King of Thieves Hack for Gems & Gold -

TIME :2022-07-03

King of Thieves Hack for Gems & Gold

King of Thieves is a mobile game, available on both Google’s Android operating system and Apple’s iOS operating system, for mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. It was released on June 11, 2015, by one of Google’s leading developers, ZeptoLab, and has since been downloaded more than five million times and Android alone. King of Thieves is increasing in popularity very quickly thanks to its fairly unique gameplay. The game is known as a ‘freemium’ application – this means that it is entirely free to install and play, but does feature some in app purchases which will cost the user real currency to unlock. However, these in app purchases are one hundred percent optional, and the user can play the game normally without purchasing them – they are simply there in case the user feels as if they need an upgrade. There are no third party advertisements throughout the whole of the game, which is a very nice move on the developer’s side.

Users of King of Thieves can find themselves stealing precious things, such as gems as well as gold. These can be stolen through general, single-player gameplay, or they can be stolen from other real players. If a user steals from another player, they will receive their gold whilst the other player is left with a missing percentage of their gold, and sometimes their precious gems. However, this means one thing – users gold and gems can also be stolen by other players, so they must protect their dungeon appropriately. With the use of weapons and guards, users are able to customise their dungeon into a way which stops invaders from stealing their loot. Dungeons are extremely customisable, depending on what level the user is and how much in game currency they are in possession of. Users of King of Thieves must place their guards and weapons tactically to ensure that other users give up from stealing from their dungeon, die from the weapons or skip their dungeon in entirety. There is also a use of a leaderboards system, which means the richest and most wealthy user of the entire game will be placed on top, in first place, for everyone to see. This makes for a great incentive to place, since almost everyone will be wanting to be seen by the million of other players of King of Thieves. Users are also able to unlock new outfits for their character, so that their thief looks very nifty, sly and unique. Outfits are unlocked through general gameplay. There are also over eighty single-mode levels within King of Thieves, which means the user will be able to find themselves playing for long periods of time. If the user completes all this, then they also have the option of playing a whole ton of user created content – this means the user is bound to have enough content to be playing within King of Thieves. As well as this, users of King of Thieves are able to find allies and join a thieving guild!

Getting started is extremely simple, easy and straightforward. There is a brief introductory ‘level’ which teaches the user the basics of how to play and how to maneuver their character. A character shows the user how to select levels, invade other users, as well as how to customise and build in their own personal dungeon. After that, the user is free to play at their own pace, and the user can do what they want in the game, whenever they feel like it. Everything else in the game is extremely simple and straightforward, so every user of King of Thieves should be able to pick up the basics in next to no time.

King of Thieves Hack for Gold & Gems

If you are playing King of Thieves, then you know that gems and gold are really important to help you get the items you need to progress in the game. You can purchase gold and gems through the app store, but these items cost real money, and that often adds up after just a couple purchases. That is why we have decided to add King of Thieves to our hack database, which gives you all of these items for free.

If you look at the picture found below, you will see how easy the King of Thieves, hack tool is to use. The options menu is where you enter the amounts of gems and gold that you want to add to your gaming account.


The first step is to download the free King of Thieves hack tool, which takes 30 seconds. It automatically installs afterward, which also takes around 30 seconds. Then, you need to select either iOS or Android depending on which device you are using to play the game. You can enter the amounts of gems and gold that you want to add.

Tap “Start” when you are ready, and the hack tool will begin, which takes about 30 seconds to complete. Once that is done, simply open up the game on your device and you will see the items have already been added to your game.

King of Thieves Cheats & Tips

There is a cheat within King of Thieves which allows the user to earn a lot more gold than the developers intended them to. This method is known as farming skulls, and it generates a lot of in game currency in a short time span. However, there are a few requirements for the user: their skull gold bonus should be at least level four, they must have over five thousand gold before starting, there must be no rituals in their totem, and defence should be of a high standard. First, the user needs to disable and remove any shields if they have any active, then they should exit the app and not reopen it until their dungeon has been invaded. And that is basically it! With a high level of defence, this will mean the opponent players will continually die and leave skulls on the ground for the user to pick up, which generates gold. The reason why at least five thousand gold is required, is so that people are still prepared to attack you even with a great defensive method. Sometimes, the user will lose gold – but over time it is an accumulation which generates a large sum of profit. Farming skulls means that the user will not be able to do any rituals for a couple of days, so users should be prepared to not be playing for a while.


There are no ways of manipulating game files in order to change how the game works or to increase income of in game currency. The main gameplay itself is down to the user’s playing style, and not cheating since there aren’t many cheats available. This is most likely due to the game being heavily based on multiplayer, so there are lots of continuous server checks to catch out cheaters.


