Star Girl: Moda Italia Tips & Hack for Coins, Energy, & Diamonds - New Cheats Available -

TIME :2022-06-06

Star Girl: Moda Italia Tips & Hack for Coins, Energy, & Diamonds – New Cheats Available

Would you like to experience Italy this time with new clothes and a game where you can collect all the Italian clothes you want?  Star Girl: Moda Italia may be the right fit for you!  The Star Girl series revolves around making your own star through the creation of a character in order to get to multiple venues in order to get money as well as earn the cash that you might need to get the clothes that you want.  iOS devices are usually limited by the compatibility of the game that the game requires the device to have.  In this case, Star Girl games require players to have a compatibility of 6.0 or higher.   If English isn’t your native language, you won’t be able to play this game because anybody who doesn’t have the ability to read or understand either language will have a hard time playing this game unless you also know Danish, Dutch, French, or German.  Star Girl: Moda Italia is in its version 3.8, so it is a pretty updated game that the producers will be looking to improve in the future so the game can only get better and more updated from here.  Star Girl: Moda Italia is one of the lighter games in terms of size that the game requires in order to play the game.  For Star Girl: Moda Italia, the size of the game is 65.5 MB which is pretty average in terms of how big the average game is.  The game will allow players to change the language in order for the player to understand, so even if english isn’t your first language, you will still, most likely, be able to play Star Girl: Moda Italia. It’s available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Star Girl: Moda Italia starts you out as a girls and boys who is a star who can go to several different big cities in order to flirt, lie, or fight your way to get your man and be the number one star.  You can do this through modeling, singing, or acting.  You can also get a better job by upgrading your skills as a star and by getting more experience as a star.  After your daytime job has ended for the day as a star, you have the ability to go out and go shopping or go into a bar a meet a couple of guys who may eventually be your boyfriend for the time.  Any money that you make from your job can be spent on additional clothing or get some decoration to put on for the next time you go out.

Start out the game by trying to make your own girls and boys in order to look how you want her to look like.  You have a couple of choices when making your own girls and boys.  First of all, you have the option to choose what color skin you want your girls and boys to be and the you can also choose the color of her hair.  If any parents or adults are reading this, you should also be noted that if your child is playing this game, the character that you are making is solely in her underwear for a majority of the time that you are designing her, but the game is also rated for 12 and up, but even at 12, this game is pretty unhealthy for young teens to play.  I say this, because a lot of parents try to monitor what their children look at during their childhood.  This game could be enticing for young girls and boys to download and that’s why I recommend that parents be wary of this game.  After you begin to purchase the clothes that you like, you will be able to equip your girls and boys with those clothes in order to try and make her as pretty as possible.  This game’s theme is Italy, specifically Milan, Italy.  So the main clothes that you will get will be having bright colors like yellow and green.  There is an entire series behind this Star Girl idea, and this one specifically is about Italy so make sure that you enjoy yourself with this Italian theme.

After creating your first character, as well as designing her, you will have the ability to get started off with the game and you can start by getting into a pageant or judging other people’s beauty.  This seemingly objectifies girls or boys to the point where the only thing girls or boys want to do is get a hot boyfriend as well as put on a ton of clothes and star.  I guess that’s what the game makes out our society to be.  When you go out to work in your job, you will have a certain amount of energy that you will use per day.  These starring jobs require a certain amount of energy, that you will be able to refill every day after a certain amount of time.  Different jobs have a different energy usage so you will only be able to earn a certain amount of money per day before all of your energy runs out.  Then the amount of money that you get, you will be able to purchase new clothes and be able to use them in order to attract more boys.  Some of these different jobs include starring on movies or television shows.

In-App purchases are available for anybody who has any extra money to spend on the game.  You will be able to spend that extra money on some coins that you can use in order to buy some more clothes or be able to get your energy back.  Even though the game is free and a decent amount of clothes are free, the only way that you will be able to collect all the clothes that you need is by using a couple of in-app purchases.  So maybe the best outfit that you want or the cutest one that you are looking for will only be available through purchasing a couple of coins.

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Cheats & Tips for Star Girl: Moda Italia

After the clothes that you get, there are the boys that you also need to get.  First of all, you have the ability to get closer to the guys by using your best clothes and giving them a couple of drinks so that they know that you like them.  This will usually do the trick and you will be able to get them to be your boyfriend.  Sometimes they will not accept this kind of gesture but that usually means that you have not been able to charm them enough with the clothes that you are wearing and you will have to purchase some new clothes by waiting to earn a bit more money so that you can get better clothes to make sure that you get the guy that you want.  After you get your boyfriend, you will be able to kiss them after a certain amount of time, usually three hours that will help you get closer to your boyfriend and increase the meter on the love that you have with your boyfriend.  After you have kissed your boyfriend enough and the meter is completely full, you will be able to receive a gift as a result of kissing your boyfriend.  I’m guessing it’s because your boyfriend finally buys you a gift after kissing him so often.  It’s a little bit stereotypical and a bit cheesy, but it is what it is.  I’ll talk more about how I felt about the game below.


