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Lots of new content
There is much new in Cataclysm . There are two new battlegrounds, seven new dungeons and three new raids. Max level it is possible to achieve is raised from 80 to 85, we’ve got two new races, new profession, and of course a whole bunch of new quests!

Both new races in Cataclysm is very stylish. Alliance has been breed worgen on the team, while the goblin race have joined the Horde.

Launch area of the goblins is Kezan and then The Lost Isles, while worgen starting in Gilneas in Silver Pine Forest. Blizzard shall have the kudos of having made a good story for both races. I’m especially excited about the story to worgen, which is incredibly cool to play. It’s really exciting to experience the transformation from human to werewolf!

Both worgen and goblin are good contributions to the game, but I must say that it’s very cool that Alliance finally has a race that is slightly darker and more interesting than many of those we already have.

I think Blizzard has shot gold bird with this extension, because everyone gets more of everything!

So-called “casual gamers” are more interesting stories and quests to enjoy, while hardcore players who do a lot of dungeons can take on a higher difficulty than before. Those who were accustomed to sail easily through heroic dungeons in Wrath of the Lich King gets another surprise now, because the level is much higher in Cataclysm .

There must be more planning and all must work properly together to manage to get through a dungeon. I think this is good wow power leveling, because when the difficulty level is higher are also coping greater feeling when you finally get it right.

If you have to say anything negative about this may be that playing with a random group of people can be hard if they are not good enough. Everyone must know what to do and when to do it. It is not always easy to achieve a good interaction with a group of people you’ve ended up with the dungeon via finder.