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Pushmo Challenge 1-18 Walkthrough

Pushmo Challenge 1-18 Walkthrough

Pushmo Challenge 1-18 Walkthrough

Pushmo is a 3DS downloadable puzzle game. It has plenty of levels and ranges in difficulty, but overall it is very fun. Still some of the puzzes are really hard and one of them is Challenge 1-18. This Pushmo Guide will help you get through it!

At first glance this puzzle doesn’t look so bad. It only has three pieces so how hard could it be? Do no be fooled. I spent a lot more time on this puzzle then any of the other puzzles up to this point in the game. We will go by color, when I say move one move it as many spaces as I say.

The first part of the Pushmo Challenge 1-18 guide is getting the blocks into the right position. First move the pink block two out.

Next push the blue block out one. You will need to jump into the pink block to do this.

Once it is out one jump up further then push it out two more with the side push. It will then be sticking out of the pink block.

Now pull the white block out one. After that jump from the opening in the pink block to the blue block.

Once on the blue block push the pink block all the way in. Then grab the white block from the side and push it out one more.

Then jump on to the white block and pull out the pink block. Jump up to the pink block and go to the flag. You will then win the level and have access to all the new ones.

That will end the Pushmo Challenge 1-18 guide. Check back soon for more Pushmo guides! Also if you are having trouble with a certain puzzle and I have it unlocked I will help you beat it. Just leave a comment on which level it is.