Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Full Campaign

TIME :2022-07-03
Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Full Campaign

Semper Fidelis

After grabbing the pistol, shoot the two terrorists.

Move on ahead and take out the rest.

Grab the shotgun barricading the door.

Prepare for a quick-time event using M1.

Move on ahead.

When you see the man planting C4, jump out of the window to your left.

Quickly jump off the first segment of the train.

Mash your space-bar to prevent falling onto the train tracks.

Don't time your clicks, simply button-mash or fall off the train.

Move forward on the train while crouching. Take out the baddies climbing up on the left side.

Jump down the newly created hole.

Take out the enemies coming up front.

Move up ahead and make sure to actually execute your enemies or they'll 1-hit melee kill you.

Ignore the barrel-bomb and run up ahead.

Get knocked down from the right side and watch the rest of the scenario.

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Operation Swordbreaker

Get out of the vehicle and follow your fellow soldiers.

Keep following your lead-NPC as displayed on your HUD.

Stick close to this guy orelse the campaign will most likely glitch.

Move out of the building and watch one of your soldiers get shot.

Grab hold of him and quickly mash space-bar to drag him back into the building.

After depositing him, head on back out and start killing the incoming bogeys to the east.

After one wave, reposition yourself.

Be prepared to engage the enemy to the south.

When prompted, kill the RPG-users in the building, orelse the wave will go on forever.

Resupply at the ammo box before moving back into the building and up to the roof.

Avoid the sniper-fire and take out the bogeys coming out from the door.

Continue to move further up the roof while avoiding sniper-fire.

Grab the RPG when prompted.

Position yourself looking over the north-going road and prepare to shoot hostiles

They will be flooding both the street and the neighbouring buildings to the north-west.

If you are having trouble with the recoil from your first primary, press 2 to bring out your semi-automatic sniper rifle.

Continue giving cover to your allies in the street until they clear the street and move into a building.

Follow your fellow soldiers to the rear of the building, facing south-east and climb over using the plank.

Jump off the roof and keep going forward.

Breach the next building and prepare for another wave of enemies up front, to the right.

Resupply with ammo when needed.

Shoot everything that moves infront and keep moving up.

Get out in the streets and follow the red wire leading away from the bomb-rigged van.

Breach the door and get inside.

Go to prone-mode by pressing Z and move through the air-ducts.

Keep following the red wire and interact with the detonation device.

Prepare for the ambush and press the buttons prompted (E, Space and M1).

Once the detonation device is disarmed, run back outside.

Run to the other side of the street and start covering your soldiers.

Enemies will be both on the path-way and under the stairs, shoot as needed.

You will be prompted to take the LMG but you don't actually have to use it which is a good thing because it's clumsy, does low damage and has high recoil.

Your cover will be blown off as enemies fire at you. Move back to the stairs to your left and get your sniper rifle out instead of being in the open.

Once you killed enough enemies coming from the north, turn around and start killing the rest coming from the south.

Move up on the truck with the LMG, blow away the incoming wave while being aware of the gun-overheating and watch the scenario.

Get up from the rubble and start to slowly move ahead, making sure to be crouched and stay in the shadows.

Avoid the spotlights and keep moving up ahead.

Keep going until you meet a pipe. Prone into it and kill the rat inside.

Sneak into the building and take the guy out from behind.

Grab his weapon and shoot away at the bogeys ahead.

Move ahead and deal with the wave of enemies coming from the north.

Get out from the building where the enemies came from and move out into the streets.

Resupply when needed.

Clean out the street and move up ahead into the garage.

Watch the left garage-gate be lifted with 3 bogeys outside, kill them and proceed out.

Move up into the bus and watch the door get blown off.

Shoot the lights from the enemy flashlights and get through the gate on your left.

Move up ahead and meet up with one of your fellow soldiers.

Follow him south.

Keep going until you meet up with the rest of your crew.

Get on the LMG when prompted and start cleaning the streets.

After a few minutes, you will get hit by an RPG and flung out of the car.

Make a run for the evac chopper and the level is complete.

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Going Hunting

You are now a jetplane pilot of the US army, minutes from being launched into a mission. Listen (or dont) to the debriefing by your co-pilot and head up on deck.

Once in the jet, start following the on-screen instructions, looking at the wings, closing the hatch with M1 and so forth before launch.

After flying for a while, you will encounter enemy jets.

