.

Starting out

When you begin, you should concentrate on upgrading your village and exploring the map. Satisfying certain mission objectives will also allow you to construct special structures, providing special bonuses as well as a hefty boost to your score.

What to look for

While you're out exploring, there are some specific things you should keep your eyes peeled for. Ruins are always worth examining as they have a chance to either spawn a friendly super unit - which are useful in battles - or they reveal a large section of the map.

If you're lucky enough to run into a village that isn’t aligned with any of the other tribes, head there straight away to claim it as your own as capturing these by force later will require much more effort.

Decisions, decisions

Choosing what to research can be tough - especially with so many technologies available to specialise in.

Starting out, you can’t really go wrong with focusing on resource technologies that allow you to increase your population, though precisely which one varies due to maps being randomly generated. With that in mind, base your decisions on the environment around you.

For example, if your village is surrounded with harvestable fruit fields, the organisation technology will provide you with the most value early on.

To fight, or not to fight?

While other tribes are still competing against you, they usually aren’t the type to engage in mindless violence. In fact, many will even lend you a helping hand during the beginning, by providing resources as well as teaching technologies.

It might be smarter and less costly to focus on developing your own villages - unless you’re supremely confident about overwhelming your rivals with force.

Know how to become the most super of super tribes? Let us know in the comments!