Monster Strike Hack for Orbs & Coins, Cheats & Tips -

TIME :2022-07-03

Monster Strike Hack for Orbs & Coins, Cheats & Tips

Monster Strike is a free online monster collecting co-op multiplayer game by Mixi Inc., in which you use a strategy similar to pool to make your characters hit the enemy to score points and win matches. You basically put your finger on a character of yours, then let it go as if you were playing pool, and it will bounce off of the walls and the top as it hits the enemies, which means you can create a lot of damage in just one move. Monster Strike was developed by Yoshiki Okamoto, who is the developer behind Street Fighter II, which means you know this game is fun in terms of combat, but also takes some skill to defeat the bosses.


You can get Monster Strike on your iOS or Android device for free. If you are downloading the game for your iOS device, you will need 61.4 MB of room for the download, and the game is currently on version 3.3.3. You can only download this game in English, and you must be running iOS version 6.0 or later to be able to successfully play Monster Strike. This game is compatible with iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone, although it is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. If you are downloading this game for Android, you must be on OS version 2.3.3 to download this game and it is 44 MB in size. This game is currently on version 3.3.3 and has a medium maturity rating. Whether you are playing Monster Strike on iOS or Android, you will have the ability to purchase items using the in-app purchasing ability, which does cost real money to buy the items.

In-App Purchases

There are a number of in-app purchases you can make in Monster Strike, both for the iOS version and the Android version. Some of the top in-app purchases include 1 orb for $.99, 6 otbs for $4.99, and 12 orbs for $8.99. You can also purchase 30 orbs for $20.99, 60 orbs for $38.99, 80 orbs for $48.99, and 175 orbs for $99.99.

Monster Strike Hack for Orbs & Coins

If you want to collect all of the monsters in Monster Strike, you’re going to need lots of orbs and coins.  Orbs can be purchased using real money but many players choose not to spend theirs on a free game.  That’s why we’ve recently added the Monster Strike hack to our collection.

The Monster Strike hack tool lets players add unlimited amounts of orbs and coins to their accounts for free.  The tool works for both Android and iOS devices.  You can download it right here at AppGameCheats.

After downloading the hack for Monster Strike, you’ll see the options menu pictured here.  Follow the instructions below to run the hack.


The Monster Strike hack tool automatically installs after you download it.  Begin by picking the type of device you are using to play the game, either iOS or Android.  Now you can type in the amounts of orbs and coins you want to add to your account.

Tap the “Start” button when you’re ready to begin the Monster Strike hack.  The tool will finish working in about 25 seconds but it can take up to a minute depending on your connection speed.  When the hack is complete, open your Monster Strike app and you’ll see the orbs and coins have been added.  Have fun collecting all of the monsters without having to pay!

Cheats & Tips for Monster Strike

Know The Elemental Chart: A lot of games use an element for characters, with Monster Strike also using elements in the monsters. You want to make sure you know the elemental types of each monster, because this will help you in terms of battles. Fire beats grass, grass beats water, and water will beat fire. Light and dark will both beat each other since they cancel each other out. It is important to remember the elements of your characters so that way you can build a team that is balanced with characters playing off the weakness and strength of the other.


Make Friends: You want to make friends in this game a lot because you can end up taking the other player’s monsters into your battles. If you take an online player’s monster with you into battle, you will earn something called friend points, or FP for short. You can actually use the friend points on the Hatcher. Once you play with someone in the online part of Monster Strike, it’s best to send out friend requests so that you can build up a friend base quickly. There are also Facebook groups and social media groups for the game, which is another way you can make friends that can help you out during the game.

Play on Weekends: Monster Strike is a game that you really want to play on the weekend, because there are a lot of limited-time events and special items you can get on the weekend. There are timed weekend-only events and quests that can give you a lot of the really good loot found in the game. You also end up getting more super rare items on the weekend because the drop rates are higher, such as the Divine Sharl Catalyst. The Daily Expie quests are also better on the weekends because the Expies are more powerful during the weekend hours opposed to the weekday hours.


Work On Speed Clear: In Monster Strike, you will get a bonus called the Speed Clear Bonus, which is when you defeat a boss in a certain number of moves. If you get the boss in the amount of moves the game says, then you will likely get a rare egg or Catalyst drop. If you are playing Monster Strike in normal mode, it should be easy to get the Speed Clear bonus, but the extreme and impossible modes are what gets you the really good bonuses and items. You want to remember to take the right elements into battle so that you can earn the bonus, which means the opposite of what the boss is, such as using fire if the boss is wood.

Fuse Morlings With Another Morling: In Monster Strike, you want to fuse a Morling with another Morling, because doing this can earn you a Mega Fusion Bonus. The Mega Fusion Bonus can boost your stats and increase your overall numbers. It will also clear up room in your Monster Box, which means you won’t need to spend your orbs on expanding it out.