At this point, all you can do for a while is to keep having a visual contact with the enemy on your tail. Glimse away and he might disappear beneath you or into the clouds.

Once you are out of the jungle, the weapons will activate and you will now be clear to fire either a guided missile after locking on the enemy or dumb machine-gun fire.

Use these tools to take down the enemy planes while avoiding being locked-on by their torpedos by dispensing your flares using the "X" button.

Once all enemies are dead, you will continue to jump into a sequence of dodging missiles. Simply take note when you are locked on and dispense flares with the best of your judgement.

When you are finally safe from enemy air, you are given the task to laser-designate enemy SAM's (Surface to Air Missile) launchers followed by airplanes trying to take off and other objects.

The first ones will light onto your HUD.

But the rest will require you to have a keen eye while using the infrared vision, available to you through (NUMLOCK 9)

A bit later, you will also need to destroy planes trying to take off on the run-way. Simply trace your cross-hair at them and a nearby friendly plane will eradicate them with bombs.

After that, a whole bunch of lights will flick up on your HUD, symbolizing infantry. Laser-designate the most crowded spot and cluster-bombs will shortly follow.

Once you're done, the view will come back as normal, it now being night and your partner successfully brings the plane back to base, landing it and ending the mission.

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Operation Guillotine

Mission will start with you laying ontop of a hill, waiting for a start signal. When you do get it, grab the nearby mortar launcher and run down the hill along with your fellow soldiers.

Once down, deploy the mortar in the designated spot marked on your HUD and another soldier will take over, giving you illuminating flares as you close down on the enemy position later.

While they can be blinding, it encourages you to look down the scope of your weapon, avoiding most if not all of it.

Get a lift over a wall nearby by a fellow soldier and work your way onward.

Once you reach the very first flare, there will be a few enemies, trying to rush you. Take them out.

Get down by the river and circle the large rock.

A large number of enemies will be encamped there. Shoot them down while taking cover behind the terrain.

While they are dead, feel free to keep an eye out for alternative guns, not limited to AK's, UMP's, M1 shotguns and more.

Once up the stairs, an enemy encampment will be up ahead. Fire at them to bring down mortar fire on their position.

It may take a while of ducking before it happens so take your time.

Keep pressing onwards up to the large building and stick close to your HUD follow target.

Once against the walls of the building, I recommend a shotgun or the UMP due to the close quarters up ahead.

After clearing out some small rooms, prepare to breach and be knocked down.

While knocked down, you can still manouver your weapon so fire away.

Once you're outside, get into the humvee.

After a long driving sequence, you arrive at a blockade. Step out of the vehicle and continue forward on foot.

Another RPG will be fired at you, initiating an ambush.

Run up to the bridge and get on it from beneath by going up the hill and up the stairs.

Once up, flank the ambushers in quick succession.

Follow your guiding NPC and kill any terrorists you come across.

You will suddenly be ambushed by a tank, dive into the small ravine and run away, dodging the bombardment.

After getting knocked out just when entering into a building by the tank, get up and follow your fellow soldiers out from the building.

Having the area still be crawling with enemy armor, you need to find anti-tank weapons. A recovery mission is started where you need to grab a nearby Javelin from a previous wiped out squad. Rush across the street and up to the well-lit plaza.

Grab the javelin from the dead soldier.

And start lighting up the enemy armor. There will be roughly 3-5 tanks to take out before you can proceed. If you accidently pull out you other weapons, bring the javelin up again by pressing (4).

Once the tanks are dealt with, you are given the assignment of infiltrating a bank. You do this by flanking the structure with another fellow soldier.

Take care of the guards behind the bank.

Climb a wall with the help of your fellow soldier.

And give him a boost to climb up the fire-escape ladder.

Once at the fire-escape, jump into a small window, leading to the restroom.

Once in, prepare for a quick-time event where you overpower a soldier that noticed you entering.

Give him a quick stab.

Refill your ammo if necessary and clean out the building from the back as your teammates rush the front-door.

Don't forget the snipers one floor above you or any cover you find will be useless.

After cleaning out all the bad guys, you gather with the rest of your fellow soldiers, preparing to breach the bank's basement.

You will reach a small elevator, requiring you to rapple downwards.

After reaching the bottom, you'll spot more bad guys. Throw a flash-bang in and clear out the rest of the building.

I recommend the shotgun for these parts. Enemies are tightly packed and fairly close.

