Fix for video issues on Xbox One when Audio-Visual Receiver is connected

If you have an audio-visual receiver (AVR) connected to your TV and you are experiencing image shutters, follow this quick guide to get rid of the problem. Just follow these few simple steps to get a better quality n stable images from your Xbox One console. 
Xbox One

Here are the steps to troubleshoot video problems when audio-visual receiver (AVR) is connected to your TV:

  • Start your devices in the following order
  • First your TV, when it displays a picture, switch on the AVR and lastly your Xbox One console
  • On your TV, refresh a few input settings, like select from HDMI1 to HDMI2, and back to HDMI1
  • Power off the AVR and start it again
  • In the Home screen, Press the Menu Button on the controller.
  • Select Settings > Display & sound > TV Connection > HDMI 

Run the wizard and check if your problem is solved.