Bulletstorm Walkthrough Prolouge

TIME :2022-07-03
Bulletstorm Walkthrough Prolouge

Follow the instrucitons on screen

Follow him

After the explosion, click the left and right mouse button to move

Shoot the panel to the right to open the door

Once you get to the deck you will get your next objective, to destroy the Ulys

Fire at the guns on it

Follow your team down the building

Kick the elevator on the left and continue

Press "R" to breach

Once inside hold your ground and protect yourself

Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 1

Follow the Doc and Rell

Once you are outside fight your way to the core

Take the leash and open the pod

Go to your right and fight your way back to the lab

Use your leash to kill the quickly, try and smash them in to spikes or just kick and shoot them thats always a fun way to end someone

Wait outside after giving Doc the core

Defened the Doc while he finishes up

Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 2

Follow Ishi and kill enemies in your way

Kick the explosives in to them and shoot it

Take note of that object, you will find great happines in finding it, use it to get ammo and check your skillshots

Fight your way through the valley and kick people in to the cacti

Clear the area of enemies

Up the stairs and follow Ishi

Once outside again, follow the path and kill everyone in your way

Once you get to the minigun part, move from cover to cover until you are close enough

Pick up that machine gun and rain hell on the heli's

Wait for Ishi to charge up then continue

Get on the rope and click right and left mouse button to move

Here comes the first mini-boss, shoot him until he drops to the ground, then you can choose which skillshoot you wish to try

Take the minigun and defened yourself and Ishi

Use the minigun to destroy the jeeps

Shoot the explosive barreles and then everyone who is still alive

Shoot at the mines going towards you

And the other one

Shoot the tanks to knock the grindwheel out of its course

Shoot at the enemies on the other train untill you get interupted by a cutscene

Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 3

Grab the bars and use left and right click to move to the end

Down we go

Follow Ishi and kill everyone in your way

Follow the linear path through the cave

Kick and shoot your way through the eggs

That was a dead end, go back and destroy the other eggs

Run outside and wait for Ishi to fix the heli

After you crash follow Ishi and kill more people

Use your leash to move on

Kill all enemies in the area then follow Ishi

Open the door and see the new enemies, don't let them near you or else they put an explosvie belt on you

After you are done with the fighting you will get to this area to save Trishka, spoiler alert: she doesn't need any saving

Go around and follow her, kick the red ball to drop down the sign

Leash down the huge disco ball to continue

Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 4

Follow the linear path and kill more enemies

If you don't feel like shooting, just kick everyone in to the buildings

Wait for Ishi to open to door then go down

Use the leash to continue

We got a new toy, use it to get rid of everything

Kill everything and everyone in your path

C to open the gate

Too bad, was a good T-Rex

Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 5

Run and leash that out of the way to get out before you get crushed

Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 6

Follow Ishi

In to the elevator and go up

Now that you have the sniper riffle, really no need to use anything else, to use it, aim down the scope and wait for it to lock on to someone, then move the bullet with the mouse

Clear the area of enemies to move on

Now, go there and kill more people

Wait for Ishi to move on

In to the elevator

Survive the ambush to move on

Go down and clear the area and save Trishka

When you get outside countinue killing everyone and follow the linear path

Clear the level then go down the stairs

Use the leash to cover the hole

Again, leash to cover the hole and to destroy the dam but that isn't so important

Down we go

Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 7

Now remember, silently kick that down

Take note, if you get close to that thing, it will try and kill you, so shoot it to be safe

Slide down

To get your free wish, pull down the ball to clear the road

If you don't wish to fight, kick everyone in to the cacti

Well Ishi got nom-nomed, fight your way to the objective marker

Suggestion, explosive bullet to the gunner

Here comes the boss

Easy way out, shoot him with your overcharged rifle or sniper

You can get this through on the first try if you use the overcharge and are fast enough