Breach the bank vault and your mission will be completed.

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Comrades

You will begin this mission in the backseat of a car being driven in an unusual russian fashion towards a man they believe to have a nuclear weapon.

I highly recommend losing the silenced starter-weapon as fast as possible and using your secondary primary (2) since it is utter garbage in both recoil, accuracy and damage.

Leave the car and run into the parking lot.

Enter the office to your left and locate this device and cut the cables off.

After going down one level, you'll encounter more enemies who haven't noticed you yet. I recommend taking the upper platform and seeking cover in the door-way while also shooting the carlights blinding you.

Make sure to proceed VERY slowly with this mission. Scripted massive explosions and buggy insta-deaths are everywhere, even with an up-to-date campaign. In other words, stay back, fire and let your buddies go first.

You'll continue further into the building, running into even more enemies. I recommend throwing a grenade or two here due to the proximity of enemies and the amount of cars that can explode along with the annoying lights.

And remember; Take it slow or you're going to blow up.

After a long corridor sequence, you'll need to breach a door housing a large room with several enemies inside. Enter and clear as fast as possible and then quickly put your gasmask on or you will die.

After going up a pair of stairs, there will be another quick-time event. Tip that fool down over the guard railing and proceed forward.

You'll run into some rooms resembling much the graphical layout of Mirror's Edge, going from not a soul in sight.

To large concentrations of enemies with little to no cover at your end. Fire away.

Refill ammo if needed.

Rather long combat-sequence ahead, but at close proximity. Shotgun is golden here.

Cover is almost non-existant here as mentioned earlier so keep your weapons loaded.

Breach another door and do NOT shoot the guy on your HUD. It will shoot the nuke and leak out radiation, ending the mission.

Continue to chase after him, cleaning enemies as you go, no rush just yet.

Another quick-time event close to the elevators.

Finally, you get to the building exit where an army of police-men are having a shoot-out. You are prompted to stay back and then later only deal with the surviving scrap of enemies. Gasmasks off.

Deal with the remaining police-men and run after the guy with the nuke.

One of your teammates will get hit by shrapnel and die. At this point, you can just chase after the guy non-stop.

Be ware of the quick-time event up ahead.

If you fail here, the mission will end. If not, the mission will be completed. Buttons included are M1, E and space-bar.

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Thunder Run

You will begin the mission, enjoying a nice desert scenery from ouside a tank.

After a while, you will get to drive the tank yourself. Move straight ahead with your squad until you spot some enemy armor.

There will be a dozen of tanks at a long distance. Zoom using M2 and slightly lead your targets with a non bullet-drop fast projectile. Later in dustier areas, you'll need to use another vision filter, applied with the same button as the jetplane, Numpad 9.

After going on further ahead, you'll run into even more tanks. Turn on the vision filter which is mandatory at this point due to all the dust and fire away.

Don't forget to use Shift for an increase in speed.

Your movements will be stopped with some artillery fire. Instead, you'll take remote control of a nearby bomber airplane.

And given the task to targeting the enemy artillery in order to move on.

Take note of the huge temprature signatures at the bottom right, hold your rectangle over them and click M1 to wipe them out.

Now move up on the camp you just bombed with your tank and take out any remaining infantry. Begin with shooting down the towers.

Take out any more units you can see WITHOUT driving over the sandbags infront of you. That will initiate the "invade" sequence, spawning a whole bunch more enemies which together with the old ones can kill you fairly easily as your supposed fellow tank-drivers will push you into the camp.

Most of the enemies will be on the right. Take them out using your Light Machine Gun (2) and pay heed to any overheating represented in clicking noise.

Then finish the raid by blowing up some trucks and shooting down any survivors before moving on.

More tanks will appear ahead of you and then a whole bunch of them coming in from the left/behind. Keep moving and shoot back.

Continue towards your destination and engage any more tanks that appear.

Once you get on a road, drive up under the bridge and get out of your tank.

Run up and listen to this guy's rant a bit and then follow the next HUD marker on your screen to get a detonator for a large amount of explosives and then get back behind cover.

It should be an easy task with no shooting required.

Once detonated, get back into one of the tanks and ride along.

You will see a couple of infantry here and there along with IED-rigged suicide cars. Let one get close enough to you and the mission will fail.

The occacional RPG-infantry will also be located on roof-tops and alike. Once they fire, you can pretty much ignore them since you're driving away.

