World of Tanks Generals Tips, Cheats and Strategies

TIME :2022-07-03

World of Tanks Generals is an engaging multiplayer card game from, the makers of World of Tanks and World of Warships. For their mobile card game, Wargaming focused on World War 2 era tanks, similar to other games in their franchise. What this means is that players work with cards depicting big, menacing looking battle tanks that may move slow, but definitely pack a punch.

Before new players head to duke it out in their first tank battles, we recommend that they check out our World of Tanks Generals tips, cheats and strategies, so they can better understand some of the game’s strategic concepts.

Ignore Personal Space

World of Tanks Generals tips cheats strategies

The phrase “the best defense is a good offense” is particularly true in World of Tanks Generals. In fact, if you’re aggressive enough, you can reduce your opponent’s ability to even deploy tanks out onto the game board. Because players can only deploy tanks in the three spots adjacent to their headquarters card, if an enemy tank is in the way a new tank cannot be played onto that spot. So by being highly aggressive, you can easily tip the odds in your favor, not to mention deal direct damage to the enemy HQ since your tanks are in range.

If you find yourself boxed into your own corner, you have a handful of options at your disposal: you can try to take out a tank using your HQ’s artillery, you can play a card to deal direct damage to one of the enemy tanks, or you can try to re-position any tanks you have on the battlefield, back to clear out the tanks that broke through your line.

Bait The Attacks

World of Tanks Generals tips cheats strategies

One of the strategic elements in World of Tanks Generals that you’ll want to take advantage of is properly baiting counter-attacks.

Whenever you attack an enemy tank, the enemy tank can (typically) fire back at you, and dealing their offensive power directly to the attacking tank. Counter-attacks, however, can only happen once per turn. So with that in mind, a very viable strategy is to use a take that has a lot of armor to hit an enemy tank first, and allow that heavy-duty tank to absorb the counter attack, and then hit the enemy tank a second time with a weaker tank that deals more damage. This will prevent the counter-attacks from taking out some of your strongest tanks.

Fuel the Fight

World of Tanks Generals tips cheats strategies

Many tank cards come with the bonus of providing extra fuel with each turn they are in play. I recommend playing these tank cards as soon as you get them, as their added fuel count will allow you to play an extra card or two with each of your turns. Once these fuel-boosting tanks are destroyed you lose the fuel boost that they provided.

On the other hand, I’d recommend focusing the enemy tanks who have the fuel perk, as this will eliminate your opponent’s chance of playing extra cards in their next turn.

Play A Lot When You Are Very Important

World of Tanks Generals tips cheats strategies

After you complete the first tutorial, the game gives you one free day of VIP status. VIP regularly costs about $1 a day, so its worth it to take full advantage of this free day. Being a VIP player awards you with a 50% increase in credits and experience earned per battle.

So if it’s your first time playing, you’ll be able to pull in additional resources that you can then use to power up your deck of playing cards.