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Zelda OoT 3d Boss Guide Gohma

Zelda OoT 3d Boss Guide Gohma

Zelda OoT 3d Boss Guide Gohm

The first boss in Zelda Ocarina of Time 3d is called Gohma. This guide will help you beat her really quickly for boss rush mode. This is the first boss so she is pretty easy. Let’s get to it.In order to beat Gohma in Zelda Ocarina of Time 3d you will need to use your slingshot, Deku sticks and Deku nuts. The sword isn’t all that great on her so don’t bother. Once you walk in look up at the ceiling and she will drop down. Once you gain control of Link use a Deku nut. This will stun her. Lock on and hit her with a Deku stick. After you hit her she will go up to the ceiling again.

If you let Gohma sit up there to long she will lay eggs and you will have more things to worry about. Use your slingshot to shoot her down once her eye turns red. She will fall and be stunned. Use another Deku stick on her eye. In all honesty if you’re quick enough and hit her about 5 times with the stick she will die right here. If not it’s pretty much rinse and repeat when she climbs.

After you beat Gohma grab the heart piece and use the portal to get out.

That will end the Zelda Ocarina of Time 3d Gohma boss guide. You can use this for the main quest of for Boss rush mode. Check back soon for more guides!

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