In-Depth King of Thieves Review

The game is very much of an immersive experience, for me. I found myself feeling as if I was more than just someone tapping on a screen to waste time, and more so that I was a part of the game. It was very fun, and the game made it seem like I was actually a thief and every action and move I take depends on if I will receive the precious loot and gems or not. The game bought me a great immersive experience, which is not generally found in other strategy games. I believe that because of how faced paced things are, and there isn’t much time to spare in a mission, it makes me feel as if I am a part of the game rather than a user of a smartphone game. The developers of King of Thieves have done a fantastic job with making me feel immersed throughout the entire time that I played the game.

I think that every single user interface within King of Thieves have been designed almost perfectly. All of the buttons were of a perfect size – none of them were too big and none of them were too small. None of the menus seemed to be cramped and crowded into one small area, and everything was spread out nicely. I had no issues with clicking on the wrong buttons due to inconsistent sizes or anything else of the sort. Also, the buttons do not look out of the ordinary for the rest of the artstyle – everything matches very well. Overall, I believe that the developers of King of Thieves have done a fantastic job.


I am extremely pleased with the artwork which has been done for King of Thieves. It suits the style of the game almost perfectly, and I don’t have any issues with the designs at all. It is great to see that everything has been designed in sync with each other, which means nothing looks odd or out of place. The designs carry a cartoon-esque style, and manages to not look childish like something you’d find in a children’s nursery. That is because every single piece of artwork within this game has enough detail so that it does not look boring, stale or bland – nothing looks too simplistic here, while simultaneously nothing looks far too realistic which is a lovely effect. If things had too much detail, then I do not think the game would look quite as good. I think the current design is perfect for this type and genré of game. The artwork makes the game appeal to a wide range of ages, and I feel as if it can be appreciated and enjoyed by youngsters, teenagers, adults and even some elderly members alike. It is certainly one of my favorite features of the game – I think that the developers have done a fantastic job in this department. I would like to express my feelings that I have never seen any graphics fit a game quite as well as it does in King of Thieves. The artwork really stood out to me and I think it is absolutely fantastic.


I love how the developers have not included any third party advertisements, whatsoever, throughout the entire game. It is something which I really appreciate, and I think that if there were advertisements it would be a massive drawback from a great game. To not be distracted by flashing banners and paused by full screen advertisements is amazing – a great move here on the developer’s behalf.


Artwork: I must give King of Thieves a solid 10/10 for their artwork. It is certainly a strong point for the game, and I have had no issues with it at all. It is appealing to a wide variety of age ranges – I think that the artwork adds to the game and makes it much more enjoyable than it could have been with worse graphics. I am a strong believer that artwork is one of the most important parts of a great game for mobile, because a lot of people do slack on it – I think that the developers of King of Thieves have almost mastered it completely. I have no suggestions or any recommendations for this department, because I think that it is completely perfect and there are no improvements needed.


Music & SFX: I am able to give King of Thieves an 8/10 for their work with music and sound effects. The music is brilliant – it fits in perfectly with the scenery of the game. Although the music is mild, and sometimes a little quiet compared to the sound effects, it certainly builds a great level of suspense to when users are thieving from other players’ dungeons. I love how the music is also not repetitive at all and doesn’t seem out of place. I also really like the sound effects, however they are sometimes a little repetitive. If I repeat the same action ten times, it does not necessarily mean I want to hear the same sound effect replayed ten times over. If there were more sound effects that were not so repetitive, I would be able to give this category a solid ten, but for now I cannot.

Story & Originality: I am only able to give King of Thieves a 2/10 for story and originality. There is practically no story line – I don’t know who my character is, what it is, or why it is doing what it does. There is no story to tell me where I am and what actions I need to do – and most importantly, it doesn’t tell me why I need to play. The type of game has been created a fair amount of times before, however the artwork and multiplayer functionality does make it a little more unique. If there was no multiplayer functionality, I wouldn’t be able to give this catagory anything more than a zero.

General Gameplay: I can give King of Thieves an 8/10 for the general gameplay aspect of things. It is a very fun game to play, especially because of how immersive things are. I think that the beautiful graphics is also a great addition. I love how smooth and responsive everything is, so I believe that the game gives a great general gameplay experience. However, since there is no story line I cannot give the full ten which it would otherwise deserve. If there was even a small introductory story or cutscene, I would be able to give the full ten here.

Addictiveness: Another strong point for King of Thieves is addictiveness, so I give it an 8/10. To know that the main way of earning gold, and unlocking more levels, is through playing the game – then I will most certainly be playing the game. As well as this, I just love how notifications tell me when I have been invaded – it makes me feel the need to play more so that I am able to recover my previously lost gold. After thinking about just how fun the game is, I find myself playing the game for very long periods of time and I end up in an almost continuous loop of gameplay – even if I only intended on playing for just a few minutes. I think this is because the beautiful graphics, smooth responsiveness, and wonderful music makes me enjoy playing. Everything fits together perfectly, so it just entices me to play more and more. King of Thieves is most certainly addictive, but I cannot give the full ten since I can still earn a little amount of money through invasions (farming skulls). If playing the game was the only way I could source income, I would give this a full ten.

Overall, I give King of Thieves a 7/10.