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Bloodborne Guide: Weapon Location Guide

Bloodborne Guide: Weapon Location Guide

Bloodborne Guide: Weapon Location Guide
Survival comes easier in Bloodborne when you have the right weapons. Some are easy to find or can be bought, while others are hidden throughout the game world. This guide will help you find all the weapons in the game and give you a fighting chance against the darkness!

Bloodborne Weapon Location Guide

Once you die and end up at the Hunter’s Dream you will have a choice of three trick weapons.

Saw Cleaver – One of the three starter weapons you can get at the Hunter’s Dream, 90 damage. The transformation of the blade increases its range. This is a good weapon for short fast attacks and long ranged attacks. This is what I went with. You can buy this later for 1000 in the Hunter’s Dream

Hunter Axe – A second weapon you can get at the Hunter’s Dream, 98 damage but a little slower. You can use this as a one handed Axe with strong semi slow swings or, as a two handed Axe with long range strong attacks, hits multiple targets often as well. You can buy this in the Hunter’s Dream later for 1000.

Threaded Cane – The last weapon you can choose from the Hunter’s Dream, 78 damage but faster attacks. This can also act as a whip for distance attacks. This becomes available to buy for 1000 later.

You also get to choose between two guns at the Hunter’s Dream.

Hunter Pistol – The pistol is faster and has more range than the Blunderbuss but it doesn’t push enemies back as much. Can be bought later for 1600 at the shop in Hunter’s Dream.

Hunter Blunderbuss – The Blunderbuss is best for keeping enemies back while they are up close. You can buy this in the Hunter’s Dream later for 1700.

Saw Spear – Much like the Saw Cleaver but a spear. Instead of striking overhand you strike side to side with this, more of an AoE attack. You can find this in the Sewers, near where you found the Hunter’s Armor set. From the Armor drop down lower into the sewers. Deal with the enemies down here and take the ladder up to the next level. Keep following that path until you find another ladder and take that up as well, you will be shot at on the way up so be at full HP. At the top you have a couple of snipers and crows to deal with.

Once they are dealt with go through the doorway up there to the wooden floor area. Here there are some wolf people you will want to kill and one sniper to the left of where you come in at. If you look down you will see a bunch of rats, and some boats, you need to go down there later but not quite yet. Once all the enemies are dead loot the area and go up the stairs. Directly at the top of the stairs look left for a broken window. Take that window out and you can see two hanging bodies near some wooden beams. Go chop them down and they will fall into the Rat area. Drop down a level and heal up before dropping down the the Rat area below. Clear out the Rats and one of those corpses you chopped down will have the Spear for you!

You can also buy this later at the Hunter’s Dream for 1000.

Repeating Pistol – A stronger pistol that becomes unlocked after you beat the Cathedral Beast. You can buy it in the Hunter’s Dream for 3000. Just so yo know, each shot with this actually takes 2 bullets.

Flame Sprayer – Go to the Central Yharnam way point and you can see a red lantern near a window. Talk to the guy inside and he will tell you where you should be going for the first two bosses. After you kill Father Gascoigne you can come back to him and he will give you the Flame Sprayer gun. You basically spray fire in front of you with this and it consumes bullets the longer you use it. This does take a little bit of Arcane to use.

Kirkhammer – This weapon is actually two in one. First you get a very large, very strong hammer that can end a foe in a couple hits. With all that weight it is very slow to swing though. On the other hand you have a long sword that does decent damage, but attacks much quicker than the Hammer. You can buy it for 3000 in the Hunter’s dream after you beat the Cathedral Beast. This does take 16 strength to wield.

I am updating this as I go so check back soon for more! If you know one I missed be sure to leave a comment so I can add it!