If you get the best man who has the most benefits that you can get from it, then you can earn more cash by being boyfriends with them.  If you don’t find the right boyfriend that you can mooch off of, you can find another one by simply dumping that boyfriend and flirting with a new one.  This means that you will earn more money and you will be able to purchase more clothes over time.  Not only this, but you will also be able to earn better gifts when you kiss them enough to get the full amount needed to get the free gift.


In order to be more successful in this game, if that’s what you are going for, you have to purchase a ton of clothes in order to access the other stores that require you to have a large quota of clothes in order to even be able to shop there.  That means trying to get the most money, the most efficiently so that you can shop at different stores by getting the quota needed for the other stores.


Star Girl: Moda Italia Review

A lot of the gameplay within this game, Star Girl: Moda Italia, is lacking without anything to do during a large portion of the game.  A lot of the game is simply the beginning of the game, where you have to make up your character in the first place.  After you figure out what you are going to wear, there is not much need to play the game unless you are looking to score a couple of gifts from your boyfriend by kissing him every three hours and then going and doing some modeling or judging.  The Italian theme does make the game a bit more lighthearted in that it’s simply to capture the theme of Italy and make you purchase more of the in-game items so that the producers can make more money.  It’s a bit of a cheap deal making the exact same game with a bit of different details to the color of the clothes and the setting of the game to make more money off of people who simply want to collect them all.


After you come to realize what the game is really trying to do, it’s more disturbing than dressing up a simple doll to play out of reality.    You actually have to try and trade out your boyfriend at some points just so that you can get a couple more benefits.  It’s pretty disgusting and it seems like it would be a bad influence on children.  That would convince some people to try and switch out their boyfriend because they don’t think that they are good enough in terms of benefits, to be their boyfriend.  If anything, they should make you stick, committed to one boyfriend.  It seems a bit ridiculous and it makes me really uncomfortable.  


When it comes to interactions, this game is also super poor.  You can’t talk to your boyfriend or mostly anyone else in Star Girl: Moda Italia.  It makes for a kind of lonely atmosphere and you can’t even talk to your friends online through game center or anything.  If they added something like that, they should add some sort of social networking ability in order to make the game a bit more exciting.  and fun and competitive with your friends.  



I would give Star Girl: Moda Italia a 8/10.  The Star Girl aspect of the game is well done because the clothes really make it how popular it is right now.  Considering the number of clothes as well as the detail on those clothes make the game a lot more interesting and make the game a lot smoother for players to play and make the game more interesting for those people who are interested in this kind of style of game.  

Music and SFX

I would give Star Girl: Moda Italia a 3/10.  Your own music would probably be the best.  There is this club-like music that you might expect from a cheesy movie which makes the game kind of awkward to play.  What I mean by that, is that the music that the game plays is not the music that you would see in clubs today.  It is more outdated and needs some more of ramped up version that follows what is popular today.  If they don’t do that, then I really don’t think that the game should be implementing their own form of music and rather just give the players control over the music in the game rather than enforcing it themselves.

Story and Originality

I would give Star Girl: Moda Italia a 2/10.  The basic storyline of the game is that you want to make your character a star by getting as many boyfriends as possible as well as getting the best jobs in town.  After getting these jobs, the next part in the storyline is simply getting better clothes and then rinsing and repeating over and over again.  So there really is not detailed storyline other than getting the outfit that satisfies the player. This is also a chain game so this Star Girl: Moda Italia is basically just a couple of different clothes compared to the games that the other Star Girl games have.  Each star girl game is pretty cut and dry with the same content but different clothes which try and get users to spend their money on each game which gives the developers more money.  It is basically like if Doodle Jump had a different version of the game for every single map that they put in.  It is a smart plan, but I don’t think that players enjoy the idea as much as the developers do.  Starting from the first level and then ramping up again game after game is probably tiring for the users.

General Gameplay

I would give Star Girl: Moda Italia a 1/10.  Nobody wants to play with a girls and boys and try and hook up with multiple guys.  I actually really hate the game play.  It is really sickening but I’m not sure I’m allowed to give a 0/10.  The gameplay is super poor when it comes to actually trying to do this boyfriend thing, so I can’t give it very high ratings.  I guess it is pretty average when it comes down to the amount of clothes that you can design, but to go along with that, you dress the girls and boys from an almost nude, making it even more disturbing.


I would give Star Girl: Moda Italia a 3/10.  I can’t say how many people are into this kind of game because of the amount of sexualizing that the game has.  I think that while Star Girl: Moda Italia could be interesting for teenage girls who want to dress their own virtual doll, I don’t think it would appeal to a wider audience than that.  I think that it does lack in the amount of action that you can do as well as the amount of appeal it has for boys.  I think that the game needs to have some kind of interesting aspect where boys could be interested, or if they are simply targeting a female audience, then that is fine as well.

Overall Rating

Overall, I would give Star Girl: Moda Italia a 2/10.