10 Reasons Why You Should Get A Sony Vita (NGP)

Sony's Vita, previously known as NGP, is recently getting a significant amount of attention in the techie market, because it is a new gaming gadget which is among the first to come along in quite some time now.

This gadget also has that amazing-looking hardware which is very much appealing to your eyes. If you are not yet convinced with the predetermined prowess of this device, then open your mind to these top ten reasons on why you should be getting a Sony Vita ahead of others. You might just be blown away.

1. It is the one and only next-gen handheld device.

Vita is the only handheld device in the market that can be classified as next-gen. The Nintendo 3DS, compared to Vita, is way too under-powered. In fact, in terms of raw polygon-pushing power, it's much closer to the original PSP than the Vita.

2. It is a PS3 straight to your pocket.

The quad-core processor-GPU combo in the Vita makes it even more powerful than any portable device in the market could offer. This is a sure-fire reason why Sony's Vita is going to be a big hit! This is evident by checking some of its videos, which look just as good as the PS3 games on which it is based. The PS3 games are one of the best-looking games in the home console platform. So, the simple logic is if you like PS3 games, then most likely than not, you will also like Vita games. Having the Vita is close to having a PS3 in your pocket!

3. It offers a good chance for you to continue your PS3 games on the device.

What more can you ask for? You can continue in a different device the game that you have left off in another! Sony is still actively encouraging developers to produce games that will work across both platforms though. This promise is definitely something to look forward to.

4. It has almost every input method you can dream of.

We have seen before a number of new gaming input methods, including different types of touch screen and motion control. The Vita sports multiple examples of both methods, with a five-inch touch screen and a rear touchpad joining three accelerometers. Add to this the rock-solid set of PlayStation controls (D-pad and six buttons) and two analogue sticks and presto, you have almost every form of control you can possibly wish for! More control options mean more gaming possibilities, and this is enough reason why you must get hold of the Vita.

5. It has those rare dual analogue sticks.

The old PSP was mainly criticized because of its pitiful analogue status. Although it had a PS2-level performance, it still was not working at its best, especially with 3D action games, because of its lack of two important control inputs. However, with the coming of Vita, Sony's techie world is about to turn around. The Vita comes with two precious analogue sticks, one for your left thumb and another for your right. So for the very first time, first-person shooters will be as playable on a handheld as they are on a console.

6. It has a gleaming rear touchpad.

Having a rear-mounted touchpad eliminates the key problem with touch screen gaming. The fact that your finger or your stylus can get in the way of the action really sucks.

7. It is home to the PlayStation Suite.

What is PlayStation Suite, by the way? It is a hardware neutral collection of PlayStation classics and original games, which are also playable in Android handsets. With this Android tie-in, it means that the Vita will play host to Cheap 'n' Cheerful Casual Gem 2 as well as run Blockbuster Console FPS 4. It has all gaming avenues covered. The Vita is really a catch, both acting as a host to graphically rich games and as a home to PlayStation Suite.

8. It is tougher, faster, and more efficient than its predecessors.

Another drawback in PSP is that it required a physical UMD media to run games. Although this had an upright capacity, it was still weak and slow to load. It also required battery-needing components to operate and read. This downside is rectified by PSPgo by removing the UMDs, but PSPgo's exclusively download-driven method was both ill-advised and premature.

9. It is swooned and loved by developers.

Ask the people who make games for the Vita and you'll hear only one thing - positive. Given the fact that the gadget is capable and is relatively easy to program, along with Sony's willingness to support the developers, no negative comments have been released about this device.

10. Its five-inch screen is a winning compromise between a smart phone and a tablet.

With its five-inch screen, the Vita has found its way in the middle between the iPhone and the iPad, sporting a 3.5-inch screen and a 9.7-inch screen, respectively. Compared to the iPhone, it offers a more comfortable multimedia experience. Compared to the iPad, it fits better in your pocket.

The Vita is indeed a sure win, and it will definitely take the whole techie world by storm.