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Bloodborne Guide: Side Quest Location Guide

Bloodborne Guide: Side Quest Location Guide

Bloodborne Guide: Side Quest Location Guide
Side quests in Bloodborne are few and far between but normally worth doing. You don’t really get a symbol or signal that there is a quest in an area so missing them is easy. This guide will help you find the side quests in Bloodborne while you are playing the game!

Bloodborne Side Quests Guide

If you know one that I missed please leave a comment.

Finding The Girl’s Parents

This one is actually very helpful to you because of the item she gives you to start. There are two ways to get to her in Yharnam. You can get to her easy if you already have the shortcut unlocked but we will go over that in a bit. Head down into the sewers, near the area where you first found the Hunter’s Armor and first encountered the crawling dead things in the sewer. Take the ladder up to the wooden platform and then take the next platform even higher. At the top of the ladder take the path to the left and kill the big guy on the other side, you can sneak up on him and do a power attack easily. Climb the ladder next to him and at the top you will see a red lantern next to a window. You can talk through the window to a little girl and she will give you a Tiny Music Box.

The Tiny Music Box can be used against the Father boss to stun him briefly. Before you leave area, be sure to hit the switch to open the gate near her. With that you can just take the path from the Yharnam way point to here. You cannot beat this until you beat Father Gascoigne and collect the Red Brooch from that area. Once you have the Red Brooch bring it back to her and give it to her. She won’t say anything at the moment but I will check back later to see if she wants to move or something.

Flame Sprayer

This isn’t so much a side quest but the guy does help you out in the beginning. Go to the Central Yharnam way point and you can see a red lantern near a window. Talk to the guy inside and he will tell you where you should be going for the first two bosses. After you kill Father Gascoigne you can come back to him and he will give you the Flame Sprayer gun. You basically spray fire in front of you with this and it consumes bullets the longer you use it.

Oeden Chapel Recruitment

The guy in the temple wants you to bring people here for safety.

Grumpy Old Lady – The first person you can get is a Grumpy Old Lady from Yharnam who thinks it’s your job to help her. Go to the Central Yharnam waypoint and go through the left gate. Take the stairs down to the building with the crazy wheelchair guy inside and cross through. Keep following the path to the Dog cages and kill any Dogs that you want to. Cross the bridge from there and knock on the door with the Lantern. Tell her about the Oeden Chapel and she will go there on her own time. She doesn’t give you anything at the moment.

Scared Woman – I found another person at the bottom of the Hypogean Gaol jail area. I got killed in the Forbidden Woods by a strange enemy and when I respawned I was in jail. From there go all the way to the basement and talk to the girl near the vases. I’m not sure if you need church gear on or not but I had it on and she noticed it. Talk to her three times and tell her about the Cathedral. If you talk to her again in Oeden she will give you a new emote and her blood, which heals you and gives you regen for a bit.

Crazy Guy – DO NOT BRING THIS GUY TO THE CATHEDRAL OR HE WILL KILL EVERYONE ELSE! While you are going through the Forbidden Woods you will come to a point where people are shooting a cannon at you. Past the cannon there is a large building that you have to go inside to progress. Go through the building and go out where the wind is blowing and you can see a massive drop to your death. Go around until you find a ladder and climb up it to get back inside. Cross the metal things to get to the other side and go outside again. Here you will see the crazy guy near some corpses.

Red Light Girl – When you open the door with the emblem go to the left down the hall way with the two masked guys with lanterns, kill them go down and take another left and there will be 2 red lanterns. Across from each other is a skeptic guy and the other is a prostitute. Talk to the guy 3 times until he tells you to go away then go back across and talk to the prostitute and you can tell her about the cathedral. Then talk to the skeptic and he will ask you about the cathedral you told the prostitute about, if you pick the chapel he will laugh it off but if you tell him about the clinic he has a different reaction I haven’t discovered the clinic yet so I will check back. (Thanks David)

Iosefka’s Clinic

If you go back to Iosefka’s clinic, and walk all the way back into it, there will be a closed door at the top of the stairs where you can speak with someone, and she asks you to tell any survivors they can go to Iosefka’s clinic. So as it stands, I think you have the option of telling people to go to Isoefka’s or Oeden’s. (Thanks Oni3298)

You can send the same people from above to here if you want but they WILL die. The only person I sent there was the guy who murder’s everyone, the crazy dude looting the corpses. This is better for PVP players because you get the anti healing items from killing them in the clinic.

Where To Use The Hunter Chief Emblem In Bloodborne

Go to the Cathedral Ward waypoint and take the stairs out to the Graveyard. Once in the Graveyard take the stairs that lead up to the giant enemy with an Axe. He isn’t to strong so you can kill him if you want. After you deal with him, take the stairs all the way up and you can use the Emblem at that gate.

Where To Find The Rune Workshop Tool

The Rune Workshop tool will allow you to add Runes yourself for extra stats and buffs. You can find the Tool in the Witch’s Abode, which comes off of Hemwick Charnal Lane. After you get the Grand Cathedral waypoint go there and take a right outside of the doors. Follow that path all the way to the end to make it to Hemwick Charnal Lane. From there you need to find and kill the boss and loot the room after her for the tool.

The Password To The Door Beneath The Cathedral

You will need to beat the boss at the Grand Cathedral to get the item you need for the password to the door. I forgot the bosses name but it is the one in the Church with all the white flowing hair and the pendent. After you defeat her you will get a Pendent that let’s you gain access to the door down below. You can use the Pendent after for a Bloodgem.

Where To Use The Tonsil Stone

You can get the Tonsil Stone from the guy in the window near the Central Yahrnam way point after you beat the Cathedral boss. When you have it warp to the Central Yahrnam way point and leave. Take the path to the left and follow it all the way down, past the enemy Hunters and the Giant armored enemies with axes. Inside this building you will see a giant tentacle monster that would normally kill you in one shot. With the Tonsil Stone, let him pick you up and he will almost kill you but not quite. You will now be in a new area, good luck.

I am updating this as I go so be sure to check back soon for updates!