I slightly failed, but no troubles with just go over again

After you get him down again, destroy the worm like things

After that, attack its neck when it turns red

Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 8

Follow Trishka

Just kick people in to the wires and bars, no need to waist bullets

Call down the elevator and save some bullets


Don't go down all the way, stop at the mid point and turn around

More run and gun, and ocaisonal head to the spikes

To escape just enter the elevator and press R

Shoot to go full rocket mode


Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 9

Yeay, another elevator

"Fight your way through

Another miniboss, shoot him with the sniper rifle and he won't hit you even once

Bullet to the head and a downed heli

Go on a ride

And quickly realise that its gonna end badly

Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 10

New enemies, shoot the red stuff, kinda obvious

Or kick them in to the cacti

Get ready, and kick

Slide through

And do help your friends

"A shotgun is effective, but when is it not?

After you survived the attack, countinue on your great journey to kill

Continue on with the insane killing

Don't waste ammo, just kick them in

Oh look, a miniboss, shoot him until he gets down and then kick him in to the blades

Its effective

After that go down in to the elevator

Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 11

Follow the ledge

Down the stairs

Go get Trishka and continue with your amazing journey

Omg a miniboss

Nah, he is kinda clumsy, in to the toxic pool he goes

Stay in this area and clear it, then move on, if you run past you will get pilled on by the enemies

If you just stand behind the pillar he can't hit you and you can kill him easily

After you clear the next area, pull the bus and move on

Remember the eggs you destroyed?

After you clear the area you get to fly in a heli and gun down people

Protect Ishi

Attack the red area on its neck when ever you can

Shoot at the window so you don't brake the heli

Shoot the red area on the neck again


Kill the rest of them to get to the general

Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 12

To avoid using bullets, kick them in to the storm

Avoid the blue electric areas, they hurt, like really really hurt

Miniboss, use the sniper riffle to get him down easily, a headshot goes a long way

And shoot the blue circle on his body

Go through the hall and avoid the electric areas

After you clear the next area, go call the elevator, and stand back

Told you, stand back

Down we go

Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 13

Leash the elevator so you could go down

You will fall down in to the toxic river, make your way through it, would put an image, but the toxic vision had some issues with my grapichs card so its mostly black

Guess what, this game really doesn't want you to use ammo, kick the mutants in the spikes

Just stand in one place and wait for them to come up to you and kick them

See what I see?

BOOM go the barrels

Leash the platform so you could rejoin the general

Best way to kill snipers?

Explosive bullets obviously

After you get the back to the general follow him out

You should take this

Kill the little scorpion/insect things so they don't destroy the elevator, if you didn't take the minigun, fire in short bursts so they don't get away

Run and slide

Down you go and in to the next chapter

Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 14

Why use ammo when you can flatten them with the wall

After you cleared that area, use the leash to move on

After you go through the building get in to the Ulysses

To open and keep the door open, leash the boxes in them

What ever you do, don't shoot, but melee and using the charged drill and sliding in to the enemies

Leash the generator to keep moving

After every jump you will need to leash again to keep going

Attack the miniboss untill he drops down and then kick him in to the wires

Then leash the generator on to his head

Follow the instructions and realise how screwed you just got

Leash the vent and start running

And you are where you started from

But wait, Trishka comes to save you

Just run and follow the instructions

At this point, just stay in cover and kill them one by one

Kill the guys below then go to your left

Fight your way through the minibosses and enemies then help your friends

Shoot the backpacks to kill them

After you jump this couch, get ready for a lot of pain

Try to run there as fast as you can, kill the guys with the flare guns the all of the mini bosses

After that make your way through the luggage area

At this point, no need to fight, just ran past all of the enemies

After you get up run to the ship and leash down the ramp

Bulletstorm Walkthrough Chapter 15

This guys are a bit stronger, but shotguns are still very effective

If you don't want to use ammo, go ahead and drop the from the ship

Its very effective

Help Trishka in to the vents

Keep on fighting after Ishi opens the door

You should take the minigun

Protect Ishi while he opens the door

After that, follow the on screen instructions, I don't want to give away spoilers on whats gonna happen next

After the entire thing that I don't want to spoil, fight your way through the destroyed buildings and back to the Ulysses and escape