You'll come across an enemy tank next to a gas station. Shoot at the pumps to cause a massive explosion, destroying the tank.

Eventually, you'll reach another bridge. The tank will stop and you will have to hold your position against a number of IED cars and several RPG infantries ontop of the bridge.

Aim and heat-management is crucial for your success with destroying the cars in time.

They will come from several directions so pay attention to your HUD.

After all the enemies are dead, your tank will start moving again, finishing your mission as you pass under the bridge.

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Fear No Evil

After taking off where we last left, you drive into town and come across a blocked road. Your squad will take an alternative route through a tight valley where you'll take control of your tank.

Continue following your fellow tanks through the war-stricken city.

After a while, you will come to a stop again due to another blocked road with no other convenient passages. Look on your hud for a way-point marking inside a store and drive through the building at full speed.

It may seem messy but keep going.

On the other side, you will encounter some of your first hostile infantry units all over the streets. Take them out.

There will also be tanks driving back and forth, patrolling. Take those out too before proceeding out from the building.

Eventually, you'll reach the very same bank you were with another chararcter.

Drive up on the platform and have your tank become badly damaged due to a missile.

You will drive up to the entrance and be rendered immobile. After a short debrief, you are given the task to hold your position against a very large wave of enemy infantry.

Eventually, a helicopter will come to pull out your fellow soldiers as you cover them. It is very important to kill every single enemy infantry you can possibly see orelse the helicopter will explode from taking too much damage.

After a while, a heavy duststorm will blow up on you, blocking your vision greatly and the enemy will swamp around you, knocking you out from behind, ending the mission in a unavoidable "loss".

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Night Shift

You will start this mission ontop of a roof, overseeing a landing zone for some of your fellow soldiers which you'll also need to cover.

You will first need to take out 4 lights. Shoot a tiny bit above the actual light (that is somehow blinding you from an above perspective) to take them out with your silenced bolt-action sniper.

Once that is done, a helicopter will come and drop off a squad of soldiers. Take note of the thermal color on their vests, you'll need to differentiate them later.

After they have landed and settled, you will need to go to the south-east of the building, overlooking the road up ahead.

Now move to the west side of the building and rapple yourself down on the streets.

Once you get down, run across the street and duck behind the car. Enemy trucks will come and if they spot you, the mission fails.

Follow your NPC partner and climb over the wall ahead.

There will be more look-outs shown on your HUD. Take them out accordingly.

Avoid the patrolling enemy squad.

Climb up the building after your NPC.

And take your next position, overlooking another road.

There will be two (only one is visible from this angle) guards, almost spotting your squad. Take them out with one shot by shooting the visible man in the mid-section.

Stick to your NPC partner and keep staying out of sight, moving through the city undetected.

After going up the stairs in a nearby building, you will be prompted to melee kill an unaware enemy soldier.

When you close in, he will spot you, alerting the nearby enemy squads. Kill him quickly.

Once spotted, sprint out the door and run away from the enemy down into the sewers.

Keep moving through the sewers until you reach a ladder, leading up to the surface. Climb up.

After climbing up, you'll be spotted by multiple enemies. Take them out with your sniper (helps in this smoke) or your silenced assault-rifle.

I recommend picking up a MP7 from one of the dead enemy soldiers. Will come in handy up ahead.

After a brief report to your superiors from finding terrorist evidence, more enemies will storm into the nearby room to the north-west in the mannequin storage. They are easy to spot due to their flashlights and plastic doesn't make good cover so spray away.

After the encounter, you can treat yourself to an AK off some of the dead soldiers. The MP7 will be mostly worthless from now on.

Meet up with your fellow soldiers and continue to follow your partner NPC.

Eventually, you will break up again from the main-force to climb up on a roof to provide them with some much needed cover.

Incase you accidently dropped your sniper rifle, there will be a dozen lying around your checkpoint.

Lie down where prompted and start remembering the enviroment well.

Follwoing that, there will be a multitide of 30+ enemies, storming your pinned down soldiers. Take them all out in quick succession. Bodyshits 1-hit kill depending on your difficulty so don't be too picky with accuracy. Hold shift to steady your aim.

After killing a dozen of enemies, there will appear more on the roof and some of the floors, particullary one with an RPG. Delay too long in killing him and mission will fail.

There will also be an enemy car positioned right infront of your defense-objective, take him out quickly or fail the mission.