Review of Monster Strike

When you first load up the game, you will go through a small tutorial, which is where you will first pick your character and a nick name for the game. You will almost immediately go into battle where you realize this game is a lot like pool or pinball, meaning you will have to sling your monsters into the enemy in order to score points. In this action RPG, you can collect over 1,000 different monsters, and also play with up to three other people in a co-op mode. You will be able to see right off the bat that you can bump your monsters into other monsters for even more damage, and this allows you to do multiple shots of damage to your enemies in just one move.


There are a lot of quests and obstacles you will have to go through in this game, and you will be able to collect more monsters with each mission you complete. You will have a lot of fun unlocking titles and setting records that you can show your friends, and you can even keep track of all your stats to show off how much of an expert Striker you are in Monster Strike. All of your characters and the enemies have elemental parts to them, so it’s like a lot of other monster games in terms of needing to know and understand the elements of all your members in order to be the most successful during battle. When you are in combat, you will be able to hit your own characters with the one you are playing with, and this will give you combination attacks, and that does even more damage to your enemy. This is especially useful during boss battles, since it takes more damage and hit points to kill the boss.

You want to make sure you keep slamming your own monsters into each other, so that they can bounce more often against one another to help you get combination attacks and skills. You will really love how the monster will continue to bounce all over the screen until it loses momentum, so you will find that bouncing them off more characters enables them to keep going for longer. When you are done fighting the boss, you will have to quickly move your finger over the screen because this is when the loot drop happens. You have to be fast at collecting all of the loot from the dead boss because it will go off the screen pretty quickly. Once you do this a few times, you will begin to get good at collecting the loot and you will be able to get most of it before the game moves on.


You will be able to go into cooperative mode with up to three other players’ monsters, which allows you to go into longer battles, do more damage in less time, and also pull off more powerful attacks. You will notice though that if you are in normal mode, the battles are not very hard, so typically you don’t need help from other players. Monster Strike has such variation in terms of the monster collecting and upgrading abilities, and this is really what helps set it apart from other monster collecting games. You can combine and fuse certain monsters together to create even more powerful monsters, and since there are over 1,000 to collect, you will be playing this game for months trying to collect them all. You also will get a lot of rewards and other abilities in the game without needing to purchase any orbs through the in-app purchasing option. This is actually a free game where you do get a lot of rewards and special perks in the game for free, which is nice. Whether you get orbs for free, monsters for free, or special items, you will be amazed at how many free things you earn in the game just by playing and beating your enemies.

Overall, Monster Strike is a really fun game that gives you a lot of orbs just for playing, and this means that you will enjoy building up your team within a few hours after you get started. You do not have to buy the premium currency to get a good team, so this is a good game for people who stay away from in-app purchases. One bad thing about this game though is that it does get boring after a while, because it’s such a simple design and simple combat setup. You will find yourself after a while getting bored bumping your monsters into the enemy and into each other, but the amount of monsters you can collect in this game is what will keep you going for a long time.


Gameplay: The gameplay in Monster Strike gets a 9/10 because there is never any lag or connection issues, and the setup of the combat is very simple. All you have to do is drag and let go of your monster and it will start hitting the enemy, or you can aim it at your own team to create the combination attacks. You will find that the gameplay is setup so that people who have never played a monster collecting action RPG will be able to get the hang of it quickly, which can be a bad thing if you are into more in-depth monster collecting types of games. It’s a fun game with a lot of free items and rewards, so you will always want to be on the lookout for loot and other special items that might drop.

Graphics: In Monster Strike, you will notice it’s a really simple design but it has a lot of colors and details in the monsters, so it’s a game that graphically is not too intense. The graphics in Monster Strike gets a 7/10 because nothing in the combat is too overwhelming or exciting, and it doesn’t look that much different from other monster collecting pool-like play games out there. While the graphics are not intense, they are really nice looking, and with so many monsters and boss battles, you will enjoy where the game goes in terms of graphics and animation.

Music: The music in this game is pretty much like other monster collecting games, with it sometimes being loud and repetitive, while other times being a little more calming and slow. You will find yourself having fun with or without the music, because it does not add too much to the game, and can get annoying after a while. Musically, this game gets a 6/10 because it’s simple and a little monotonous, which means it adds nothing in terms of enhancing your overall experience.

Overall: Monster Strike overall gets an 8/10 because you will really love the depth of the monster collecting in this game, and with 1,000 to collect you will be playing for a long time. One thing that sets this game apart is how many free items and special events are in the game, which is really important if you are into a free game that has a lot of variety. You also get orbs, which are the premium currency in the game really easily, so you do not need to spend real money in the game at all. You will also enjoy being able to take the monsters of your friends into battle, which is something you likely won’t need unless you go into the difficult mode of the game. Overall, this is a really fun and enjoyable game for people who like action RPG games with an easier type of combat system.