Batman Arkham Origin: Stuck on Deck 1 Penguin Mission – Rafting

TIME :2022-07-03

Have you bought the brand new Batman: Arkham Origin by Warner Bros Games that was released today?
If you have, and you’re currently playing it you might find yourself stuck on one of the first levels, where you’re inside the ship looking for Penguin.
Especially I found myself stuck at the part where I need to drag myself around on the raft using the BatClaw.
Some times I could get myself to the 2. and maybe even the 3. ring. But it would just keep saying click “Space”…

Well, I did find a solution for that after my 3rd attempt or something like that.

Whenever you’re using the BatClaw and you’re at the point where you want to be, for example with this raft, simply click Ctrl (as when you’re crouching).

That will (for some reason) cancel the BatClaw, giving you the opportunity to continue dragging yourself on to the next ring etc.

Hopefully this helped you out.