Eventually, a red HUD marker will suddenly appear on your screen. This is the VIP escaping. Quickly get up and dash towards the north to catch him.

Once he gets in sight, riddle the car in bullets to make it crash.

Once crashed, run towards the car and guide your NPC to a nearby building.

You are given the task to guard a gate while your partner finds a safe-spot. You will be harassed and occasionally approached by a few enemy soldiers. Nothing too big. Bring out your sniper-rifle if you have problems seeing them.

After finding a safe-spot, you'll be given 2 claymores to place out in prepration for an enemy assault. Place one covering the escalator and another one facing north on the second floor.

After a minute or two, enemies will storm the building from where you came. Use your sniper rifle to easily pick them off.

After a small break from the breach at the bottom floor, the enemy will instead rush onto the same floor you are on to the north after a large breach-explosive. This will be more tricky due to the sheer amount of them. Use your best judgement and don't hestitate to switch to your assault-rifle if they even get remotely close.

Expect to take a bullet now and then, greatly disturbing your aim. Don't forget your other weapon.

After a short relocation of your NPC, you will need to defend against more waves of the enemies, still on the same floor as you.

There will also be a few enemies on the floor above you. Take them out when you can to make your cover actually useful.

At the end, the enemy will simply start to rush you. Take your assault-rifle when that happens and cut them down.

Move outside with your fellow partner NPC to meet up with the rest of your soldiers as you defend the nearby helicopter for take-off.

The smoke will be incredibly thick at this point and enemies will be both behind cover and moving around eratically.

Your sniper-scope will do wonders here. Just don't forget to have cover close-at-hand.

Get in the helicopter as the last soldier when prompted and complete the mission.

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Rock And A Hard Place

You'll start the mission riding a jeep behind your main assault force until the jeep infront of you suddenly explodes from a russian ambush.

Get out of the jeep and start cutting the enemy down. They will be fairly hard to spot due to all the vegetation but there's not a whole bunch so if you're in a hurry, simply run & gun.

After they're all dead, go to your HUD waypoint to initiate your squad to inspect one of the dead

After that, run against your next marker and catch up with the rest of your assault force.

After some lengthy talking, run along with your fellow soldiers, down to the large fields and engage the extremely large amount of russian soldiers.

They have distinct black clothing which is easy to spot through all the dust while carrying rather weak weapons. Stay back and pick away.

If you run out of ammo with your primary, pick up one of the ruskie guns. You'll never run out of ammo with them due to the constant resupply from enemy corpses.

Don't run too far ahead after killing the enemies. You'll have to wait for the surviving part of your squad to gather before proceeding into the next skirmish.

This time, you'll get the drop on some recently deployed ruskies, not behind cover. Gun down as many as you can, as fast as you can to get things on faster.

There will now be an occasional armor drive up next to you. Use your grenade-launcher attachment at (3) or the SMAW at (4) to take it out. Extra damage is delivered from behind.

You will start to gain the upper hand on the enemy. But they will continue to come in numbers. Gun them down accordingly.

After dealing with that encounter, move up to the next one, making sure to stick with your NPC allies.

Feel free to often flank them for devastating effect.

You'll find a weapons-cache up ahead. Once you see it, go wild with your grenade-launcher attachment against infantry and be ready with your SMAW.

Two enemy armor will suddenly drive up from the road. Take them out with 4-6 rockets.

Once you reach this point, things will most likely start to get frustrating.

There will be an enemy plane that will spot you, turn around and repeatedly lay bombardments on you.

You will constantly have to watch his movements while keeping up with your squad to quickly dive behind the right cover according to what direction he's attacking from and going prone with (Z).

There will be about 4~ stops before you finally reach the other side of the bridge.

Grab the Stinger behind the scorched jeep.

And fire away a missle after locking onto the plane and wait for the script to end before he explodes, ending the mission.

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Kaffarov

Level will start with some more russian driving (Make sure your seatbelt is on) until you reach a compound.

Be ready for a quick-time event involving drawing your pistol and shooting one of the guards through the window.

Run to the marked place on your HUD, open the door and run outside. Shoot the guy ontop of the stairs and go up.

You will get thrown into a parking-lot crawling with private security forces and several RPG/snipers ontop of the hills so stay away from the cars or face instant death.

The guys at the hill goes last.

