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Epic Combo Redux Game Review

Epic Combo

Genre: Action

Game Review
Epic Combo Redux is the sequel to Epic Combo. If you've never heard of Epic Combo, go read that review first. I know some of you guys already played Epic Combo Redux and wonder why I didn't write a review about it? Actually, I didn't know there were a sequel until today. I got to admit I am slow!

Epic Combo Redux is basically just a remake of Epic Combo, however the concept is still the same but comes with more turtle smashing action as the business is growing big. The whole point of the game Epic Combo Redux is to hit turtles and get the highest combo possible. A combo is made as long as a turtle is still in the air hitting things. Combos will earn you money which you can spend on buying more of these cloning turtle machines, thereby earning you even more money. After a certain point your combos have seemingly gone on forever and pretty much at that point you've "won" the game. Don't forget to press the button that manually stops the combo.

The biggest change you will see in Redux is there is more turtles, more diverse and interesting gadgets, and a bigger hammer. Also be reminded that there are some bright green flashes of light for decoration which totally spice things up! These brand new set of gadgets is designed to eliminate the redundant and/or boring ones in the original Epic Combo. From the looks of things, the game also includes a better counter system along with a fresh new coat of polish. Personally, I find this game to be a great time waster if you got 20 minutes to spare.

Comparing the old and the new, I will surely recommend this game over the older one for the most part, as it takes less time to set up the infinitely sustainable combos that will carry you for most of the game and its prettier to watch too. Here's my challenge to you how fast can you make a million dollars? I made it under 9 minutes. Think you got what it takes to beat me? Comment below! :)