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Wrestle Jump Game Review

Wrestle Jump

Genre: Action

Game Review
Brilliant game, Sumo Hoppers! Wrestle Jump is so far the best two-player flash game I've played on a web browser. It is a two-player game where you play as a marked wrestler conjoined to another wrestler. The game is running by a simple rule; Jump around and flip your opponent to the ground using one button! Indeed, the wrestling figures resembles the traditional sumo when the arms are tightly locked to each other. This allows them to use their body weight to balance and not touch the ground with any part of the body other than their foot.

If you're only going to play solo, this isn't a game you will play for hours on straight. It's likely not worth it. But let's if say you have a friend and 5 minutes to waste, this is probably as concentrated as fun gets. Proved! I went around my class and challenged people to wrestle jump duels. Everyone learned to play in 10 seconds and laughed a lot. At the end, we had endless mode and ice mode on. The score was 200 to 156, pretty impressive score. One more thing to be impressed about is to spam the keys. The wrestling figures seems to be throwing fits and seizure. It's pretty funny!

Overall, it's a well thought game with creative mechanic and concept along with simple art style. This game has lots of potential which in my opinion just wasn't used to the fullest. It would definitely cool if you could watch a replay of the match in slow motion. Just imagine with some upgrades, level editor, story mode and more importantly multiplayer mode. I believe this game will be a hit especially when this game is firstly created for IOS users. Play it now with a friend. :)