Time Pilot - Xbox Live Arcade review

With the unstoppable success of Xbox Live Arcade, you'd expect them to start stumbling a little after awhile, but with the release of the unbelievably addictive shooter Time Pilot, it looks like we'll have to wait at least another week for the runaway triumph train to derail. A pure, adrenaline-fueled button-masher, Time Pilot hits the sweet spot of simplicity and challenge that requires repeated attempts to beat your previous personal best.

You get a little time travelin' space ship that shoots little white bullets and proceed to blow up everything on the screen you can. Along your incendiary path, you'll have the opportunity to save some parachuting dudes for extra points. Don't try to conceptualize what bizarre chain of events demands that you save parachuters in the past or even why you've gone back in time, that kind of over-thinking will just get you shot all the quicker.

And that's about it... who needs anything more out of a five buck shooter? Of course, like many Xbox Live Arcade titles, Time Pilot supports multiplayer over Xbox Live so that you and a friend can frag old-timey planes together in either versus or cooperative modes.