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DDTank Fights, Challenges, Fortification & Metallurgy

There are basically two types of fights in DDTank. The Adventure and the Sport Fight mode. To start a fight, you will have to go the the Game Hall and create a Chamber. There you can choose the type of fight you are making chamber for.

Sport Fight

Once you enter the Game Hall and create a chamber for a sports fight, you will be prompted to choose one of the two sports type fights: The Free Battle and The League Fight.

Free Battle

Free battle is a 1v1 battle where the opponents are chosen randomly. Both opponents are of the same or close level. Each player is given 10 seconds to aim and attack. If the player does not make a move within the given time, his move is skipped and the opponent gets the turn.


League Fight

As told earlier, in league fights, players from the same league are teamed up against another team from some league. The league fights must contain more than one player. The count can go up to 8. League fights earn more reward to the players than free battles. Participating in League Fights, a player also earns league contribution points. So it’s a win-win situation.

Challenge Mode

Second mode of the battle in DDTank is the challenge mode. Clicking on a player’s name will open his character’s attribute pop up. On the top right of that pop up, you will find the challenge button. Once you have challenged the player and he has accepted it, you will be taken to the challenge chambers where you can select any map and the attack time. After that, the teams are divided into red and blue teams and the fight begins.

In the new version of DDTank, there is a feature called Extra Exp. It is, when there is a difference of 5 levels or more between the opponents, the player with higher level will gain 200 exp regardless of the battle results. The amount of exp may change with the increased exp points.

DDTank Fortification and Metallurgy

Fortification is the process of upgrading your weapons, clothes and hats. Upgrading the weapons will increase the damage while upgrading the hats and clothes will increase your defense. For fortification to take place, you will need the weapon, fortification items and energy stones.

Energy stones can be synthesized by metallurgy as told later in this article. The fortification items include amulets.

There are three types of amulets. 25% amulet will cause an increase of 25% in the stats of weapon/clothes, 15% amulet increases the stats by 15% and divine amulet saves your weapon from vanishing if the fortification fails.


As you may have guessed by now that fortification does not always succeed. Sometimes it fails. The frequency of this “sometimes” depends on the level of item you are fortifying. The higher the level, the less the chances of success. What do you do to increase the chances of success you ask? Well there is no obvious answer to this. Some say the timing of fortification and load on the servers affects the success rate heavily but this theory is yet to be confirmed. Whatever you do, just don’t risk your high level items. Always use a divine amulet.

Basically there are three types of weapons: Ordinary weapons, T-Grade weapons which are higher in base stats than ordinary weapons and E-Grade weapons which cannot be bought, only found in chests during battles. These are the highest class weapons you will find in DDTank.

If the fortification fails, the ordinary weapons vanish while T-Grade weapons and E-Grade weapons do not. They stay at the same level or fall a level behind.


You can also synthesize your own weapons, clothes and other items by joining materials. The attributes of synthesized items will change according to the items used for synthesis. Different items induce different properties into the item being synthesized.

  • Vermilion improves the offense attribute
  • Tiger improves the luck attribute
  • Dragon improves agility
  • Serpent improves defense

The higher the level of items, the more chances of success you will have in synthesis.


Transferring attributes across objects

One more feature you must know is that you can transfer attributes of one item to the other. The only drawback is that the attributes are not added to the existing attributes, but replaced entirely. Also, there is no way to transfer selective attributes meaning the entire attributes of the receiver will be replaced by the new ones irrespective of whether the new attributes are higher or lower than the older ones


Metallurgy is the art of combining multiple items of lower level and “smelting” them into a higher level item. All you need is the items to be smelted, the formula scroll and a sacrifice item if you want to increase the rate of success.

Once you have collected the required items, go to the town armory and click on the metallurgy tab to get started. Gems, Pearls, Stones and Rings/Bracelets can be smelted to create the higher level respective items. On the right hand side, you can see your available items and formulas which you can drag to the slots on the left hand side. The higher the level of items to be smelted, the lower will be your chances of success. Adding sacrifice will also increase your chances of success.