Before proceeding, I would heavily recommend taking the F-2000 off one of the guards. It packs an insane rate of fire, accuracy and recoil control. Excellent for killing scrub AI.

You will run into a long garden that increasingly gets higher up with stone-walls inbetween. Pick off the guys at the furthest distances before you have to get into cover and then work your way up.

This part may be a bit of a pain due to the vegetation but press up against the mountain and carefully crouch as you peak out to avoid as much bullets as possible before going prone again.

Once all the enemies outside are dead, breach the empty building.

Go around to the back and leave through the back-door to cover your mates. You'll run into a sniper at the other side; Kill him and take his gun.

Once up on the roof from the stairs, start shooting anyone you see. The rifle is semi-automatic and comes with a thermal scope to see through all the smoke so fire away.

After killing a dozen of guys, they'll redirect their attention to you, When they do, run for cover and continue picking them off once your health recharges.

After the gardens are cleaned out, head into the next building and engage the other guards.

I recommend getting out on the balcony and taking them from the side.

After this point, a good shotgun will be key since ammo for the F-2000 is scarce. Pick up a DAO-12 and start cleaning house.

Remember to keep it loaded. This beast keeps 12 rounds.

You're gonna be fairly exposed as you continue into the house and down the stairs. Watch your HP and blow anyone that can get a shot at you behind cover away.

Stay away from this door as they breach, It's about to get a big hole.

From this point on, all encounters will be extremely close / barely medium range. Load up on your shotgun rounds from fallen enemies and start taking helmets off.

Once you come into this room, feel free to throw grenades. Enemies will either die in groups or run out into the open.

But remember they're very likely to return the favor. Stay moving and keep an eye out for the grenade HUD warning.

After breaching another door leading down to the basement, there will be a supply cache. Stack up on grenades and ammo.

You'll come across some fairly straight-forward hallways where all enemies have flashlight. Shoot whatever light you see and you're golden.

Even as a shotgun, the DAO-12 does extremely good damage at range too. Don't be afraid to experiment.

Continue further downwards and you'll run into a shooting range. Move slowly and keep your eyes up. Enemies are everywhere.

Most of the enemies will have laser-sights, making them fairly easy to spot as well.

Once you see the chopper, make a run for it.

As you hang onto it, be prepared for a quick-time-event. Mess it up and mission failed.

Following the cutscene, you will be back outside the house where you entered as Sergeant Blackburn. some time after the attack.

There will be no enemies and you'll be at gunpoint with a charming russian man.

Interrupting the conversation is your commanding officer, the guy that got your buddies killed against the airplane.

Shoot him when prompted by the nice russian man and the mission will be over.

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough The Great Destroyer

After watching the cutscene, you are about to get arrested by this smug ahole. I think you know what to do.

Yep. Press space and make him appreciate the hard work all those carpenters put into making that table which he has been banging on for decades.

As he takes a little nap, go ahead and carefully disassemble the table according to th(E) manual

After that, you'll have some strangely angry men after you. Direct yourself to the nearest window down the hallway and get out in a calm orderly fashion.

Get off the railing and down into the street, look both ways and then run across before jumping down onto a speeding train.

Jump when prompted and don't do it too early or late.

Since this scenario undoubtably looks very familiar to you, I will skip ahead to where we left off.

Back to when the guy had the gun to your face, Press the first and last one-time use of the button M2.

And when later prompted, press space to detonate the explosives behind the nice man with the revolver.

You'll wake up in a wreckage of the train with an enemy straight infront of you as you get up. Take him out and steal his MP-7.

Using your new toy, clean out the rest of the sewers just ahead.

Reload frequently and feel free to pick up the shotgun, replacing your rather lynchy assault-rifle.

Push on ahead. The enemies will be rather few and fall incredibly easy.

Once up the ladder, your partner will be waiting with a car. Get in and chase after Solomon.

He will be in the short-stubby van. Fire a few bullets from your handgun (The mouse sensitivity while in the car will be incredibly slow moving) and he'll crash.

Once he crashes and takes you with him, comply with another quick-time-event as he never learns his lesson of shooting right away while slowly walking towards someone lying down, pointing a gun to their face.

After some cat-fighting, you'll be prompted to more quick-time-events. Do them as instructed. Mess up and the mission will fail.

The last Q.T.E will involve you showing him the structural properties of a typical brick.

Followed by you finding the long-awaited nuke, ending the game with a long cutscene. Good job soldier.