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TIME :2022-07-03

Dragon Storm Wiki Guide FAQ Tips Tricks WalkthroughA Dragon Storm Wiki with Guide and FAQ’s mixed in with some Tips and Tricks. Dragon Storm is available for Android on Google Play and iOS at iTunes.

This Dragon Storm Wiki along with it’s Guides, Tips, Tricks and FAQ information can be updated regularly depending on popularity. Check back in the future for added or improved content and new comments.

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3 Stars – The easiest way to get 3 Stars on a stage is to not get touched and raise your combo number. The higher the combo the more points you’ll get for actions. Create wings drop random buffs like 2x points randomly during fights. These can be used to get 3 stars easy in most ares.

BG – While exploring River Valley you can find the Ring of Lunar Landing that changes the stage Background or BG to something else when worn.

BGM – While exploring River Valley you may find a Necklace of Meteor which will change the background music or BGM of every stage when worn.

Best Character and Heroes - The Dragon Storm Best Character or Hero would have to be the dragon Flashare. He has improved attack and defense when compared to the rest of the heroes. You can get him for free when getting 3 stars on every stage.

Book – The Book is a place where you can view Monster Cards, Items and Wings. Cards can be stacked for added effects while equipment and Wings can be replaced with better qualities.

Monster cards can be viewed on the Story map screen by tapping the Book button. Here you’ll see a list of 100 different cards that can be stacked for increasing stats of each.

Bosses Guide – Here’s some tips for Boss battles which can be the most difficult areas to complete. Using the Sword Burst and unleashing the Spirit of the Sword will do big damage to the whole screen, Sword Burst does even more damage when targets are close to its point of origin. When timed correctly these can help make short work of most bosses.

If things are truly difficult try buying the Blue Stone of Destiny before entering a stage for default 300 gold. It will give a random booster effects like more score, attack power and defense. This can give there extra push necessary to complete the mission. Will also help get 3 stars on those hard to do so story levels.

Best Items – The best items are gonna be ones that have been combine with there duplicate multiple times. This increase the base value for the main stats by a good amount for a price of gold. Then they would need to be enchanted for extra random buffs.

Combo – A combo is most important for getting 3 stars. The higher your combo the more points you’ll get for each kill or defensive action. Getting hit once will reset the combo counter to zero again. Create Wings are great for dropping buffs like bonus score points and with 2 of them most stages will not be hard to get 3 stars on Normal. Can also purchase the Blue Stone of Destiny before entering a mission for 300g.

Deck List – There is a card for every enemy in the deck list which can be accessed by tapping the Book on the Story screen. If your missing on just go the area where it resides and defeat it. You have a better chance of getting card drops when you play on Hell difficulty. Open Hell on any stage by getting 3 stars and no touch on it’s hard variant. Card effects stack so find more of the same one will add to the passive buff and is a great trick for raising overall power for every character.

Expedition – These will make you gold passively with the change for items that can be equip. The higher the Grade the better the rewards for gold found and strength of equipment, but the long it will take to complete. When it comes to time though the next grade is always better for gold earned per hour. Using the Dwarf character will cut his explore time in half making things move along much nicer.

Easy Gold – One easy way to get gold is to do exploring. Explore will help fill in your not playing time with at least making something. The Tower is better than regular stages when it come to earning the most per run.

There are also Wing types called Create which drop random gold and buffs during stages. Having 2 of them equip with levels over 10 can double gold earnings per run in Story and Tower. Create Wings are a must for easy gold, plus they drop huge buffs like berserk, attack x2, defense x2 and score increases. Rare version will have a chance to drop multiple items at once.

Free Gems – Gems can be gotten for free by getting 1 every day when opening the app. You don’t need an internet connection for the daily gift which is nice for a change, clock still works when your offline for the game as well. You can also get free gems from boss chest bonuses 5 at a time, but chances are random. Other than that your gonna have to fork over some cash for those gems.

Farming – To maximize on farming gold you gonna want to have a couple Create Wings at all times. These will dramatically raise the amount of gold found in stages and the Tower. Make sure to use your 10 normal stage and 10 tower tickets to farm when available. They are separate on different timers and are greats places to find cards, equipment and gold.

The only way to get free Gems at the moment is one for every different day you play. The app doesn’t require an internet connection and the gems bonus can be gotten offline.

Hell Hints – After playing for a short time Hell mode will become very easy to unlock on early stages. Cards will drop more often when playing in hell mode and is a great way to maximize passive buffs by stacking there effects. Keep moving forward until it gets too difficult then farm the hells that you opened up. If the card effects aren’t to your liking then move to another stage.

Items – Items are 1 of 4 different equipment types with a max of 1 each used at once.You can get Items for free from boss chest, floating tower chests, the Explore feature or by paying 20 gems for a random item. The book list may need a app restart to view newly gotten items.

Jewels – Jewels are purchased for 20 gems and are used to add special effects to Items. Alternatively, you can use a +5 INTEN or tier item or higher to get the same effect. 5+ will require adding 4 identical items together.

Walkthrough – Though much of the information listed on this website can help I haven’t listed it in Walkthrough form. Combined though it should help you get over many of the hurdles that lays ahead. You could try searching for a Dragon Storm Walkthrough on YouTube where there might be some good stuff.

Wiki – This Dragon Storm Wiki and FAQ is not like one that would be on Wikia. Not everyone can edit it though your free to leave comments. The official Wikia is a great place for info, but can be lacking at times.