Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii - Which One To Pick?

When most people head out to purchase a video game system, they may think that they are all the same. Tiny consoles that play video games and cost lots of money. This is especially true for parents who are non gamers and simply buying it for their kids. However, video game consoles have come a long way. Technology has vastly improved and the consoles out now will knock you down with sheer amazement. There are differences in the PS3, Nintendo Wii and the Xbox360 that are worth mentioning. The differences might have an impact on which one you will want to buy.

Nintendo Wii is a popular system because it lets people get active with it. They use the controls to move the characters around on screen and use them again to play sports and compete in challenges. Every Wii system comes with a sports package. The package has a series of sport games and the games are played using the Wii remotes.

So for bowling for example; a gamer has to use their entire hand and arm to roll the ball and virtually swing it to knock down the pins. The controllers are motion censored and can tell how fast your moving the remote and at what angle. This type of technology has made the Wii very popular with all age groups. Parents absolutely love the idea that their kids are playing video games but moving about at the same time, as to not put a dent in the couch. The Wii also has lots of kid and family friendly game, making it a worthwhile investment.

The Xbox360 is a great system that has excellent graphics and a modern system for communicating online with friends. The games designed for this system tend to be older more advanced games, but with the superb quality of the graphics they make an excellent choice bundling with the system. For gamers who like to play online with their friends, the Xbox360 allows people to link up with them and chat live using headphones.

The PS3 is a system that is known for having a blu-ray system attached to it. It is a system that looks nice with a shiny black exterior. People love having it on their TV stands because it looks so nice. People can also justify the purchase because they can claim that it is also a Blu-ray player. The games for this system tend to be for older kids but there are a few younger games. The games for this system have also been noted to take longer to come out then other systems.

Each system has minor flaws with them, for example the Xbox360 is known for older games and has had a bad reputation for overheating issues. The Nintendo Wii is a great family game, but not the best for online communicating with friends and the PS3 is a great system but is said to take a while to load games and moves and the games are slower to come available.

As all systems have pros and cons it may be hard to decide which one to get. You can always try each one out at a games store and see what you like better. Also take a look at the games shelves and see which system has more games that you are personally interested in.