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cheap swtor credits Based on Operative Top Answers

A new post on swtor Operative Top Answers have been released by the swtor dev Eric, in which a lot of future plans for swtor are mentioned. However, swtor2credits found that a majority of players are greatly interested on the discussion on class changes. Then why not talk about it here? Meanwhile, swtor2credits is now having an extra 100% bonus one hour a day from June 16-June 18. Cheap swtor credits are available at

Future plan for swtor class according to the Operative Top Answers post.

All this class Rep thing is entitled forumites asking for their class to do well in every situation. The complaining about how you need to roll another class to deal with the deficiencies in your class only to then complain about the next class as well. Now you may have dps complaining about not being tanky enough. Soon you’ll have healers complaining about how they can’t deal top dps along with top heals at the same time.

“Honestly, I would rather keep my raw healing than gain some utility.”

A majority of players answered that they would rather no great changes are made on their own class. “Big changes are coming with no details makes me feel really nervous. I don’t need yet another reason not to play this game, the rest of my guild already quit.” “ I would rather keep my raw healing than gain some utility and lose some raw numbers. My HoTs can outpace most debuffs/DoTs, and the cleanse’s cd is fast enough if I can’t outpace the debuff/DoT.”

From all these players’ opinions, it’s clear swtor dev will still have a long way to go if they really want to change the class well. Swtor2credits will continue to see what they will let do. But now, how can player miss swtor2credits double swtor credits giveaways? If players buy swtor credits 1000K, they will gain extra 1000K free swtor credits bonus. Only available at 02:00-03:00 A.M. on June 16-18, 2014. GMT. Take actions right now!

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